24 Nov 2015

The Woeful State of State Cybersecurity: Be Very Afraid

The report out of the Pell Center for International Relations and Foreign Policy is almost enough to make you crawl under the covers and turn off the lights. In its review of cybersecurity practices of United States’ states it found that there is plenty to worry about.  Your personal data

17 Nov 2015

Blocking Ad-Blockers on Websites Has Backfired Predictably

The internet, as many lawmakers, entrepreneurs, and lawyers have discovered to their sorrow, is not a place that is easily governed by rules. Shutting down a service you don’t like only means that within days, a dozen competing entities will grow up to fill the gap. Remember how shutting down

10 Nov 2015

The Criminal Assault on Mobile Banking Is Now in High Gear

We are now in the beginning of the big change when, suddenly, mobile banking is under full-bore criminal assault. That means your money is very much at risk. That had not been so until now.  Ask cybersecurity experts why mobile banking appeared to be significantly safer than online banking and

04 Nov 2015

16 Experts Reveal How To Protect Your Credit Card Online

As the world continues to shift more towards online services, retailers and even grocery shopping is certainly no exception. The new mantra of the modern consumer seems to be, ‘By the time I get to the store to buy it, it’ll have arrived in the mail.’ With the advent of

03 Nov 2015

Why You Cannot Trust Online Reviews – and How to Read Them Safely

You want to hire a tech troubleshooter or maybe something as straightforward as a mover. So you do what we have all come to do in the last decade: Sift through online reviews. Stop right there. You may be putting your wallet in danger. You may even be putting your

27 Oct 2015

T-Mobile Hack Exposes Continued Risk of Working With Vendors

Approximately one-third of successful cyberattacks are accomplished via the compromise of an insecure vendor. This is, to use a technical term, absolutely nutso. Imagine that you’re a large company. You’re doing everything right, in terms of information security. You’ve got three kinds of firewalls, a stable of well-paid analysts, and