29 Sep 2015

SurfEasy VPN Review

Summary: This time around, I reviewed SurfEasy and checked out their VPN services to see how they compared to some of the competition. Pros: unlimited bandwidth compatible with most operating systems ultra-secure connection lowest prices Cons: not compatible with Linux no refunds for VPN services Overall Score:  88/100 SurfEasy is' 0
22 Sep 2015

Apple Alert! The Walled Garden is Breached

Well, it finally happened. Long touted as an alternative both more secure and more entertaining than Android, Apple’s infamously locked-down marketplace has finally suffered a major breach. How did this happen, who is affected, and how much should we be panicking? Xcode — Ghosted The breach centers around Apple’s integrated

22 Sep 2015

Online Security Secrets Straight From the Experts

Online security and privacy are seriously hot topics in today’s world, and for good reason. As our lives become more integrated and connected into the Internet of Everything, our world is rapidly becoming more convenient and less secure. The thing is, most of us are too busy to give our

15 Sep 2015

Does Your Smartphone Come Contaminated With Malware Out of the Box?

The report from security company G DATA has to frighten you: the company claimed it has found malware pre-installed on new smartphones.  Some 24 phones were found to be contaminated or were strongly suspected of infection. Included were phones from Xiaomi, Huawei, and Lenovo. What that means is a user' 0
08 Sep 2015

Your Computer is Part of a Robot Army

You have already welcomed our robot overlords. I’m not saying this to be mean, and I doubt that you’re a willing traitor to the human race. Nonetheless it is very likely that the machines in your house — your desktop, laptop, and router, possibly even your thermostat or your television

01 Sep 2015

ATM Skimming Gets Slick and Your Money Is At Stake

The scary news: ATM skimming suddenly has gotten very, very slick.  And the numbers of incidents are exploding. In late July, giant ATM maker NCR even issued an alert warning its bank customers about an explosion in attacks on bank owned ATMs, Worse, the skimming devices are getting much better.' 0