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VPNs That Still Work with Netflix in 2017 – 3 Best Options Reviewed

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Summary: Netflix has started blocking many VPNs, stopping people from viewing their content from overseas.

The best way to bypass Netflix’s blockers is to use a VPN that allows for a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP address will get you access to the Netflix content you want.

For the best VPN that still works with Netflix, get ExpressVPN right now. 

It is incredibly frustrating when you can’t access your favorite shows. What’s worse, is now every time you try to watch a series from overseas, the dreaded Netflix proxy error message shows up!

If you haven’t heard yet, Netflix has implemented a VPN ban. If you use a VPN, you now can’t access any US, UK and Canadian shows from overseas. As a result VPN service providers have been scrambling to provide a solution.


Why Is My VPN Blocked?


To cut a long story short, Netflix is banning VPN use due to regional licensing with content produces.

Netflix has been getting a ton of pressure from production companies to stop people streaming their TV shows in countries it is not licence.

There is nothing Netflix can do if a show isn’t licensed for a particular country or region. As a result, we have seen a change in Netflix’s Terms Of Service to stop the use of VPNs.

Ever since, these changes it has been a game of cat and mouse between Netflix, its customers and VPN providers.

Many VPNs have fallen to these changes in the Netflix TOS.

Luckily there are still some VPNs that are effective at unblocking Netflix content.


How To Get Around The Netflix VPN Block

As mention above, may VPN services are now blocked by Netflix. It isn’t hard for Netflix to determine if an IP Address belongs to a VPN. It there are hundred’s and thousand’s of people accessing Netflix from the same IP; it’s pretty obvious it is part of a VPN.

When Netflix discovers a VPN server, they simple block the IP Address, which means users lose their ability to access Netflix shows of their choice.

To combat this, many VPN’s have bought in dedicated IP addresses.

A dedicated IP Address is a single IP Address that is given to you by a VPN server. The only person who can use it is you; no other clients of the VPN will be able to access it.

This means, you can unblock Netflix, without them finding out. It is incredibly hard to tell if someone is accessing Netflix from outside the country they live in. By using a dedicated IP address, the chance of you getting caught is dramatically reduced.

And the great news is, all the VPN providers listed below, provide access to Netflix via dedicated IPs!


Top VPN That Still Works With Netflix?

Apart from using dedicated IPs, what else is important when choosing a VPN for streaming Netflix?

A VPN server locations and size, is vital to make sure you can access Netflix from your region. The speed of the network is important when streaming as well the ease of use, customer service and price.

We have tested and reviewed well over 100 VPNs. Below you will find our top 3 VPNs for streaming Netflix overseas.


#1: ExpressVPN – 9/10 – Easy To Use. Excellent Speeds. Unlimited Bandwidth  

ExpressVPN was a standout throughout most of our tests. With servers in over 87 countries, it has massive worldwide reach. Because it allows for dedicated IP address it enables you to bypass Netflix’s blockers without fear of getting caught.

Its connection speeds are excellent, and with unlimited bandwidth it allowed us to stream in HD with no problems.

We found its software simple, easy to use and compatible with most operating systems. In our tests, we were able to download, install and use ExpressVPN to stream in under 15 minutes.

Our only issue was the minimal connection logs. However, if privacy is paramount, then you will appreciate the lack of records held by ExpressVPN.

With a 30-day money back guarantee and a quick-response 24/7-customer support, ExpressVPN was a clear winner.

For the fastest VPN that works with Netflix, get ExpressVPN today!


#2: Vypr VPN – 7/10 – Easy To Use. Great Speeds. Variations In Performance

Vypr VPN is a strong second choice. Whilst not as good as ExpressVPN, we found its software was easy to use and compatible with most operating systems.

Its speeds were fantastic for the most part. We did find that performance would vary on occasion. Its encryption is perfect for those wanting to maintain their privacy.

Their customer service was friendly, and knowledgeable, however it took around 60 minutes to get our issue solved – significantly longer than other VPNs customer support

However, with a worldwide server network in over 70 countries allowing for dedicated IP Address, Vypr VPN is a good alternative to ExpressVPN.

Check out Vypr VPN here.


#3: Nord VPN – 5.5/10 – Strong Encryption. Reasonable Speeds. Slow Customer Support

The one thing we loved with Nord VPN is its strong encryption. With servers in over 50 countries, you can be sure your data with remain secure.

Its software was relatively easy to use and set up. We found performance was consistent and good for streaming HD however, it wasn’t as fast as ExpressVPN.

Its customer support was friendly and supportive, however, we weren’t able to get a solution till the following day.

Besides it’s average performance, it does allow dedicated IPs for it’s customers, which is a plus when streaming Netflix from overseas.

Nord VPN is here.


Conclusion: ExpressVPN is best for unblocking Netflix

As Netflix cracks down on customers stream from overseas using a VPN, it is more important to find a high quality VPN that allows for dedicated IP Addresses.

The best option to choose is ExpressVPN because:

  • They have over 87+ servers located throughout the world that allow customers to use a dedicated IP Address
  • Their speeds are incredibly fast and the connection is reliable.
  • They have a 30-day money back guarantee.


Don’t be a victim of Netflix’s VPN blockers. Watch your favorite shows overseas by getting ExpressVPN now.

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