5 Ways to do a Valentine Background Check Without Being Creepy

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So you’re chatting with someone online, and they seem like sane and human. Plus, with Valentine’s Day coming up, you’d like to meet someone special – and this person could be it.

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Since first dates are nerve-wracking, not to mention expensive, you want to save yourself the time and money by ensuring that the person you’re meeting ticks all of your boxes. But, you also want to be aware of ‘romantic hackers’ trying to take advantage and scam you. But, breaking and entering to creep around their house is illegal and stalkerish, and asking them those intricate questions on the date itself can be downright awkward. So what’s the solution? A sneaky background check. Here we let you in on a little secret: we’ll show you how to do a thorough background check, to save you any potential heartache this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for lovers to express their true feelings for one another. A day where people are more open to the idea of love or perhaps a nice date. Unfortunately, when people are more open to the idea of love and dating, they’re also open to sharing more details of their lives than usual – who hasn’t found themselves jabbering away, accidentally revealing TMI? And that is how scammers can learn everything they need to know about you. The point is, that even if you’ve been chatting away with someone online, you don’t always know exactly the kind of person you’ll be sharing a drink or meal with – let alone if it’s really them who you were talking to in the first place.

Being more open, nervous or willing to suspend your inner Jiminy Cricket on Valentine’s Day, it’s important not to let ‘romantic hackers’ snake their way in and use romance to scam you. This is why it’s so important to do a thorough background check before taking the leap to your first date.

How to do a Background Check on Your Valentine

Don’t let Cupid get the best of you. It’s true what they say, “love is blind.” If you’ve built up a fantasy picture of the one you’ve (allegedly) been chatting away with online, it’s hard to really know someone’s true intentions until further down the line, so be sure to do your homework. Here’s a quick ‘how to’ guide on how to conduct a Valentine background check to get you on the right track and avoid romantic hackers.

1) Verify your Valentine’s identity. Be sure to do an in-depth background check on your potential partner. There are plenty of websites out there that can tell you a few more details than your mystery date has led on (read our background check services review). After all, you don’t want to be going on a date with a scammer, catfisher, or worse – a criminal. Do your research before getting into a sticky situation.

2) ‘Stalk’ them on Social Media. Besides from using official search sites to get a glimpse of your date’s past, be sure to have a good ole stalk on social media. Providing your date isn’t called ‘John Smith,’ you should be able to find a whole host of information about them via their social media accounts. You can get a glimpse of the kind of friends they have, whether they have any children they may or may not have mentioned. Statuses can also indicate more of their personality etc.

3) Always Have a Backup Plan Ready at the Helm. We’ve all been there, sitting across from our date wondering how to get out of it. Scanning the room for the emergency exit, you may be wishing you had a panic button; instead, make sure to always have that good friend ready to bail you out. With one SOS text, your friend can call back with an emergency. You can be out the door pronto, with no regrets.

4) Don’t Be a Pre-Date Creeper. Now, when it comes to background checking your date, there’s stalking, and then there’s STALKING. Make sure not to cross the line, which includes: calling them and pretending to be someone else to gather more information; peeking into their house, and strolling past their workplace. Don’t be that person.

5) Let Your Date in on Your Newbie-Sleuthing Skills. When it comes to the date itself, there’s no shame in admitting to doing a little background research into your date. The same way you’d do the very same before a job interview, it’s only natural to want a few more details before coming face to face with someone new. Honesty is the best policy.

If You Are Going to do a Valentine Background Check

When it comes to conducting your Valentine background check you may be wondering, other than social media, how exactly do you go about it? This is where a background check website comes in. In most cases, you simply type in the name of the person you want to check, and the site runs a large database scan to find as much information about said person. This even includes whether or not the person has a criminal record. This kind of sensitive information would be near impossible to find without the help of these specialized background checkers.

With most sites providing the same type of information, a good Valentine background check site should be simple to use and effective. It should, of course, be accurate, but also customizable, provide a wealth of information, and have a good customer support system.

Here we give you our top picks for the perfect Valentine background check sites to help you avoid those romantic hackers.

#1 BeenVerified

Has your potential Valentine been verified? Founded in 2007, BeenVerified will sift through multiple databases to give you as much information as possible about the desired person. We like that he company is honest and transparent when it comes to explaining the way that it does things, especially in its privacy policy. The service itself is very easy to use and one thing that sets it apart from the rest is that it is available for iOS and Android devices.

You can choose to try the service once, free of charge and then decide whether or not to become a full member.

Sign up with BeenVerified here.

#2 TruthFinder

If you’re looking to dig a little deeper into a new flame, TruthFinder is certain to be able to string together all the information that you need. We found the site very attractive, though it took a good 5 minutes just to land on the ordering page which we thought was a little long-winded. There was plenty of information found once the search was conducted, and all very neatly formatted, but one downside is the unresponsiveness of customer support, which was a little on the slow side. Overall, it gets the job done, and there’s a great five-day trial to take advantage of, for only $1!

Sign up with TruthFinder here.

#3 Intelius

Intelius believe that “being informed matters” and prides itself on its ability to create an easy to read and informed report about the person in question. It may be a little on the expensive side, but that’s because of the quality of the results it provides as it sifts through billions of data records, getting you the most up to date information. Claiming to gain access from sources that most of its competitors cannot, the site itself is easy to navigate, though the information can be a little overwhelming at times. You can also rest assured that the customer support team are eager to help. There is also a mobile app to take advantage of, which is available for Android and iOS users.

With Interlius’ premier plan, users can expect to find basic information on their potential dates such as address history, age, name, and aliases. A more in-depth Intelius premier plus plan will give access to more juicy details such as criminal records and marriage/divorce records.

Sign up with Intelius here.

#4 CheckMate

CheckMate delivers in terms of the reports that it produces. They are both quite accurate and detailed. The issue is that it physically takes a while to search and you may have to wait longer than other services to get the answers you’re looking for. If you are looking for specific information about someone, such as bankruptcy, you’ll have to pay more to see it. If you are having trouble finding your date on social media, especially useful if they have a popular name, then CheckMate will be able to direct you to all of their profiles. Without spending extra cash, you’ll be able to see whether the person has a criminal record or not.

Sign up with CheckMate here.

Does Your Valentine Pass a Background Check?

So, you’ve chosen your background checker, but does your Valentine pass the test? Ultimately, this is up to you and depends on what you are searching for in a partner.

You may be the type who likes a bit of a bad boy/girl but the question is, how bad exactly? With a good background check, you find out if your date been speeding on their motorbike and got a good collection of tickets. Maybe you’re into that? Or, it might reveal something a little more serious. A listed sex offender might just make you think twice before going on that date.

A first time date at a fancy restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean your date is rolling in cash: they could be pushing above their means to try and impress. If you’re curious about your date’s financial security, now you can find out before. A good checker will also be able to see if they have ever filed for bankruptcy.

Is children a big turn off for you? Or does that represent a devoted and caring parent? Perhaps an extra search might help determine if your date has children and how many. Each to their own, but either way, a background checker can help you bypass those potentially awkward conversations. It’s tough to decide when the right moment to spill the “I have kids” card. You can help your date out before it comes to that by mentioning you don’t mind if they do. And if you do mind…then save both parties the time and money and skip the date altogether.

Shocking Find? Yay or Nay – You Be the Judge

What’s it going to be? In today’s day and age where the majority of people are finding love or looking for a little fun online, it’s therefore so important to do a good background check before meeting face to face. Chatting to a computer screen means you often don’t know who’s on the other side and how much of what they are saying is true or not. They could be lying through their teeth and you wouldn’t be able to tell until you get to that date. So before meeting a possible Valentine this February 14th, be sure to avoid those emergency SOS texts. Be smart. if you don’t want to go out on a date with a Ted Bundy or an Al Bundy, do a background check first!

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