07 Apr 2016

How To Create The Perfect Password

Your Password Habits Are Faulty Humans, as a general rule, do not cope well with habits that did not emerge in the ancestral environment. Nowhere in the ancient savannah was it necessary to memorize a list of several nonsense alphanumeric phrases for the purpose of protecting things like their home

25 Mar 2016

Why You Can’t Trust Your Doctor

Credit cards + banks = security worries. False. Face up to reality and understand that equation – which most of us think sums up the present reality of our insecurities – is horribly false. We have gigantic security worries. It’s just not banks that are the problem. Big financial institutions,

08 Mar 2016

Ransomware: How to Protect Yourself Because You Need to Be Ready

You have heard before that ransomware has gotten to be near an epidemic menace. Listen up: things have gotten lots worse. Palo Alto Networks now has now has found a successful ransomware attack on Mac OS X. Read that again. Apple, the company thought by many users to be impervious

01 Mar 2016

Netflix Vs. VPN

Netflix appears to be more aggressively blocking workarounds such as VPN’s and proxies their users employ to access content from other countries. Netflix said in January that it would implement tighter restrictions to make sure users could only access content available in their home country. Recently, a number of Reddit users have

23 Feb 2016

Expert Round Up: What is the Future of the Personal VPN?

It is the age of the internet, and one thing’s for sure – we’ve never been more plugged in than we are today. Forget laptops and tablets, these days even our watches are ‘smart’, and everything we say is ‘recorded for quality and training purposes’. Managing online privacy and security

22 Feb 2016

How To Disappear Online Completely

Maybe it’s time to start again. Maybe this modern life of ours, in which you’re totally at the mercy of any stranger who wants to pick a fight with you, is for the birds. Maybe you’re on the run from a number of disreputable people who think you owe them