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Best VPN for Gibraltar in 2021

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As with most European countries, access to online content in Gibraltar is mostly unfettered, although that almost changed dramatically with the government’s recent decision to introduce a social media policy.

The policy would have seriously impacted on Public Service employees and their right to freedom of speech, banning all such workers from discussing “matters of current or potential political controversy” online. Effectively, that would mean that teachers wouldn’t be able to discuss Brexit or a cleaner struggling to get a doctor’s appointment wouldn’t be allowed to complain about it on Facebook.

Fortunately, Together Gibraltar, a political party, challenged the government which subsequently withdrew the policy. Nevertheless, it doesn’t bode well for the future of internet freedom in Gibraltar and, given its close ties to the UK and its increasingly draconian internet restrictions, the only way to guarantee freedom of online access is by signing up for one of the Best VPNs for Gibraltar.

The Best VPN For Gibraltar for 2021 is Express VPN.

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Top Picks For The Best VPNs for Gibraltar

#1: ExpressVPN – Best VPN For Gibraltar

Whether you’re streaming, gaming, torrenting or shopping, ExpressVPN is tough to beat. Providing a reliable and versatile way to enjoy freedom of access and privacy online, ExpressVPN is a highly reputable VPN provider. Its robust service is capable of accessing blocked content and has proved consistently capable of navigating a way through Netflix’s sophisticated geoblocks. ExpressVPN can clear the Great Firewall of China without missing a beat while providing lightning fast and crystal clear connections to the most far-flung regions on Earth.

ExpressVPN doesn’t have any servers in Gibraltar itself, relying instead on those located in the neighboring countries of Portugal, Andorra, and Spain. This has little impact on speed, however, and users enjoy reliable high-speed connections from Gibraltar, just as they do from the rest of Europe.

Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN has a strict no-logging policy and is under no obligation to retain data relating to their clients or their online activities. As a result, if it’s privacy you’re after, ExpressVPN is guaranteed not to squeal. State-of-the-art technology ensures top-class encryption and DNS leak protection, while additional features like the password manager, are handy tools that will boost your overall online security.

Although pricier than some, ExpressVPN is nonetheless affordable and offers excellent value for money. Its exceptional customer support service complements its cybersecurity technology to provide a service that just keeps on delivering. Find out more about ExpressVPN in our full review, or just sign up for the best VPN for Gibraltar today.

#2: Surfshark VPN  – Best VPN for Torrenting

Freedom and speed are the two most important aspects of any VPN and Surfshark VPN has them in spades. Although it’s relatively new and comparatively small, Surfshark VPN is a precocious beast with the ability to produce highly competitive speeds from a server network that’s less than a quarter of the size of those of its biggest rivals.

Surfshark’s server network may be small, but it’s well-proportioned, with servers cunningly positioned to provide the most extensive coverage. A few months ago, this seemed manageable but, as Surfshark’s popularity and customer base continue to grow, only time will tell if its server network will keep up or if the current high speeds will get left behind.

Surfshark certainly shows plenty of potential and its feature-rich apps are well-supported by a strong no-logging policy. Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark chose the British Virgin Islands as its headquarters, welcoming the country’s privacy-friendly data retention laws. Backed up by a clear privacy policy, Surfshark seems serious about being both trustworthy and transparent.

There’s nothing wrong with the technology either, and Surfshark uses the same military-grade encryption that other leading VPN providers have also adopted. Additional features such as CleanWeb, which blocks adverts and malware; Whitelister, which allows known safe websites to bypass the secure VPN tunnel; and MultiHop, which gives twice the level of encryption and protection, make Surfshark a force to be reckoned with.

Connect as many devices as you want and enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed torrenting from anywhere in the world, even Gibraltar! Find out about Surfshark’s history to date by reading our full review or just jump in the deep end and sign up for one of the best VPNs for Gibraltar today.

#3: CyberGhost VPN – Best for Streaming

CyberGhost would make an excellent teacher simply because it’s so good at making complicated things seem extremely simple. Although CyberGhost VPN has the same sophistication of security protocols and encryption codes, its welcoming user-friendly interface makes it all so simple you’d be forgiven for underestimating its power.

With over 3,500 servers worldwide, consistent speeds, reliable connection and all the features and functions you’d want from a VPN, CyberGhost VPN provides a robust service that’s almost as effective as ExpressVPN, but not quite. CyberGhost VPN does have the occasional hiccup when navigating its way into Netflix but it always responds quickly and effectively. Currently, CyberGhost VPN is working impressively effectively with Netflix, but only using specific servers. Finding those servers, however, is a breeze – just click on the Unblock Streaming button and then click on the Netflix button and away you go.

CyberGhost VPN is as responsive to its customers as it is to issues within its system and its live chat support provides useful instruction 24/7.  While it may not have a double or multihop VPN feature like Surfshark and NordVPN, it does have a NoSpy Center in Romania where data is kept securely out of sight of prying eyes.

In addition to being easy to use, CyberGhost is also easy on the pocket, with competitive pricing tiers available for those willing to commit to a long-term subscription. As it continues to expand its server network, so CyberGhost goes from strength to strength. There’s nothing to worry about with its no-logging policy, either, so embrace your spiritual side and get this easy-to-use VPN today or, if you have any haunting doubts, do away with them by reading our full review of CyberGhost VPN.

#4: NordVPN – Best for Banking

When NordVPN was first released, it set a new standard for VPN encryption. Now, nearly 20 years down the line, NordVPN continues to provide top-grade protection all over the world. With one of the largest server networks in the world, you can be confident that NordVPN has a server somewhere near you, whether you’re in Gibraltar or Japan.

Not only will NordVPN give you access to over 5,000 servers, but it will also hide your traffic behind an unbreakable code, using the same AES-256 bit encryption as other leading VPNs. Because NordVPN can give you a fake IP address that indicates you’re still at home in Alabama when you’re actually ogling the apes in Gibraltar.

Like Surfshark VPN, NordVPN offers an extra security feature which enables users to opt for their online traffic to pass through two or more secure servers as it travels from origin to destination. While this will inevitably slow down your browsing experience to some extent, it will give you virtual invisibility and will prevent pretty much anyone from tracking your online activities.

In addition to its Double VPN feature, NordVPN also offers a function known as CyberSec which is designed to block all adverts and potential malware, speeding up your connection and removing serious threats to your cybersecurity at the same time.

NordVPN offers a robust service that, while possibly not quite as fast or versatile as ExpressVPN, is nonetheless extremely advantageous for the frequent flier. With such a large and widely distributed array of servers available, NordVPN can pretty much guarantee connectivity anywhere in the world, meaning you can bank and shop online without any restrictions and with minimal risk.

Get the benefits of one of the most secure VPNs in the world today, or find out what really makes NordVPN tick by checking out our full review.

Gibraltar’s Privacy Laws

At present, as a British Crown Colony, Gibraltar is subject to all European Union legislation pertaining to internet usage. Obviously, depending on whether or not Britain remains part of the EU after the Brexit deadline later this month, laws regarding Gibraltar’s approach to online privacy and freedom could well change. If the UK does remain in the EU, then Gibraltar will continue to be under EU legislation and will have to adhere to the new Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation due for introduction later this year.

For the average internet user, the introduction of this regulation will mean very little at all, despite the fact that it aims to give individuals greater control over their sensitive data and what it’s used for. However, according to some research, many of us are blithely unconcerned about our online privacy. Cybersecurity expert Martin Voelk says the behavior exhibited by some  Facebook users indicates that “a lot of them just don’t care about security and privacy…”. Similarly, statistics produced by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the US suggested that many Americans are less concerned about online privacy breaches today than they were back in 2015.

Nevertheless, the EU is concerned about their citizens’ online privacy and the latest legislation aims to combat data misuse by introducing closer checks on how and where consumers’ data is being used. This has the potential to upset the publishing industry considerably, taking away their ability to track online behavior and use cookies to influence targeted advertising. The more individuals that choose not to accept cookies and other forms of tracking and data sharing, the fewer advertisers will be able to finetune their adverts to suit specific individuals.

Despite our apparent lack of concern when it comes to privacy and security in the digital world, it appears that many of us would welcome the reduction of targeted advertising. After all, the popularity of ad blockers clearly illustrates just how many of us choose to opt out. Bearing in mind that targeted advertising has the potential to infiltrate the Internet of Things as well, reining in at this point would undoubtedly be a welcome move. After all, who wants their smart, connected car telling them that there’s a McDonald’s two streets away where they could pull in and devour another box of the chocolate donuts they scoffed the previous week?

So, it would seem that the EU has the consumer’s rights at heart and even the introduction of the previous privacy legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation, has had some benefits for VPN users, namely, that if a VPN claims not to keep logs but then is exposed as having vast amounts of data stored away, it will be subject to fines and penalties under the GDPR.

Although many of us tend to believe that any new legislation regarding our online activities is necessarily bad, it seems the EU is doing it’s best to protect the individual and give them greater control over their personal data. Assuming Gibraltar remains part of the EU, this is promising for visitors to the island that want to enjoy private and unfettered internet access during their stay.

Streaming the Cream of Gibraltar

As with any country in the world, the only way to access Gibraltar’s online streaming services is by using a Gibraltar IP address. Unlike many other countries in the world, this is a lot more challenging due to the limited number of VPNs that actually have servers situated on the island. Although it chokes me to say it, even ExpressVPN can’t give you access to online TV in Gibraltar without a Gibraltar IP address.

There are one or two VPN providers with servers inside Gibraltar, so if you’re really determined to stream SquidTV, then you’ll need to sign up with either Buffered VPN or HideMyAss VPN. Although USA IP VPN purportedly has servers in Gibraltar, the disastrous design of their website made it impossible to verify this claim.

Although both HideMyAss and Buffered are solid enough VPN providers, they can’t compete with the best VPNs for Gibraltar, and we feel you’d have to be pretty hooked on a Gibraltar TV series to sign up with either of them simply so you can continue watching. Given that most of the streaming channels in Gibraltar only give you access to the local Gibraltar Broadcasting Company shows, it seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

Bottom Line

Gibraltar is one of the least restricted countries you could visit, but that doesn’t mean you should fly off without a care in the world. With the UK intent on introducing new legislation to restrict access to porn sites, Gibraltar’s close links with the country could see similar restrictions introduced there as well. Either way, there is nowhere in the world where you can surf without the threat of cybercrime, and keeping information like your Amazon account login details or bank account information safe is vital whether you’re in Georgia or Gibraltar.

The best VPNs for Gibraltar aren’t actually those with servers situated inside the country but are rather those that provide a no-logging cybersecurity solution. Whether you’re heading to the island for business or simply to explore the historical sites and natural beauty of Gibraltar, you’ll need a reliable VPN if you want to access US-based content, such as that available on Netflix. As only a few VPNs are managed to stay ahead of Netflix’s geographical blocks, opting for one of the best VPNs for Gibraltar is the only way to guarantee access.

While you may not experience the same government surveillance or authoritarian censorship as you would in more restrictive countries like Saudi Arabia or China, protecting your freedom of access and online privacy is still a priority. Safeguard yourself online and enjoy unlimited freedom with one of the best VPNs for Gibraltar.

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why do u consider Express VPN to be the best when HMA is a way older service and has more servers then Express VPN. same thing i found on they have also ranked Express VPN as the number 1. why is that?

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hey Jason,

I would just like to make a note that our general recommendation has changed to Buffered, see our main review page

As for our review at the time, we use a variety of parameters and metrics to determine the best VPN for a certain or location and at the time our tests concluded that ExpressVPN performed the best, despite its relative age. VPns are evolving services and age means very little in this market.


Redwan says:

Hidemyass and IPvanish both are VPN companies incorporated in US and fall under US jurisdiction. I ask the owner of this website–how much privacy and security will these two VPN companies provide to its VPN clients?