Best VPNs for Puerto Rico

3 Best VPNs for Puerto Rico

Last updated on May 11, 2021

If you are in Puerto Rico then you often come up against restricted websites.  In addition to this frustration regarding geo-blocked content, using the internet without protection leaves your personal data at risk.

Downloading and installing VPN software to establish a VPN connection lets users choose another IP address outside Puerto Rico to access restricted content and also boosts your security by encrypting your presence online.

In this article, we look at the best VPNs on the market that are suitable for use in Puerto Rico. In short, however, if you value your anonymity and security when on the internet, and if you want to view content that is not available in Puerto Rico, get Express VPN right away. Also, they have a SPECIAL DEAL: annual subscription gets you 3 months free and 49% savings for SecureThoughts readers.

Top 3 VPNs For Puerto Rico

The VPN market is large, but we have rated and reviewed all of it and summarised the top three VPN providers available to Puerto Rican users below. We have ensured that all our recommendations work in a consistent and reliable way with a quick connection speed and the very best security techniques possible.

#1 Express VPN

For protecting your information and online activity, while being able to access content that is unavailable in Puerto Rico, Express VPN is the number one solution.  It works fantastically with Puerto Rico internet connections and will have you protected in seconds with easy to use software. Here’s our detailed reasoning as to why it’s such a great choice:

  • Lightning fast connections – Many VPN providers and their subsequent connections grind your internet connection to a standstill.  As you are rerouting your connection through another server some services drastically slow down your internet speed. However, Express VPN uses technology that ensures you get the same speed as normal, which is vital for streaming video or accessing websites quickly.
  • Reliable Connections – ExpressVPN is incredibly reliable too.  It has hundreds of servers in different countries, with countless IP addresses waiting to be assigned.  All you need to do is simply choose another server and you will be connected through the VPN right away. The vast network makes getting a reliable connection while in Puerto Rico almost a guarantee.
  • Industry Leading Customer Service – Perhaps the biggest benefit of using Express VPN is their customer service.  If you ever have a query or a problem with this VPN, they are the quickest at sorting it out for you. They have staff available 24/7 throughout the year that will respond to any issues you have within an hour and ensure that it is rectified in record time.

If you want a VPN for Puerto Rico that allows you to choose from servers around the world, and also provides a high level of encryption and protection, then Express VPN is the number one choice.

#2 Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is another VPN that will work in Puerto Rico. Hide My Ass will encrypt the data that you send and receive when online, although it has a lesser level of security when compared to ExpressVPN. We also found it to be one of the best VPNs to use in Puerto Rico for these features.

  • Global Network – HideMyAss has one of the widest networks out there so that subscribers will be able to get access to any content they want, due to the provider’s ability to offer a large amount of IP address locations. In fact, their network is located in over 150 countries around the world.
  • Multiple connections – Both mobile devices and computers need protecting with a VPN and some VPN providers make subscribers pay for every device with which they want a connection. HideMyAss, however, allows subscribers based in Puerto Rico or otherwise, to establish a VPN on multiple devices at once with just the one subscription.
  • Vast Network – as previously mentioned, HideMyAss has an incredibly wide network. However, the amount of servers it has in the different locations it has around the globe helps provide a fantastic service to Puerto Rican users too. It means that they are assured a connection whenever they log on to the VPN software.

While HideMyAss is not as good as ExpressVPN, it does at least work in Puerto Rico – and it works well, too. It is a good alternative should you not be able to access ExpressVPN for any reason when traveling to the small Caribbean island.

Get more information about Hide My Ass here.

#3 VyprVPN

VyprVPN is the third choice for a service that works in Puerto Rico. While it does work in Puerto Rico, we do still prefer ExpressVPN as the best VPN provider out there. It has a selection of features that makes it one of the better options for users who cannot access ExpressVPN. They are:

  • Large amount of device-specific apps – Given that we all have so many different devices these days, it’s great when a VPN provider addresses that and designs a specific app so that their software works well on any operating software. VyprVPN has easy to use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, among many others
  • Worldwide Server Network  – With servers in over 70 countries around the globe, the majority of content that is blocked to users for geographical reasons becomes unrestricted through VyprVPN. Plus with over 700 servers it is able to provide over a massive 200,000 different IP address so that connections are always available to subscribers.

VyprVPN is not without its flaws. Its customer service, for one, is very slow, especially when compared to ExpressVPN. However, its large network means that it is able to provide a respectable connection speed that is largely reliable. If ExpressVPN or HideMyAss is not available to you for any reason, this is a good option.

Why Should I Use A VPN When In Puerto Rico?

A VPN is vital for using the internet in Puerto Rico. It might seem OK to use the internet normally in Puerto Rico, but every day thousands of people find their devices hacked.

Accessing the internet in Puerto Rico or TV with a standard connection leaves your data and personal information at risk. Without first adequately protecting yourself a hacker can easily snoop on your online activity and steal bank details, logins to websites and your pictures and information.

This is because they are not using a VPN to encrypt their data. If a hacker wants to break into your device, they will be prevented from doing so if you utilize a VPN service. A VPN encrypts the data you both send and receive to stop hackers in their tracks. It means it is impossible for someone to actually hack into your device when you are online.

Furthermore, a VPN assigns you a new IP address that you can choose from another part of the world, so you can use online services such as the US version of Netflix. With a VPN you get a choice of servers from around the world, so you can also gain access to geo-restricted content.  For example, you can choose to have an IP address listed in America if you want to watch shows and movies that are only available on the US Netflix.

In short, to ensure that you are safe on the net and to access whatever content you want regardless of your Puerto Rico location, a VPN is the recommended solution.

Privacy Laws and Regulations of Using A VPN in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated Caribbean US territory so its citizens or those visiting the country, are subject to the same laws as the US.

The USA does not have particularly strict laws when it comes to internet usage and what content can be viewed online. That being said, it has recently passed laws that allow internet service providers the ability to keep track of its users and its users online activity.

As such, having a VPN installed one a computer is not illegal in Puerto Rico, but what a user gets up to while under the protective umbrella of a VPN is still subject to US law. This means that if any of that online activity is deemed illegal, and a person is caught, they are subject to the punishment of that crime that the US government has declared.

While finding people who are using a VPN is difficult, it is not impossible so users may find themselves sentenced to a crime regardless of using a VPN or not. Accessing content that is deemed illegal is such a crime, for example, but also breaching copyright laws is another – amongst many many others.

Can I Use A VPN Outside Of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Ricans will want to download VPN software so that they can access any content that is only viewable in their country. Having a VPN installed on one’s computer or mobile device means that when a Puerto Rican citizen travels abroad, they will still be able to watch their favorite show or movie that is being aired in the country while they are away.

All a user needs is a VPN provider that can offer a server with an IP address that is local to Puerto Rico so that a connection will get around geo-blocks. This means that should a citizen want to keep up with the latest shows on Sling TV or Liberty Global, they will be able to.

The Bottom Line

Due to the rise in online data theft, you need to start taking your internet security seriously and Express VPN can ensure that you are protected online.  Its large quantity of servers worldwide means that you can also access content that is not available in Puerto Rico.

With Express VPN you will also receive:

  • Best level of encryption available from any VPN
  • Super-fast connection speed that doesn’t drop or slow down
  • Ability to watch US Netflix and use other geo-restricted services
  • Easy to use and reliable VPN with a great customer support team

Many people in Puerto Rico are victims of having their personal information stolen online.  Accessing the internet without first connecting to Express VPN puts you at risk. With a standard Puerto Rico internet connection, you are also prohibited from using services that aren’t available in your country. If you want to improve your internet experience though, with a secure connection that lets you bypass these restrictions, get a VPN today.

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