Browse the internet anonymously with a Free VPN

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How Can Hotspot Shield’s Free VPN Help With Internet Browsing?

In a day and age where we spend increasing amounts of time on the internet and, during that time, are giving away increasing amounts of sensitive information about ourselves over the web, it is important to stay as safe as possible whilst online. Hotspot Shield is a fantastic free VPN that can help internet users do just that, and here is why:

Anonymous Browsing

Hotspot Shield hides your original IP address so that you cannot be traced as an internet user ordinarily would do. It does so by providing users with a new IP address from one of their own servers. The result is that hackers and cyber criminals cannot access your personal data by stealing it from your personal computer as they cannot find where your personal computer is. This is crucial as, if a cyber criminal can find your personal computer through your IP address, they can then access your desktop and files. From that position, there is no shortage of what they can do with the information they find. They can commit fraud, make you victim of an online scam or even steal your identity for their own gains.

Secure Browsing

In addition to allowing users to browse the internet anonymously, Hotspot Shield provides a secure way of surfing the internet. This is through encrypting the data that its users transmit over the internet so that it is totally unreadable to any prying eyes that have managed to infiltrate a VPN’s initial security protocols. Again, this is important as it means that online privacy is upheld at all times so that hackers cannot access sensitive information nor can your activity be tracked online.

Wifi Safety

One of the easiest ways that hackers ascertain information from people on an internet connection, is through a Wifi connection that anyone can join. By making connections anonymous with a VPN and also secure through encryption, even when users are on their laptop or mobile device, they can still remain safe when online. This is important as we have just as much information stored on our mobiles or laptops as we do on a desktop device. Additionally, just because we are using a Wifi connection, we do not necessarily stop to think about the data we are transferring over that very connection. Many of us will shop online still which is just one example of one of the easy ways cybercriminals to get hold of enough information to commit identity theft.

How To Browse For Free With Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a VPN provider that is able to offer all of the above and more, to ensure that a customer can be confident that they are at no risk of being a victim of an online crime. Plus, the company offers its products for free as well as on the more usual subscription plan. While not all free VPN providers can be relied upon to offer a decent service, Hotspot Shield is one of the very few that can give customers assurances that their data will stay private while connected to a Hotspot Shield server.

All users have to do is download the company’s software or app from their website and follow their easy to follow installation guide as well as how to set up a VPN connection once that has been done. Other than the fact that Hotspot Shield provides a fantastic service for free, another one of its major plus points is the fact that it works with all major operating software systems. This means that those that use Windows, iOS, Mac or Android devices will all still be able to use Hotspot Shield’s technology. They’ll be able to do so with total ease as well which is fantastic news when it comes to protecting ourselves online.

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