Most Guessable Passwords of All Time

Do You Have One of the Most Guessable Passwords of All Time?

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Your password is the one thing separating you – the real you, in all of your uncensored glory – from the masses. As such, when choosing a password it really pays to think of something strong, unique – and not easily hackable. Here are a few of the most easily-guessed passwords of all time.

We’ve all heard it time and time again – each and every one of us should be using strong, unhackable passwords.

Yet, amazingly, very few of us actually heed this potentially data-saving advice, and unfortunately, some of us will be susceptible to a hacking attack as a result of not taking heed.  And, to think it’s so simple to prevent this from ever happening – by making every one of our passwords rock solid.

So, for your viewing pleasure (or horror) – a list of some of the most common – and guessable – passwords of all time. The fact that this data comes from a 10-million strong leak of passwords should only scare you more. Tip: if you see your password on this list, it’s time to change it…stat!

Your Name

The chances are, unless you have some wildly tricky name to spell (and even if you do), it’s probably best to keep your name out of your password. Why, you might ask?

Because, your name is one of the easiest things to find out about you – using your first or last name as a password is practically begging for someone to copy and paste the name appearing right in front of their face to the password field – and then getting wide open access to everything you hold dear.

1234 / 1111 / 123456 / abc123

Any of the above options are a massive no-no: while having more characters in your password is definitely more secure (good on you, all of you ‘123456’ers!), people using ‘1111’, ‘1234’ and ‘abc123’ are being wildly optimistic if they think their passwords are secure in the slightest.


The old favorite – for the more literal among us, who like to say it like they see it. ‘Password’ is one for the existentialists, the ones who like to call a spade a spade, and indeed – a password, a password.


Slightly more complex than ‘1111’ and ‘1234’, moving your typing fingers just a row down (on non-European keyboards, that is), will give you the surely mystifying ‘qwerty’ – as in, what you see in the top left-hand corner of keyboard (go on, take a look – we’ll wait!). Because, if you’re going to dazzle people (and maybe even yourself) with a password, then why not keep it in plain sight?

Your Birthday

This one might take a bit more guesswork – but, if a hacker is lucky (?) enough to have got that much personal data on you, then why not throw them a freebie and allow them access to your online accounts too? We call this the ‘two birds, one stone’ approach – and for someone, somewhere, their birth date is going to be an unfortunate one to remember.


Much like the classic QWERTY or ‘1234,’ this one is a no-brainer – and the ABCs is something most humans (and even some animals) know and therefore, can guess as a password.


Having ‘welcome’ as your password is very thoughtful of you – it’s almost like you’re greeting the person who’s going to steal all of your online data – but at least they’ll be doing so with a smile, right? ‘Welcome’ is almost as bad as your name – except with your name, at least not every hacker will know what it is – ‘welcome’ is literally and figuratively laying down the doormat.


Hey, it’s the #1 site for a reason…just don’t make it your password. We might all have our lives revolve around Google, but you shouldn’t base all of your security (and protected information) on Google alone.


It’s the world’s favorite sport, but just because you’re one of the billions of fans out there, you shouldn’t be using it as a distinctive, protective factor. Oh no. Either find another hobby to base (but not directly copy) your password on, or add some uppercase letters and some digits in there. It’s the beautiful game alright – but you might see it in a different light after ‘football’ is responsible for a cyber-criminal stealing all of your data.


See ‘football’, above. If you have a favorite film or TV show, then your password is not the place to (securely) reflect your fandom, period.


This one’s a bit of a head-scratcher…until you look down at your keyboard and realize why it’s not that secure (go on, we’ll wait again!). Mashing your fingers diagonally up and down the letter and number rows is a bit more secure than, say ‘1234’…but only just.

6666 / 5555 / 7777

Maybe you’re a fan of The Pixies, or maybe you just really like one of those seemingly innocuous numbers on the number pad, but any combination of the same number, repeated, is definitely a bad idea – because it’s just a matter of time until it’s crackable and hackable.

654321 / POIUY

Wow….what a seemingly random series of numbers! Oh wait, that’s just a countdown from 6-1, and the other’s been generated by running a finger from the right-hand side of the top letter row of the keyboard to the middle. Just because it’s written in reverse doesn’t mean it’s hard to hack, but we applaud the effort.

Bottom Line: The Most Guessed Passwords

Ultimately, if you see anything even remotely similar to your password on this list, then you should consider changing it, or look for a password manager to help you out.

Your password is a gatekeeper, and to keep all of the nasty cyber-criminals, hackers, and trolls away from your personal stuff, you need to consider:

  • Randomizing your password – use digits and numbers
  • Use a mix of UpPeR aND lOwEr case to make it stronger
  • Don’t use the same password for each of your online accounts

And may your passwords remain strong, and the security be ever in your favor.

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