Famous Victims of Identity Theft

Famous Victims of Identity Theft: Is Anybody Safe?

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Summary: Celebrities can become the victim of identity theft just like anyone else. Check out these recent front page headlines, and learn how can you avoid becoming a victim of identity theft yourself.

We love watching them on the big screen, drooling at their outlandish fashion choices, and gabbing about their sordid love lives. Celebs are part of our regular entertainment routine, but there’s one thing that even the most average Joe shares with any superstar.

Their identities get stolen just as easily as anyone else’s! Here are 5 cases of celebrity identity theft that reminded the world that underneath all the glitz and glamor, celebs are human, just like us.

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Identity Theft Victim #1: Will Smith

Carlos Lomax made himself comfortable with actor/singer Will Smith’s legal name, using it to open a dozen credit cards and charging $33,000 in luxury items. The worst part is that Lomax was on probation for stealing NBA star Steve Smith’s info a few years earlier.

Identity Theft Victim #2: Tiger Woods

In 2000, Tiger Woods had his social security number stolen and used to take out credit cards in the famous golfer’s name. Anthony Lamar Taylor purchased furniture items, electronics, and other goods to the tune of $50,000 before getting caught.

Identity Theft Victim #3: 50 Cent

Want to buy a luxury car? Just steal a well-known rapper’s credit card. Over the course of their shopping sprees, two thieves used 50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony’s cards to buy high-end jewelry, Cadillacs, and more, racking up an astronomical $500,000 before being stopped.

Identity Theft Victim #4: Kim Kardashian

Always in the news for something outlandish, a Kardashian recently made headlines for a different reason. Kim got hit by an identity thief who almost made off with $70,000 worth of cash from her account. The same guy had bank details, credit reports, and more for Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, and others.

Identity Theft Victim #5: Robert De Niro

Who would even think of stealing from the Godfather? Well, one brassy woman was bold enough to attempt it, and she almost got away with it. De Niro’s housekeeper, Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz, stole his identity right out from under his nose in one of the worst cases of “familial identity theft” to date. To give you an idea, just a single pair of earrings that Wawrynowicz made off with cost close to $100,000.

Avoid Becoming an Identity Theft Victim

Right about now, you’re probably wondering how can you avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Fortunately, there are behaviors you can adopt to keep creepy hackers at bay. Employing the best identity theft services will cover most of your bases for you, so that’s the best place to start. After that, manage, secure, and don’t share passwords, mail, and private information.

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The best line of defense against becoming the victim of identity theft is getting an identity theft service to take care of you. Here are 5 ID theft services that will keep you safe from becoming the next identity theft victim.

#1 Dashlane

  • Password manager
  • Digital wallet
  • 30-day free trial
  • $39.99/year for the premium package

Not exclusively an identity theft protection service, Dashlane is a powerful password manager that keeps one of the most frequently used gateways for identity theft (your passwords) secure. Additionally, Dashlane secures your credit card information, as well as other forms of ID, so you are covered on several bases with a single, resilient barricade.

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#2 IdentityForce

  • Reasonable family protection packages
  • Monitors all three major bureaus
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • $13/mo for the Ultra Secure Plan

IdentityForce is one of the oldest names in the industry with a solid reputation for identity theft victim protection. Offering a wide range of services from advanced fraud monitoring to sex offender monitoring and recovery assistance, IdentityForce covers every area of protection. They also have an affordable option for families with a unique ChildWatch feature.

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#3 IDWatchdog

  • Helps recover and rebuild from pre-existing identity theft
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • All 3 credit bureaus
  • $15/mo for the standard plan, $20/mo for the premium plan

ID Watchdog offers constant and proactive monitoring of thousands of records and networks for any mention of your personal information. Additionally, they have the most comprehensive coverage for people who are already victims of identity theft, useful if you’ve discovered an issue that was going on for years. ID Watchdog specializes in monitoring black-market and high-risk transactions, so your identity remains safe even if it’s being handled behind the scenes.

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#4 IDShield

  • Unlimited consultation
  • Most affordable family pricing package
  • $5 million insurance
  • $9.95/mo for the a single subscription

From financial transactions to avoiding scams, IDShield protects you on every front. This top-notch service monitors up to 10 credit cards, bank accounts, and retail cards. IDShield also alerts you immediately of anything unusual including bankruptcy filing, credit inquiries, court records, and more. It’s basically your all-inclusive identity theft protection package, and they’ve even got a family plan that’s super affordable.

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#5 Privacy Guard

  • 14-day free trial (well, $1)
  • Customizable alert triggers
  • 24/7 toll free support

Privacy Guard is an excellent ID theft protection service with loads of educational resources that give you a clear understanding of identity theft. The service is powerful, with lots of features to keep identities safe. You can set specific notifications to be sent out immediately, for example, if more than $5,000 is transferred from your account at once. With 40 years of experience, Privacy Guard is a safe bet.

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