HideMyAss VPN Review


In this review of HideMyAss’s VPN service, I checked out what kind of features and support they had to offer their customers. Here’s what I found out.


  • works on every operating system
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • simple set up
  • lots of customization options


  • software can be overwhelming to new users
  • horrible customer support
  • slow connections

Overall Score:  66.5/100

Though HideMyAss boasts a considerably large network of servers and lots of features, I was really disappointed with their poor connection quality and unresponsive customer support.

To get HideMyAss, sign up here:  HideMyAss

This score is much lower than the 97/100 scored by our top rated VPN – Express VPN.


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In today’s world of endless connectivity, most people are either oblivious to online privacy concerns, or have given up hope of ever having a truly private connection.

It’s sad really that this is what it’s come to, but everyone from governments to websites get your information when you browse these days, and online privacy is quickly becoming a rarity.

You can fight back though, and it all starts with using a VPN.

VPNs are simple subscription services with software that allow you to browse privately and securely, all while giving you access to any content you want.

By connecting you to a server in their network in any location of your choosing and encrypting your data, you can access any blocked content you want, and protect your data from being spied on.

There are a lot of VPNs out there to choose from, and as the popularity of these services continues to grow, more options are cropping up every day.

In this review of HideMyAss, we’ll check out what kind of features their service has to offer, and I’ll explain the ins and outs of how these services work.

By the end of this article, you’ll be one savvy shopper, and ready to secure your data against hackers and government snoops.

Let’s get started.


Will HideMyAss Work on My Operating System?

With so many options to choose from, the easiest way to start whittling down the list is by eliminating the ones you know won’t work with your devices.

Before going any further, make sure that their software is compatible with your operating system, keeping in mind that you can often use one subscription on more than one device.

HideMyAss works on just about everything, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, so you can use it seamlessly to protect just about anything you can connect to the internet on.

Rating:  5/5 – Works on everything


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What Kind of Features Does HideMyAss Have?

These basic features are really the major selling points of a VPN service. I’ll explain how they work, and then you can decide for yourself which ones are most important to you.


Feature #1: Multiple Connections

First of all, how many devices can you connect to the VPN simultaneously?

Most VPNs allow you to connect to at least two devices simultaneously without racking up additional fees, but of course the more the better.

With HideMyAss you get two simultaneous connections included with your service plan at no extra charge.

This way you can protect your connection on both a home and mobile device without paying for an additional service plan.

Rating:  4/5 – Two connections per account


Feature #2:  Money Back Guarantee

This probably goes without saying, but it’s especially true when you’re buying a digital product or service – it’s nice to be able to get your money back if things don’t work out.

Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with signing up for any service that came with less than a two week guarantee, and that’s for any reason, not just technical problems.

HideMyAss comes with a bulletproof 30 day money back guarantee, so you can get a full refund within that window if for any reason things aren’t working out – no questions asked.

Rating:  5/5 – 30 day guarantee


Feature #3:  Number of Servers

The size of a company’s server network can greatly impact how fast and reliable your connection is, so make sure they have enough servers to manage their user load.

Ideally, you want a company with at least 50 servers to choose from.

HideMyAss has one of the largest networks I’ve ever seen, with 880 servers in 330 locations all over the world.

It’s massive, and it’s more than enough to get you a fast, reliable connection anywhere in the world.

Rating:  5/5 – HUGE network


Feature #4:  Referral Program

Though it’s not the most common feature, referral programs are a sweet way to save some money by getting your friends to sign up.

HideMyAss has a tiered referral program that lets you earn free service for getting your friends to sign up for service plans.

As you can see, the more a friend you refer buys, the more free service you get – it’s a pretty sweet deal, and definitely one you don’t see very often.

Rating:  5/5 – Awesome referral program


Feature #5:  Data Logging

This isn’t really a feature, but rather a practice that many ISPs utilize to keep track of what their customers are up to online.

It’s definitely something a VPN provider has no business doing, so make sure whoever you go with doesn’t keep any logs of your browsing activity.

True to their name, HideMyAss hides your ass, and never keeps any logs of your activity or IP addresses, so you truly are private and anonymous.

Rating:  5/5 – Private browsing


Feature #6:  Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the data capacity of a connection, and can really impact the speed of your connection.

Some companies put caps on your service plan in an effort to try to keep their service fast for everyone, but ideally you want a network large enough to handle the load, and unlimited bandwidth.

Not only does HideMyAss have a massive network that’s fully up to the task of handling their customer base, but all of their service plans come with completely unlimited bandwidth.

This way you never have to worry about hitting a cap right as you’re settling in for a Netflix marathon.

Rating:  5/5 – Unlimited bandwidth


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How Secure Is It?

With VPNs, security is the name of the game, so don’t settle. Most companies encrypt your connection with military grade 256 bit encryption and offer multiple protocols for optimization.

Though strong encryption is great, if you’re just streaming music or a movie, it’s not really necessary, and it can slow down your connection a bit.

Multiple protocols allow you to decide what the priority is – speed or security.

HideMyAss offers their customers choices, with the option to use 256 bit encryption for an ultra-secure connection, or to speed things up a bit with a different protocol or 128 bit.

Either way, your data is incredibly secure, and you’re in the driver’s seat.

Rating:  5/5 – Best security money can buy


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What’s the Setup Process Like?

Not everyone is familiar with VPN software, so it’s important that the set up process is as straightforward as possible.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can really know much about until you sign up and get into it, but thankfully, you have us.

Setup should be as simple as downloading and installing software – there’s just no excuse for it to be any more complicated than that.

If you have to manually configure connections, download zip files, run something as the administrator – forget it, too much work. Download, install, and go should be all there is to it.

Setup with HideMyAss is as simple as it gets – just download and install the software, and you’re ready to connect.

There are no manual configurations, no zip files to mess with – the installation wizard takes care of everything for you.

Rating:  5/5 – Setup is a no-brainer


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Is it Easy to Use?

Once you get the program set up, it needs to have a user-friendly interface that’s easy for everyone to use, even beginners.

Easily accessible features and a clean layout are a few things to look for, but here are a few other things to consider.

HideMyAss’s software has a TON of features and customizable options.

For me, figuring out how it all worked was pretty straightforward, and the program is pretty good about explaining what the features do and how they worked.

The only flaw I could see with this is that it just might be a bit overwhelming for someone that has never used a VPN before – it could leave you wondering where to start.

However, you have all kinds of tools at your disposal, from Ping tests to check connection speeds, to a customized server lists that give you the ten nearest to your location.

There’s even a tool to randomly rotate your IP address at intervals you specify to make you even harder to trace.

So yea, HideMyAss is relatively easy to use, but the myriad of features in their software could easily overwhelm a first time VPN user.

Rating:  3.5/5 – May be overwhelming for beginners


Logging In

Ideally, you should be able to just log in to the software once and be done.

A lot of programs have options for this you can choose yourself, but it can save you a lot of time and remembering passwords if you can just click and go.

HideMyAss prompts you to login once during the initial setup of your software. From then on out, it remembers you, so you don’t have to keep reentering your credentials.


Changing Servers

If your connection is running a bit slow, it’s nice to be able to switch to another pretty quickly and easily and see if you can get things moving a bit faster.

This should be as simple as picking from a drop down menu and hitting connect – no importing server addresses. Switching servers with HideMyAss is incredibly easy.

They have a dropdown menu to choose from on their dashboard, and a list of servers nearest to your location to make selecting the one with the best connection simple.


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What If I Need Help?

Great customer support is hard to come by, but it’s absolutely part of the deal, so don’t sell yourself short. Here are a couple of ways to see if their team is going to be there when you need them.


24/7 Support?

Customer support that can be reached any time, day or night, is an absolute must.

Technical problems don’t care if it’s the middle of the night over a long weekend, and you need to be able to get fast help whenever you need it.

HideMyAss’s staff is available 24/7/365 to take your calls and answer your questions, so you’re never in the dark for long.

Rating:  5/5 – Round the clock support



The more ways you can get in touch with customer service, the better.

Most companies have at least e-mail support, but ideally you should be able to reach them by at least one live option as well, either live chat or phone support.

You can get in touch with HideMyAss in three different ways, either by their e-mail system, live phone support, or live chat – their support is completely comprehensive.

Rating: 5/5 – Multiple support options


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Customer Support Test

The only way to really know how fast and effective a support team is is by putting them to the test.

I contact HideMyAss through all three of their support channels at two different points in the day, to see how their response times varied between peak and off business hours.


E-mail Support Test #1 – Wednesday/2:31 p.m.

I sent my first e-mail support request to HideMyAss on a Wednesday afternoon with a basic question about using their software.

I was completely shocked – three days later, and I still hadn’t received a response. So much for their 24/7 support.

Result: No response

Rating:  0/5 – Never heard back


E-mail Support Test #2 – Thursday/12:06 a.m.

I tried HideMyAss’s e-mail support a second time later that night, but had much the same response, and that is, none.

Over 24 hours to respond to an e-mail inquiry is totally unacceptable, and over two days is just crazy.

Result: No response

Rating:  0/5 – Totally unresponsive e-mail support


Live Chat Support Test #1 – Tuesday/10:17 a.m.

My experience with HideMyAss’s live chat wasn’t much better. I received the message that there were ten people in front of me in the queue when I began the chat.

17 minutes later, I finally got connected to a service representative. It was far from live support, and obvious that their support center had more than they could handle at the time.

Result: 17 minutes

Rating:  1/5 – Far from instant support


Live Chat Support Test #2 – Tuesday/11:31 p.m.

Again, I had a sluggish response from HideMyAss’s chat support when I tried to contact them later that evening.

Though support got to me a little faster with only 4 people in front of me in the queue, it was still a good long while before I got connected to a technician.

Support was mildly helpful, though I had to repeat myself several times to get answers.

Result:  8 minutes

Rating:  2/5 – Not the most helpful staff


Okay, so this is the part where I’m supposed to test their phone support, but I’m just going to level with you here.

So yes, HideMyAss does offer phone support, but it’s a UK number, so if you’re in the US like me, you have to have international calling. Which I don’t.

Given how long and generally unresponsive their support was the other four times I contacted them, I decided it wasn’t worth racking up the phone bill to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I’m giving them a zero in this category, because I’m almost certain my experience would have been the same with their phone support, just more expensive, and frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Overall Support Rating: 3/30 – Slow and unresponsive support


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How Fast is HideMyAss?

VPNs are an simple and effective way to open up your access to blocked content and protect your information, but all that encryption and rerouting can seriously slow down your connection.

Everyone says they have a fast connection, so I put HideMyAss to the test to see how true that was in their case.



Without HideMyAss



With HideMyAss

Typically I can handle a download speed difference of up to two mbps – I mean, your connection is getting encrypted and routed through a remote server, so some lag is to be expected.

However, a difference this large (and I was connected to a very close server) is just unacceptable.

There are a lot of servers to choose from with HideMyAss, and the one I chose was even in my recommended list, but the connection speed was painfully slow.

Rating:  1/5 – Slow connection


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How Much Does HideMyAss Cost?

If you’re worried about the cost of adding yet another service to your monthly internet and mobile expenses, don’t worry – VPNs are a blip on the radar.

There are so many of these services now, that prices are super competitive and affordable.

Most VPNs don’t cost more than $15 per month, with still more hovering in the $5-$10 range, depending on which features you’re after.


HideMyAss has a tiered pricing model that gives you deep discounts for signing up for more months all at once.

Their year-long package gives you service for just $5 a month, and even their month-to-month rates are less than $10. For all of the features you get, that’s one hell of a deal.

Rating:  5/5 – Low price, lots of features


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Now that we’ve covered all of that, let’s wrap things up with a recap and see how HideMyAss did in our review here.


  • works on all major operating systems
  • 2 connections per account
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • massive server network
  • no data logging
  • great referral program
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • top notch security
  • simple setup process
  • lots of great features in software
  • 24/7 support
  • live chat, e-mail, and phone support
  • low monthly rates


  • may be a little complex for beginners
  • very unreliable support with long wait times
  • slow connection speed, even on recommended servers


Overall Score:  66.5/100

HideMyAss is a pretty comprehensive VPN service. They have a huge network of servers, a sweet referral program, and software that works on just about anything.

Where you really start to run into trouble with them is the actual quality of the connection and customer support.

While their network is large, it doesn’t seem to do much for their connection speed, which is significantly slower than most of their competitors.

They also have a lot of work to do when it comes to keeping their customers happy – it’s clear their support team is overrun most of the time, and they’re often unresponsive on top of that.

HideMyAss is a great VPN on the surface, but they definitely lack the connection and customer service quality of similarly priced services like Express VPN.

To get HideMyAss, sign up here:  HideMyAss

To see the highest rated VPN that scored a 97/100, click here:   Express VPN.


7 Total Score
HideMyAss VPN Review


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