HideMyAss VPN Review 2020

March 2020 HideMyAss VPN Review & Deals
HideMyAss’s reputation and standing are well-known among VPN fans, but how do the Hidemyass (HMA) Free proxy service and HMA Pro stack up to the panoply of other VPN tools out there? In this HidemyAss Review, our team of tech experts set out to find out.
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Compatible With

  • ESPN
  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Facebook
  • HBO
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Windows

Recommended For

  • Streaming
  • Easy to use
  • Secure encryption
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$11.99 /mo
  • Over 220 Servers in 190 countries
  • Multiple protocol Support
  • BitTorrent is allowed
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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$4.99 /mo
  • Over 220 Servers in 190 countries
  • Multiple protocol Support
  • BitTorrent is allowed
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$6.99 /mo
  • Over 220 Servers in 190 countries
  • Multiple protocol Support
  • BitTorrent is allowed
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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HideMyAss has made waves within the VPN community ever since it handed over sessions logs to law enforcement in 2011, leading to the arrest of a member of LulzSec, a global hacking ring. Concerns about logging notwithstanding, we thought it was only fair to run it through its paces and see how the HMA VPN stands up to the competition.

Here’s how we ranked it according to usability, features, price, performance, and security.

HiMyAss reviewHideMyAss Rating by SecureThoughts.com

We think it’s about time VPN buffs put the Lulzsec incident to bed and acknowledged that basic connection logging is a reasonable provider requirement.

To this end, HMA’s efforts to open up and explain its logging policy have been deservedly appreciated by the user community.

Feature-wise, we think the vast server network and special business plans are the main selling points, although it’s hard to find an area where the VPN truly disappoints.

Things We Like

Compact user interface

Impressive server network

Fast Speeds

BitTorrent is allowed

Available in almost any language

Things We Didn't Like

Privacy logs are kept

Protocols determined by operating system

No ad block features

Regular prices aren’t the best value

No telephone support

Is HideMyAss Reliable

Support is available through an online knowledge area , via a ticketing system, or through a live chat system. The first is reasonably comprehensive (the Linux tutorials, for example, cover setting the connection up on distributions ranging from Linux Mint to Fedora), although telephone support would have been an appreciated addition.

Our support query was handled expeditiously and politely although some TrustPilot reviewers have reported that during peak hours answers can be a little slower than normal.

Very Good online support system, but no telephone agents.

How Fast is HidemyAss

HideMyAss operates an impressive server network of over 220 machines scattered throughout over 190 countries in the world (there are only 193 member states at the United Nations, so that’s virtually everywhere!).

HMA Review

The latter makes it the VPN network with the widest geographical coverage that we’ve encountered, and also makes it a great choice for users that want some more unusual connection options (servers are available in the Cook Islands, Kirbati, and the Maldives, for example!).

HMA Review

Speed-wise, we were able to achieve performance that was more than adequate for both regular browsing and multimedia use – although we wouldn’t quite describe them as blazingly fast or the best that we’ve seen. We achieved 26.93Mbps on a 40Mbps baseline through Turkey and achieved similar speeds via connections on the European continent.

HMA Review

An extremely wide server network with adequate to fast connection speeds.

How Secure is HideMyAss

Here we come to what we could call the thorn in the backside of HideMyAss (excuse the pun) – its log-keeping policy.

The company, which has a registered office in London, has complied with law enforcement on multiple occasions leading to users’ arrests – most famously, the case of 23 year old Phoenix resident and LulzSec member Cody Kresinger in 2011.

To address these incidents, the company has put together both a plain English logging policy and a support answer detailing its logging practices.  And we think that HMA has done a fine job of explaining why non-zero logging is not prejudicial to users’ privacy.

So let’s set the record straight. HMA is definitely not a zero logs provider. It records basic connection logs detailing bandwidth usage, connection and disconnection times. No activity log is kept, however.

As law-abiding but privacy-concerned citizens, we believe that VPNs should only be used for legal purposes. It’s also likely that agencies with the clout of the FBI will be able to twist any provider’s arm into providing details to help capture those using the internet for cybercrime – and hiding behind a VPN to do so.

Those concerned with multinational signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection, should also bear in mind that the UK is a member of the Five Eyes spying alliance. If you’re requiring a VPN just for regular privacy protection, however, the possibility of basic, aggregated governmental oversight should not be cause for worry.

Not zero logs provider, but the company is completely transparent about exactly what it records.

Setup and Usability

HideMyAss can be obtained from the download page of its website which can be accessed before purchasing a subscription to the VPN. Users simply download the HMA Pro VPN installation package that matches the platform they are using and follow the instructions.

HMA Review

HMA review

We tested the installation on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 17.10). The Windows process was simple and didn’t require much on the user’s end.

For Linux, we had to unzip a bash script and then parse connection options to a command line interface (CLI) tool. User credentials were accepted during the first connection attempt (users add the server location after the script) and we were then able to connect to the server.

HMA review

HMA review

Design-wise, we were particularly impressed by the Windows client, which is built as a slender side window that lets users chose between “instant mode” (which offers the quickest connection and setup process), “location mode” (in which the user selects the connection server) and “freedom mode” (in which the fastest server in the geographically closest country is connected to).

When choosing which server to connect to, Windows users can select by city or country and also have the ability to add a particular server that was found reliable to an easily accessible favorites list.

Any additional options that users need to delve into – such as advanced connection settings – can be easily accessed through the pull-down menu on the left of the pane.

HMA review

Finally, the company also offers a free web proxy service that changes the location of users’ traffic without also encrypting it like a VPN. You can find the free proxy at the footer of the site.

Streamlined UI and easy setup.

Hide My Ass Features

What kind of features does HideMyAss pack under the hood?

1- Automatic Connection

Need your VPN to encrypt all of your online traffic? That’s perfect, because HideMyAss offers the ability to automatically start running as soon as Windows does.

HMA review

In addition, users can chose to launch a diagnostics panel as soon as the program starts. This feature is also available for the Android app – which is particularly important given that mobile users often connect through insecure and untrusted networks.

HMA Review

HMA Review

2- Multiple protocol Support

HMA supports OpenVPN-UDP (which it also called Auto-Path). This is the default system protocol. OpenVPN-TCP, PPTP, and L2TP are also available, although the ability to choose is limited according to the operating system being used. We’ve discussed before how important a wide protocol selection is for those using a mixture of newer and older hardware.

3- Business VPN Service

HMA is one of the few providers to operate a dedicated business VPN service with separate pricing for bulk protection of larger numbers of devices. This makes it a suitable option for corporate users.

4- One Click Connection

Hide My Ass has been designed to help users get up and running on their VPN network with minimal efforts.

HMA Review

Almost all supported platforms have been designed with one click connection mode to set up a connection in – literally – one single click.

5- Unrestricted Torrenting

HMA doesn’t enforce any bans or limitations on the use of peer to peer (P2P) file-sharing systems such as torrenting. This means that users can exchange large files over these networks without worrying that it will give the company grounds for immediately disabling their accounts. And if you are worried about your connection dropping and getting caught, HMA does have a kill switch.

HMA Review

A very well-rounded feature offering that didn’t disappoint.

Can HideMyAss Unblock Netflix?

Accessing geo-blocked content on Netflix is of course one of the major reasons users come to VPN services in the first place. So how is HMA’s record in this respect?

HMA was at one time known as one of the main VPNs Netflix targeted because of its vast popularity among viewers. However, that’s changed as now HMA has recently added a server specifically to be used to unblock US Netflix – Liberty Island, New York. It works for both desktop and iOS and Android apps. However, users have been reporting extremely slow speeds due to overcrowding on the server. At the time of testing the VPN, we did not notice any buffering or slow speeds, but it is something you should be conscious about.

One thing we liked is the initiative HMA takes with unblocking Netflix – if Netflix becomes suspicious that the IP address you are using is, in fact, from a VPN, HMA will switch you to a new IP address with little to no drop.

Netflix works, but there is a small caveat.

HideMyAss Price

HMA is available for $11.99 for one month, $7.99 when prepaid for 6 months, and $6.99 per month when prepaid for 12 months (that’s a current offer of 43% off the regular cost).

While the one month plan isn’t great value considering that it’s a little above the market average and other providers offer a wider variety of features, the current 12 month offer and six months’ price ($6.99/month) are great deals that should be taken advantage of – and quickly! All plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

The regular price isn’t wonderful value, but the current offers are worth grabbing.

Comment Section

Joel says:

I’m still not sure that HMA can be trusted, but I do get why they did what they did

Tony says:

HMA is solid if you want to torrent, but be careful. They do log, so if you serve files, you might be at a legal risk. Leechers are seldom prosecuted though, so I’m down with it. However, you aren’t restricted to just a couple servers (so far) to torrent, so that’s a big plus. If they’d change their logging policy, this service would be rockin.

Malcom says:

Handing over logs is an automatic ‘NO’ is my eyes. What’s even the point of using a VPN if there’s a chance that might happen? Was considering upgrading to HMA Pro, but this has steered me right off it. thanks for sharing.

ST Editor says:

Hi! We definitely understand your position. The company was reported to have shared user data, although they claim it was because users were breaking the law. Regardless, privacy is an important consideration, and if you prefer companies that have strict zero-log policies, providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PrivateVPN offer great services that grant you the anonymity you need. Let us know which provider you end up selecting and how it works out for you!

Kyle says:

I’m really surprised that this review almost convinced me that HideMyAss would be safe to use in the future. It didn’t quite succeed, but this was one of the best attempts at getting users to trust the policy that I’ve seen. Ultimately, my gut says to always me cautious of a VPN company with such a lousy reputation for maintaining user privacy. I don’t think I could ever trust it when there are so many other choices out there.

Mark A. says:

I am really liking to use the BitTorrent connection. Really fast and never having a problem with viruses or hackers. Thank you very much for excellent product and service. Will tell my friends.

Tishan says:

HideMyAss is infamous within the security community for handing over data on its customers to the police. The most well-known incident occurred in 2011, when HMA handed over internet records and personal details of one of its customers, Cody Kretsinger, to the police. Kretsinger was a LulzSec member accused of hacking the Sony Pictures website, and received a prison sentence for his involvement in the crime.
Although now owned by Czech company Avast Software, HMA is a UK-based service. The UK now has the most draconian surveillance laws in the world.
Even before the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) formalized the situation into law, UK VPN providers were required to maintain detailed connection logs. These are now readily accessible to the police and a vast array of government agencies.
Hence, this is more than enough logging to get a user into trouble if he does something wrong. HMA says that logs are usually kept for two to three months, but the new IPA legally requires that logs are kept for at least 12 months.
Isn’t this a major discouragement for a user then?

ST Editor says:

Thank you for the thoughtful question! Indeed, HideMyAss has had some well-publicized incidents that put their commitment to user privacy into question. The UK is also known for its harsh stand on surveillance and has been making it tougher for citizens to truly ensure their privacy. For users who mainly deploy VPNs to avoid surveillance and government eyes on their private data and browsing, HideMyAss may not be the optimal solution. The company is very transparent about their logging, however. Their logging policy clearly states which details they store about each person, as well as how its used. With regards to the 2 month log storage policy, the company does note that they keep information regularly for that amount of time, but some information may be required by law to remain on their servers. While they have been caught red-handed acting against their clients’ best interests in the past, they have shown a real commitment to being more transparent with their user base. Hopefully this answers your question!

Gregory says:

HideMyAss stands out because its name is so appropriate and humorous. I don’t know why people complain about the price. I feel I get value for my money.

Lucas says:

Whenever I think of VPN, HideMyAss is always my first choice. Why? Well, Daniel explained everything in details in this article. Really, there’s nothing left to cover! No matter whether you’re a Windows or Linux user, you already know how to install HideMyAss on your system. Besides, with all the facilities provided, why not choose such a great service? Well done, Daniel! You saved the day of lots of people.

Alex says:

Had used HMA for a couple months now, but just was just recently sold out on a torrent share I had used, so I definitely don’t feel as though I will continue with this VPN.

Mikey says:

HideMyAss vpn is a good vpn it works in all platforms mostly.And it is not much expensive but express vpn is good in my opinion.

Damian says:

Honestly shocked that the BitTorrent service is so good. Had a few problems with other VPN’s that kept dropping the connection because it’s such heavy traffic. Was super frustrating but now really glad to see at least one company has figured it out.

Jhon van says:

Finally, I have got something that is really trustworthy. HideMyAss is an amazing VPN service that has helped me a lot during my exams when I was trying to access an American study website. You guys are amazing.