HideMyAss vs VyprVPN - Comparing Performance, Speed and Price

Last updated on March 24, 2019
The competition among VPN services is getting tough, and we want to see if HideMyAss or VyprVPN can make it to the top of our list. See which offers you a better value for security and browsing below!

As more people begin taking an interest in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), the market is booming. There are so many brands to select from, new users are not sure how and which service to choose. Moreover, some offer better security and browsing privacy, and others focus on better streaming and geo-restricted content. The answer to their dilemma is to compare the various service providers with a comprehensive list of must-have factors.

Our tech experts have started a VPN comparison to uncover the best VPN provider based on a series of stringent tests. We ran HideMyAss and VyprVPN through our gauntlet, and we found some surprising results! Read on below to find out more!

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How We Compare the Brands

We put both companies to the test and judged them on their compliance with our 11 key features which include available streaming services, mobile apps, protocols, free trials, and more. To see the results of our comprehensive analysis, read on!

Security & PrivacyLoser
Customer Support


More server availability gives VPNs faster speeds, better access to geo-restricted content, and greater choices for users. HideMyAss owns more than 860 servers in almost 200 countries and has a 10GB bandwidth limit for browsing. The brand offers apps for Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, and enables its customers to connect up to 5 devices at once. However, despite the number of servers, the network has faced complaints about its speed reliability.

On the other hand, VyprVPN has more than 700 servers worldwide but offers unlimited bandwidth. The company’s apps support Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and routers. Moreover, subscribers can connect up to 3 devices with the basic plan, and 5 with the company’s premium subscription. Overall, we were pleased with the company’s speed when we tested their solution, which helped it score better than HideMyAss.


Available Streaming Services. VPN services can help users access to geo-restricted streaming services for video and music, helping circumvent barriers. HMA! supports Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other streaming services. VyprVPN has been cracked down by Netflix and still doesn’t support the streaming service; however, you can access all other services with the service.

Mobile Apps. VPNs for mobile are vital to protecting devices from the many unsecured networks they may connect to regularly. In this case, HideMyAss and VyprVPN each host apps for iOS and Android, with VyprVPN even adding Blackphone to the mix.

Protocols. Encryption algorithms are designed to ensure the safety of your data while you are using your VPN connection. To protect users, HideMyAss has L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN options, whereas VyprVPN works with these and the Chameleon protocol.

Kill Switch. This helpful function terminates the connection if it suddenly stops working properly. We were happy to see VyprVPN does offer a kill switch feature but were surprised to see HideMyAss does not provide its own version of this robust security capability.

Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the service, the best companies offer you a refund for your troubles. HideMyAss maintains a standard 30-day money-back guarantee, helping edge out the competition in this category considering VyprVPN does not mention such a policy.

Speed. A secure connection has to be fast and safe, and VPNs can sometimes bog down connections. HideMyAss has faced regular complaints that its speeds can be unreliable and slow whereas VyprVPN, is much more reliable and consistently fast.

Zero-Log Policy. Companies can offer greater privacy for users when they vow to not track user activity. On the one hand, VyprVPN has a clear no-logs policy.  By comparison, HideMyAss has been known to share user data with authorities. though they officially deny it.

Security and Privacy

While each brand utilizes a variety of encryption protocols, only VyprVPN presents its users with kill switch functionality alongside ensuring privacy by not copying or storing clients’ data. HideMyAss has allegedly been logging customers’ actions online and sending copies to the authorities. The company has since released a statement that none of this is true. While we cannot say which side is telling the truth, monitoring a client’s activities defeats the purpose of a VPN, and can be a turnoff for some users.

Customer Service

Support is a major component of our VPN service comparison. VyprVPN’s customer service representatives are available around the clock via email, e-form, and a live chat feature which is beneficial in emergency situations. The company’s support staff addresses any issues and questions quickly and efficiently. Although they make themselves available via live chat or an e-form, HideMyAss is has faced complaints that staff ignored user requests, although those reports are not confirmed and were not experienced during our testing.


Pricing is the last category we use to compare VPN providers. For users seeking a range of options, HideMyAss has three payment plans available, including 1 month for $11.52, 6 months at a monthly rate of $8.33, and 1 year for $6.56 a month. Though the brand provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, it does not offer a free trial.

VyprVPN offers two packages:  Basic and Premium. An annual plan costs $5.00 a month for the Basic, or a $6.67 monthly rate for the Premium package. If you decide to pay monthly, the prices go up to $9.99 a month for the simple plan and $12.95 a month for the more extensive subscription.

Drum Roll, Please!

We found several advantages for both VyprVPN and HideMyAss, so we have to conclude our comparison in a tie. Both services were quick and had most of the important features on our checklist. Users who prioritize more flexible payment options, as well as an edge in available servers, should consider HideMyAss. For the security-oriented and those looking for performance over price,  VyprVPN is a great solution. If you would like to help us choose the brands for our next VPNs Comparison, leave us the company names in the comment section below!

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