Home Alarm Systems DIY vs Professional Installation

Home Alarm Systems: Should You Go for DIY or Professional Installation?

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Summary: Should homeowners opt for professional technicians when it comes to setting up home security systems or should they go the home alarm systems DIY route? Before making your decision whether to go with companies that provide professional alarm installation or if you should do it yourself, it is best to do some initial research. Here are our suggestions for the best DIY alarm system.

DIY or Professional Home Alarm Systems

To Install or Not to Install Home Alarm Systems

There’s a lot of talk in the home security system sector about which is the better option. Should homeowners opt for a professional technician to install their intruder alarm systems or is it smarter to just do the security installation themselves?

There are significant differences between the two approaches, and you should look at both options before making your decision. Below is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of DIY alarm systems vs. professional home alarm system installation.


A few of the best names in the industry will send out a reliable technician to set up your home alarm system installation, walk you through the setup, and answer any questions you might have. Sometimes they can even send a technician on the same day you call. Here are the main reasons to opt for companies that provide professional alarm installation:

Professional technician

Nobody is attempting a DIY heart transplant, and some homeowners bring that same measure of caution to their home security system, too. Where should you install the door alarms? What’s the ideal spot for the control console? How do you connect the equipment to the call center? These are a few of the questions that you might not have the know-how to grapple with. A professional home system installer knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and the way to do things for optimal performance in your particular home.

Help with testing and troubleshooting

Let’s say you opt to use a self-install alarm system. Five minutes later, you have a question, but there’s no one there to ask. If you choose professional home alarm installation, you have a technician standing with you when you flip the switch. And after the install, your technician won’t just run off to lunch. They’ll test the system, set up your secure areas, help you put in an activation code, and answer any questions you might have.

No hassle

Let’s not forget about the headache involved in installing most intruder alarms. Figuring out how to connect the system to your home automation network, drilling, and wiring all take time and effort. If you’re short on those commodities, it’s best to leave things to the security installation professionals.

Why Go with a Self-Install Alarm System?

Of course, there are also good reasons to opt for DIY alarm systems. After all, when you do your own installing you can enjoy:

Saving money

Obviously, hiring a professional to come out is going to cost you. Sometimes alarm installation companies charge you up to $300 for this process. Doing it yourself saves you a lot on your initial investment.


It’s a professional’s job to know how to do the job right, but at the end of the day, it’s still your home, and you may not want someone telling you where your monitors should go or how things should be set up. From crash and smash sensors to fire alarms, home alarm systems DIY installation gives you the flexibility to customize your system exactly the way you’d like it to be.

Easier than ever

FrontPoint, LiveWatch, and SimpliSafe are all companies that provide DIY installation options. They have caught on to the appeal of self-service and tailored their systems to this kind of crowd. Devices are designed for easy installation and wireless connections, and some home alarm systems DIY wireless options can even be put up without any drilling whatsoever.

Which One Should You Choose – DIY Alarm Systems vs Professional Alarm Installation?

There are many pros and cons associated with going the professional or DIY route for your home alarm system installation. The choice ultimately rests with your confidence level. If you understand the technology associated with home alarm system installation, then there are plenty of companies that provide DIY installation help to walk you through the process. And always be sure to select the best DIY alarm system that will ensure your home is safe while you are away and you can sleep well at night.

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