How to stream restricted content online- Get a Free VPN

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When we access the internet, we tend to think the whole of that virtual world is our oyster. Unfortunately, that’s not true and many sites are restricted for a variety of reasons. Some content is geographically restricted to a specific country or region, while other data may be deemed unsuitable and blocked by government authorities and institutions. For example, a school network may prevent students from accessing social media sites, while live sporting events may be restricted to viewers in the host country only.

Sometimes a little white lie can go along way and when it comes to VPNs and their ability to navigate geographical restrictions, it really does – all the way to the other side of the world if necessary. Although you may not realize it, every device that connects to the Internet has a unique IP that is assigned according to your geographical location and, while it won’t reveal your house number and postcode, it will at least give away the region and country that you’re in at the same.

When you connect to a VPN server, it creates a fake IP address that indicates you’re operating from the region and country of the server’s location rather than your own. In this way, a VPN tells a little white lie that can help you access whatever content you want, regardless of your physical location.

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Why Would I Want to Dodge Geographical Restrictions?

While Americans have a lot of freedom when it comes to what they can access online, there are still some instances when a VPN’s capacity to fake your location comes in handy. For example, if you have to travel for work, or you just have itchy feet, you might find yourself missing out on a lot of local news as well as your favorite TV shows and sporting events. By using a VPN like Hotspot Shield, you can create a fake US IP address from Bulgaria, if necessary, and catch up on all the latest news and sporting action.

Similarly, if you’re a big tennis fan and want to watch Wimbledon, you may find that free access is restricted to UK residents only. Use your VPN to connect to a UK server and away you go! The same applies to getting around the censorship on your school or college’s network. If your IP address says you’re in the state next door, then your school network won’t block sites like YouTube, making you the most popular person around!

Can I Unblock Websites Without a Free VPN?

A VPN isn’t the only piece of technology available that can unblock geographically restricted websites, but it probably is the simplest to use. Having said that, you could try unblocking using proxy sites, which act in a similar way to a VPN, forming a barrier between the internet and your device. Setting up a proxy server is pretty simple and there are lots of informative tutorials available online as well. The problem with a proxy server is that it doesn’t encrypt your traffic the way a VPN does, so it doesn’t give you the same level of security, nor can it guarantee a consistent connection.

Another option for bypassing geographical restrictions is through the use of smartDNS. This is a type of DNS unblocker that, instead of changing your IP address, it overrides certain commands so, instead of sending traffic from a designated website direct to your device, it will redirect it through a DNS server.

This is actually the best and fastest way to navigate blocked websites, but it leaves you vulnerable to prying eyes, hackers, and even government surveillance. If you want anonymity as well as freedom, a VPN is the best option available (especially when its free!).

Added Extras

Not only will a VPN effectively navigate around geographical restrictions, enabling you to access content freely, regardless of what country you’re in, it will also give you a completely private browsing experience. As a VPN encrypts all your traffic, it means that you can visit an adult dating site, place a bet with an online gambling site, or do your banking and shopping online, without the fear of your private information being hacked, traced, tracked or leaked.

VPN technology is advancing all the time, as is the industry’s commitment to user privacy, so a piece of software like Hotspot Shield’s free VPN can give you a lot more than just unrestricted access, it can also reduce the threat of cybercrime and eliminate unwanted adverts and protect you against possible malware infection.

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