How to Unblock and Watch Narcos Season 3 Online

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Summary: After a long wait, Netflix has finally released season 3 of Narcos online. With Escobar out of the picture, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate how the plot will unfold. However, not everyone is guaranteed access to the show. Netflix geo-blocks their content, so programs are restricted to particular countries. Fortunately, using a Netflix VPN can bypass this problem. This article provides a comprehensive guide to unblock and stream Narcos Season 3 online. We recommend ExpressVPN for high streaming quality and reliable service. However, there are alternate options detailed below.

How To Use a VPN To Watch Narcos Online

If you would like to watch Narcos Season 3 on Netflix from abroad, the only way to do that is to access Netflix US outside the United States with a VPN. Once you select your VPN provider, you need to connect to a VPN service in the US to obtain an American IP address. Your device will adopt to the server’s IP address and let you browse as though you are in that country. Not quite sure how to do it? Follow these three steps:

  1. Connect to a USA VPN service to get an American IP
  2. Empty the cache in your device / browser
  3. Access US Netflix to watch Narcos Season 3 wherever you are

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*Please note you will need to pay for a VPN to watch US Netflix if you live abroad. Free VPNs are blocked by Netflix. We recommend you pay for a subscription to ExpressVPN for the best US Netflix streaming.

 Unblock Narcos Season 3 with a VPN – Best Choices

The most efficient VPN to use on Netflix changes regularly. You might need to try a few options before finding one that works best. The list below details the best available services on the market in 2017.

#1 ExpressVPN to watch Narcos Season 3

With unlimited bandwidth, 24-hour support and high-speed servers in 87 countries, ExpressVPN is by far the highest-rated option available.

ExpressVPN pricing:

1 month: $12.95;
6 months: $9.99/mo;
15 months (1 year + 3 months extra): $6.67/mo.

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More information can be found on ExpressVPN review.

#2 NordVPN to watch narcos Season 3 

Alongside their stringent anti-logging policy, NordVPN promises access to Netflix, no matter where you are. Unfortunately, it owns only half as many servers as other industry leaders.

NordVPN pricing:

1 month: $11.95;
6 months: $9.00/mo;
1 year: $6.99/mo;
2 years: $3.99/mo.

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More information can be found on NordVPN review.

#3 PrivateVPN to watch Narcos Season 3

Another noteworthy option is PrivateVPN. It offers all of the previously mentioned features but is only active in 52 countries. The company does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the service.

PrivateVPN pricing:

1 month: $10.95;
3 months: $6.75/mo;
15 months (1 year + 3 months extra): $2.98/mo.

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When can I watch Narcos Season 3 online

Narcos Season 3 was released on 1st, September 2017.

If you’re a fan of the show, you probably want to binge watch it straight away. For those who are traveling, or live in a country where Narcos isn’t available, using a good VPN is the easiest way to stay up-to-date with the hit series.

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NordVPN have been serving for this lately. Really enjoy their privacy policy. Great servers awesome service

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