Watch Wimbledon Overseas

How to Watch Wimbledon Overseas

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Summary:  As Wimbledon draws closer, tennis fans the world over eagerly await the opening matches.

However, content restrictions and licensing agreements can keep fans in some countries from catching any of the suspense. If you use a VPN, you won’t miss a second of the action.

With IP address blocking and servers around the world, a VPN opens up your access to any content you want, regardless of your actual geographic location.

For a connection that can keep up with those Wimbledon serves, get Express VPN now.

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Why Is My Access Limited?

As the end of June draws near, tennis junkies around the world are getting pumped for Wimbledon 2019.

The biggest tennis event of the year kicks off on June 29th in London, and it’s time to figure out how you’re going to watch it.

If you’re in a country that doesn’t have access to networks broadcasting the event, or where there are content restrictions on the internet, it may seem impossible to watch any of it.

With a VPN, you can open up your access, bypass content blocks, and even beef up your security.

What is a VPN?

If this is your first time hearing the word VPN, let me take a moment to explain the concept to you. Don’t worry, it’s actually incredibly simple.

Basically, a VPN, or virtual private network, is a service provided by a company to protect your internet connection, rather than your device, like antivirus software does.

VPNs provide you with a sort of virtual tunnel in the internet, encrypting your connection to keep prying eyes out.

Using the software they provide you, you select a server location in the country with optimum internet access, and are given a new IP address while your other one is hidden.

This tricks servers into thinking you’re in, say, the UK, even if you’re actually sitting in a hotel room in Egypt.

Top 3 VPNs for Watching Wimbledon Overseas

So now that you know what VPNs are and the important part – like how they’re going to help you watch Wimbledon this year – it’s time to find one to do the job.

Yeah, there are a few out there to choose from. No worries, I’m going to break down a few of the biggest names in the biz, and help you decide which one is best for streaming the tournament.

#1 Choice:  Express VPN – 9/10 – Unlimited bandwidth

Let’s just get this out of the way in the beginning – Express VPN is the best all-around VPN for just about any purpose.

Their software is super easy to use, making it great for beginners, and is compatible with all major operating systems (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and even Linux).

If you’re nervous about using a VPN service and find the concept a bit intimidating, Express VPN has you covered with their fast and professional customer support.

They’re available 24/7/365 to answer your questions through live chat and e-mail, and you’re never waiting long for a response.

Express VPN is a company that really believes in what they’re selling.

They offer their customers a 30-day-no-questions-asked money back guarantee, and even a referral program that gives you and a friend a month of free service when you refer them.

Express VPN is a VPN that was made for streaming. Their connection is incredibly fast, and gives users a smooth viewing experience with their streaming services.

Say goodbye to buffering bars and pixelated screens –for watching Wimbledon 2018, Express VPN is perfect, for a full review click here.

#2:  IPVanish – 8/10 – Two week guarantee, no referral program

Even though Express VPN is definitely your best option for streaming the big event, if you can’t for some bizarre reason, connect to a server, give IPVanish a try.

Though they fall short in some areas, this VPN has many comparable features that will get you online and watching the matches.

IPVanish’s customer support is also 24/7, though it’s likely you’ll be waiting a little longer for a response with them. You can reach them by e-mail or through the live chat feature on their website.

They do have a money back guarantee, though it’s a fraction as long as Express VPN’s, and they don’t have a referral program.

One significant drawback to keep in mind is that IPVanish doesn’t have software compatibility with iOS, so you can’t use it on mobile Apple devices.

While users of Android phones and Mac computers will still have support, there just isn’t a platform for iOS yet with IPVanish.

IPVanish can be found at this website, for a full review click here.

#3: HideMyAss– 6/10 – Slow connection, not great for streaming

HideMyAss definitely has a few things the other guys don’t. For starters, there server network is massive, with 151 locations all around the world.

Despite that though, their connection always seems to be incredibly slow and unreliable – not the greatest for streaming fast paced sports.

They have a few different support channels, with help available by phone in addition to live chat and e-mail.

However, response times are almost always lengthy for e-mail support, and often you get an automated response from their live chat.

In addition, even though their software is compatible with all operating systems, it’s not nearly as sleek and easy to use as Express VPN’s.

This compounded with their poor customer service doesn’t make them the best option for beginners, or really anyone trying to watch Wimbledon overseas this year.

HideMyAss is here, check out our full HideMyAss review now.

Conclusion:  Use Express VPN for Fast, Unlimited Access

There’s nothing quite as hypnotic and exciting as a pro tennis match, and the mother of them all is about to start up here soon.

With Wimbledon 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to keep up with the matches and cheer your favorite player on.

Content blocks, corporate monopolies, and even licensing issues can all get in the way of you watching Wimbledon overseas.

Some governments don’t allow many of the media websites and apps that you can catch this even on.

Other countries have telecommunication companies with a stranglehold on their industry that will do anything to keep money flowing in their direction.

Trickier still are the licensing agreements, which can prevent the event from being broadcast at all in certain countries.

In addition to being able to watch Wimbledon 2019 overseas, with Express VPN you can:

And with Express VPN’s stellar customer support and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, there’s no risk to you.

For the fastest streaming with the best customer support on the web, to watch Wimbledon 2019 overseas, use Express VPN .

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