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March 2020 IDShield Review & Deals

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IDShield provides customers with extensive monitoring tools that track passports, medical records, social media, and more. Additionally, IDShield is dedicated to helping customers get back on their feet if they fall victim to identity theft, offering a very high level of insurance and assistance from trained private investigators.

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IDSheild ID Protection Service

Overview of IDShield Review – Pros & Cons

IDShield Pricing

Customers can take advantage of one of the most affordable identity theft protection services available with IDShield.

Single Protection Plan

The company offers a single subscription, which includes all their services and tools for $9.95 per month, without hidden fees or surcharges.

Family Plan

Even better, customers can extend the company’s protection to their families for an extra $10.00 per month. The price, even including the family plan, is on the more affordable side of the industry scale.

IDShield Credit Monitoring

IDShield’s monitoring utility is designed to cover two main pillars: security and privacy. For security, the company tracks and monitors customers’ Social Security numbers, credit card and bank account numbers, as well as retail or store cards. Moreover, IDShield performs regular credit monitoring and tracks credit scores alongside scanning for personal information to ensure it is not used to apply for payday loans. For privacy, IDShield screens customers’ personal information in tandem with license and passport numbers, emails, and even social media accounts. The company constantly scans black market websites, online chat channels, social media websites, and peer-to-peer file sharing platforms for any signs of compromised information.

IDShield Fraud Alert

If IDShield’s monitoring tools detect any suspicious activity, they immediately alert customers. These notifications are triggered by a variety of reasons, which include:

  • Credit-related inquiries and actions
  • Account openings or loan applications
  • Changes of address
  • Court record adjustments

IDShield notifies customers in a variety of ways, including personal email alerts, push notifications through their mobile app, and via messages sent to a user’s online dashboard. Furthermore, customers receive calls from IDShield’s live alert support during more extreme cases of theft or suspicion.

IDShield Identity Theft Recovery

One of the areas IDShield prioritizes most highly is their full-service restoration. If the company’s tools detect any breach or fraud, IDShield employs licensed private investigators that assist customers with restoring their identity to pre-theft levels. This includes interfacing with credit card companies and other financial services providers, as well as collection agencies and law enforcement. The provider also handles credit disputes to help with removing harmful items from reports and public records. To top off these value-added services, IDShield delivers an impressive identity theft insurance package of up to $5 million to cover any expenses related to the restoration process.

Get your Own Private Investigator with IDShield

Aside from their monitoring and restoration services, IDShield users benefit from a vast range of features that make it a worthwhile investment. One of the most intriguing is the ability to consult with licensed private investigators regarding fraud and questions about security. On top of this feature, customers can also search for registered sex offenders in their area, and reduce the amount of pre-approved cards and junk mail they receive. For individuals who have trouble keeping track of passwords, IDShield’s digital password management utility can be especially helpful.  Finally, subscribed members also have access to extra perks, which include discounts for major retailers, restaurants, event tickets and more.

IDShield Mobile Apps

Customers can keep track of their accounts and monitoring status via IDShield’s mobile applications available on both iOS and Android devices. Though the graphics could be improved, the company’s application grants users the ability to manage their settings on the go and receive instant push notifications in case scans reveal any suspicious activity.

Easy Setup with IDShield

To get started with IDShield, customers simply have to fill out an initial application. Once complete, they’ll have the ability to input the personal information they want monitored, including credit card and bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, identification details, and more. For the mobile applications, customers simply download them from either the iTunes or Google Play stores and log into their accounts.

Excellent Customer Support

The company’s support team is available via a 24/7 toll-free number, and wait times are generally brief. In addition, customers can request a consultation with an identity theft specialist to ask questions or inquire about specific situations. Customers looking for quick answers can review the informative FAQ section hosted on the company’s website.

Why Choose IDShield as your Identity Theft Protection Service

IDShield offers some of the most complete identity theft protection on the market at an affordable rate. Individual memberships are on the lower end of the price spectrum and include all of the company’s monitoring and alert services, as well as membership perks that make it even more valuable. Moreover, members can easily add the entire family to the plan for a small fee and ensure that everyone is protected from the threat of fraud or identity theft. IDShield is an excellent solution for individuals and families who want to ensure they have the most robust protection possible for their personal information and identities.

Things We Like

Up to $5M offered in insurance for identity theft recovery

Affordable, straightforward pricing structure

Emergency support available around the clock

Things We Didn't Like

Only TransUnion credit reports available

Does not offer lost wallet assistance

Mobile applications could be improved







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