Intego Review 2021

May 2021 Intego Review & Deals

Specializing in Mac security and malware protection, Intego has been around since 1997 and released the first personal security software for Mac OS in 1999. Its latest offering, version X9, includes a two-way firewall as well as advanced antivirus capabilities. Easy to use and highly versatile, Intego will boost your Mac security and wrap users in some pretty resilient digital armor. If you’re looking for a comprehensive security suite that includes both parental controls and backup solutions, then Intego is worth a look – just be prepared to pay for the privilege.

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Compatible With

  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Firewall
  • Identity
  • Mac
  • iOS

Recommended For

  • Firewall Protection
  • Parental Controls
  • Spyware Detection
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$49.99 /Yr
  • Antivirus
  • System scanner
  • Real time Protection
  • Malware Quarantine
  • Virus Removal
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Washing Machine Secure Visit Site
$64.99 /Yr
  • Antivirus
  • System scanner
  • Real time Protection
  • Malware Quarantine
  • Virus Removal
  • Protects 5 Devices
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Content Barrier Secure Visit Site
$79.99 /Yr
  • Antivirus
  • System scanner
  • Real time Protection
  • Malware Quarantine
  • Virus Removal
  • Protects 10 Devices
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Premium Bundle Visit Site
$89.99 /Yr
  • Antivirus
  • System Scanner
  • Real Time Protection
  • Malware Quarantine
  • Virus Removal
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Things We Like

Highly customizable firewall

Advanced parental controls

Robust spyware protection

Excellent Mac and iOS integration

Things We Didn't Like

No malicious site detection

Unable to detect Windows malware threats

Higher than average prices


There are no free products with Intego, although it does offer generous free trials of all its products, giving potential users a 30-day window in which to try them out and establish their suitability. 

The products supplied for the free trial period are not fully-fledged antivirus and security tools, however, as removal and repair functions are not included, but they will give you a sense of what makes Intego tick and how well it integrates with your device.

While many antivirus solutions provide apps for every conceivable operating system, Intego has remained loyal to Mac and iOS for years, although it has now released an app for Windows that’s compatible with everything from Windows 7 upwards. Linux users, however, have been left in the lurch, alongside Android enthusiasts.

Downloading the software is simple enough and can be installed onto any Mac or iOS device. Simply follow the prompts on the website and away you go. Don’t expect a quick download, however, especially not if you’ve opted for the premium bundle which is over 130 MB.

Those with a fast internet connection should, nevertheless, be ready to go in 10-15 minutes, while those with one as sluggish as mine may have to wait until tomorrow for the process to complete.

Some users have experienced issues with the installation process as a result of the default Gatekeeper settings in MacOS 10.11 and above. These settings prevent the installation of any apps not downloaded from the App Store. It’s simple enough to adjust those settings and allow apps from other “identified developers”, however, so you don’t need a degree in computer science to resolve the issue. 

Intego also requires that users restart their device after installation which is unusual and can be time-consuming.

The VirusBarrier comes with an in-built Setup Assistant, which launches automatically and guides users through the initial process of selecting their chosen level of coverage. Once that’s complete, it will download and install the latest malware definitions.

Overall, Intego is simple to install and easy enough for inexperienced users to get to grips with but it’s by no means the fastest nor the most user friendly. More versatility in terms of compatible operating systems would also be a welcome addition.


Intego’s firewall offers more protection than the in-built Mac firewall which monitors only incoming connections. Intego NetBarrier X9 keeps an eye on traffic leaving your device as well as those trying to gain access from outside. Consequently, Intego would potentially pick up on a malware infection that the macOS firewall would overlook.

In fact, Intego’s NetBarrier X9 is so efficient, it even prevents its own VirusBarrier from automatically connecting to the internet!

Intego has proved its protection capabilities in lab tests conducted by two independent labs, scoring 100% for its ability to detect and remove Mac malware and other threats. Unfortunately, when it comes to Windows malware, it lets the side down dramatically. Its failure to block Windows malware means it could turn your Mac into a malware carrier, even if it doesn’t infect the device with anything nasty.

Intego representatives have indicated that it plans to “drastically improve” its Windows malware detection capabilities, so we’ll hopefully be adjusting our review to reflect those changes in the not too distant future.

Even if those issues are resolved, however, Intego still lags behind the competition in terms of malicious website protection, relying heavily on the in-built safe-browsing features of individual web browsers. The introduction of browser plug-ins could counter this problem and give Intego users more effective protection against malicious adverts and crypto miners.

Some of Intego’s default settings also do little to boost overall protection. The VirusBarrier component, for example, won’t automatically quarantine or delete malicious files but will instead ask the user to decide how to proceed. This is unusual and somewhat counterintuitive – after all, how many users will want to hold onto potentially dangerous items? Of course, you can adjust those settings so that all threats are automatically quarantined, but why that isn’t provided as default is somewhat mystifying. 

Intego makes up some ground with its anti-phishing and spyware protection although, again, the anti-spyware feature is turned off in the default settings.

While comprehensive and effective, Intego doesn’t offer the same level of protection as the best Mac antivirus packages. It won’t, for example, prevent adware or protect you while using messenger apps. Its firewall is impressive, however, and its ability to detect Mac malware is second to none. 

Intego might be effective at tracking down spy cookies and catching those early worms, but its inability to pick up Windows malware threats means it struggles to compete with the big guns, despite its best efforts.


Intego’s premium bundle is a comprehensive package containing the following features and tools:

  • VirusBarrier – antivirus protection
  • NetBarrier – firewall protection
  • Mac Washing Machine – disk cleanup
  • ContentBarrier – parental controls
  • Personal backup – bootable backup software

This gives users a lot more tools than offered by other similar security packages and makes it better value for money than the basic internet security bundle which includes just the basic features of antivirus and firewall protection.

Although Intego hasn’t yet gone as far as to include a VPN in its list of functions, it still gives industry leaders a run for their money with its clean up tools, backup software, and two-way firewall. The inclusion of parental control features is unusual and helps to set Intego apart from the competition, especially given the versatility and efficacy of its ContentBarrier functions.

Users can create customized profiles for each member of the family, blocking specific web content, restricting network access, and receiving detailed information about each user’s browsing history. 

Intego’s anti-predator chat monitoring feature is particularly useful, blocking inappropriate chats and filtering out unsuitable content.

Similarly, Intego’s backup software is both streamlined and optimized for efficiency within inbuilt tools designed to automate file organization. Given the sophistication of the features on offer, the lack of any kind of malicious site protection becomes increasingly conspicuous. 

Most internet security suites will notify users if they attempt to access a site that has been flagged as suspicious or potentially dangerous. Intego, however, leaves this to the user’s chosen web browser, washing its own hands of any responsibility beyond informing you as to whether safe browsing is activated or being ignored. 

While a firewall will prevent infections, it won’t alert users to suspected phishing sites. As a result, Intego lacks one of the most fundamental features of any internet security app – anti-phishing protection. Nearly every other antivirus for Mac does this and nearly every one of them does it more effectively than the in-built browser protection does.  

As with overall protection, Intego goes a long way to providing advanced features but slips up on some of the basics – like detecting and preventing Windows malware. Similarly, it includes sophisticated, customizable parental control features but excludes crucial basic functions like phishing protection and malicious site notifications. 

This kind of all-or-nothing approach means that, while Intego is streaks ahead of the competition in some respects, in others it’s languishing in the wake of industry leaders, twiddling its thumbs instead of protecting against malicious sites and potential phishing attempts.

Ease of Use

Finding your way around Intego’s various features is child’s play thanks to its slick user interface. Following the standard design used by most antivirus products means new users can quickly familiarise themselves with its most advanced tools. 

The castle logo gives a sense of security while the rest of the main interface is dedicated to the status of your protection. It indicates whether or not the user has activated real-time scanning and safe browsing while additionally showing when the next scheduled scan is due. 

It may not be particularly imaginative, but it’s easy to navigate and displays vital information clearly. In other words, once you’ve adjusted the default settings to suit your basic protection needs, you can start tinkering with more advanced settings and perform your first full scan.

Although simple enough to navigate, Intego’s secondary interfaces aren’t particularly user friendly. The NetBarrier firewall, for instance, is completely separate from the main application and sports a similarly distinct interface design, showing incoming and outgoing connections allowed by the firewall. It’s not as immediately welcoming or accessible as the main interface but it nevertheless makes adding an exception to your firewall rules simple enough. 

One of the benefits of Intego is that its scans are quicker than most and won’t consume as much of your device’s resources, allowing you to carry on working while it hunts out infection. A quick scan takes just a few minutes, while a full scan takes around 15 minutes to complete – around a third of the current average. Intego is also pretty lightweight so it won’t demand too much of your system’s resources, even when performing an advanced scan or removing a particularly sticky piece of malware.

One of the downsides is, if your household is a mixed bag of Android devices, PCs, Macs, and Linux-based machines, Intego can’t offer integrated protection across all those operating systems, meaning you’ll end up paying for several antivirus solutions, rather than having the option of a one-size-fits-all product.

Although user friendly, Intego’s antivirus protection could be improved by creating a single interface from which to access all features, from spyware protection to firewall. It’s nevertheless both customizable enough to appeal to advanced users and simple enough for beginners to operate with ease.


Intego’s products are at the higher end of the scale when it comes to pricing, with its basic internet security suite carrying a recommended retail price of $49.99 for an annual subscription or $92.99 for two years. Intego sells its products at a slightly discounted price and is currently offering its Mac Internet Security suite for $39.99 per year or $74.99 for two. 

Although there are more expensive antivirus solutions out there, there are also much cheaper ones and even free ones that are surprisingly effective at preventing phishing attacks and diffusing potential malware infections. Admittedly, such free software is unlikely to give you parental controls or the capacity to create a bootable backup, but they will, in general, go further in terms of basic internet security and anti-phishing protection.

While most of Intego’s products are designed exclusively for Mac users, it has recently launched a competitively-priced Windows antivirus app, currently on offer for $29.99 per year. Even its standard price is reasonable, at $35.99, although, given its inability to detect Windows malware, you may be better off investing in several rolls of cotton wool and wrapping your PC in those instead.

The Intego Premium bundle offers the best value for money of all its products, at $84.99 per year. Considering that the standalone ContentBarrier parental control app costs $79.99 annually on its own, and the Intego Washing Machine $64.99, getting these included in the bundle, on top of standard features like the two-way firewall, means you get much more for your money than if you purchased each component separately.

Having said that, as a standalone parental monitoring app, Intego’s ContentBarrier is one of the priciest around and yet lacks some of the advanced features offered by the competition. It’s effective, but it’s not quite worth $59.99 per year, especially since it fails to provide the same level of social media protection as some of its cheaper rivals.

On the plus side, unlike some antivirus software developers, Intego delivers the software the user has chosen without constantly harassing them into shelling out additional fees for premium features like parental controls.

Intego’s products aren’t the most expensive but when you look at the features and capabilities they offer, they fail to deliver the same kind of value for money as other similar products. A reduction in price or an increase in safe browsing protection and enhanced malware detection capabilities would bring it more in line with its competition.


Intego receives excellent reviews for its customer support and its online help section includes an in-depth knowledge base with user manuals for each component. Its FAQ section is similarly extensive and includes instructions and infographics to guide users through every aspect of the software, from installation to account cancellation. 

Both the customer support and knowledge base sections are divided into topics, making navigation easy, and helping customers locate the information they require quickly and seamlessly. 

Intego is also one of the few antivirus providers to offer online live chat assistance as well as an online ticket system. Testing the live chat service, we were impressed by both the prompt response and the level of support offered. 

Online customer reviews indicate a high level of brand loyalty. Many reviewers have been Intego users for years and indicate that the high level of after-sales customer support is one of the motivating factors in that loyalty.

Intego has a strong social media presence, responding quickly to queries submitted via Facebook, Twitter,  and LinkedIn. Those wanting to find out more about potential phishing attacks and other malware threats can turn to Intego’s YouTube channel where they’ll find tutorials and information about how to prevent cryptojacking or how Intego’s VirusBarrier uses the latest technology to scan iPhones for malware.

Admittedly, not all YouTube videos are quite as up to date as we might like, but they still offer useful information for those wanting to dig a little deeper. 

On the contacts page, Intego lists telephone numbers as well as email addresses, giving users all over the world access to immediate customer support. Customer service departments are based in the US, Australia, Africa, Europe, and Japan so getting hold of a representative by phone is much easier than with some rival companies that are limited by US office hours and international calling rates.

Overall, Intego’s commitment to customer support makes it stand out from the crowd and does much to justify its somewhat inflated pricing structure. Quite why it continues to hold onto its outdated online ticket system is something of a mystery, however, especially when it has such an impressive array of alternatives available.

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