IPVanish vs PrivateVPN - Comparing Performance, Speed, Prices

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Using a VPN when surfing the web is a decision many experts support as fundamental to the safety of your personal data. We break down two strong contenders in our VPN comparison. Who will take the crown?

Today, the threat of identity theft online is greater than ever before. Hackers continuously find ways around even the strongest security, and consumers are playing catch-up. However, users can safely browse the web with virtual private networks, or VPNs, that mask their connection and offer anonymous online activity. However, there are many providers on the market, and it’s hard to compare VPN services effectively.

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In this edition of our VPNs comparison, our tech experts are taking IPVanish and PrivateVPN for a spin, judging them on factors ranging from security to performance. Now, we are ready to reveal the results. Which company will protect you the best? Read our in-depth analysis below to find out.

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How We Compare VPN Services

Our tech experts break down every facet of our featured VPNs, testing them across a series of categories that give us a clear picture of which provider hosts the best platform. Our tests include performance, pricing, security, and several other key factors that add great value. We compare VPNs comprehensively to find a winner.


Offering a greater number of servers and locations improves a VPN network’s speed and lets users access a wider variety of geo-restricted content or skirt censorship laws. IPVanish comes out on top in this category, with more than 950 servers in over 60 countries around the world. The company also offers unlimited bandwidth, a must-have for users interested in accessing geo-restricted content. Moreover, IPVanish users can also connect up to 5 devices simultaneously on their subscription.

PrivateVPN lags behind with more than 100 servers in 56 popular countries, but also has an unlimited bandwidth which, once again, is a great benefit. The VPN service allows up to 6 simultaneous connections, one more than IPVanish.


Available Streaming Services. Many users utilize VPNs to access streaming services that are restricted in their countries such as Netflix. Both brands offer streaming services, so clients are able to unblock geo-restricted content. IPVanish offers access to Hulu, HBO, BBC, and Amazon Prime. PrivateVPN supplies access all of these channels AND Netflix, taking a slight lead in this category.

Mobile Apps. PrivateVPN and IPVanish each developed apps that are compatible with Android and Apple devices. This way clients can enjoy the same sense of security on the go as they do at home.

Protocols. Protocols are a method whereby VPN service providers use one or more codes to ensure the safety of their clients. PrivateVPN utilizes OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPsec, and IKEv2. IPVanish uses the same protocols except for the IKEv2 protocol.

Kill Switch. If your secure connection suddenly fails or runs into other issues, a kill switch allows you to terminate the connection. We were pleased to see PrivateVPN and IPVanish both provide this functionality.

Zero Activity log. To ensure better anonymity, IPVanish and PrivateVPN have a strict no activity logs policy. This means they will not track nor make notes of any data you put online while using their services.

Torrent Downloads. Users seeking to protect their identity while downloading torrents need a VPN that can handle heavy bandwidth while offering strong encryption. Both IPVanish and PrivateVPN tested well with strong download speeds along with robust security for downloading P2P files.

Money Back Guarantee. Every user has different needs, and not every VPN is a match. Money-back guarantees let you compare VPN providers without risk. We found that both IPVanish and PrivateVPN are accompanied by money-back policies.

Security and Privacy

Users turn to VPN software to protect their identities and sensitive data from hackers and prying eyes. PrivateVPN is based in Sweden and has a strict zero-logs policy. While IPVanish also highlights a no-logs policy, they are based in the US (a country that is part of the Five Eyes community), though that has so far not been a problem. These services also use the secure OpenVPN protocol and include security features such as kill switches and DNS leakage protection which ensure that users’ data is not at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Customer Service

The ability to access assistance in an emergency or make sure your VPN is working as it should be a necessity for any user. PrivateVPN shines here, offering a live chat feature that is available during weekdays, as well as an email form which agents respond to swiftly. The company’s agents answered all our questions effectively. IPVanish, on the other hand, only offers an e-form, though we found responses were quick and satisfactory.


Pricing is an important consideration, as every user’s circumstances are unique, and sometimes flexibility is important. PrivateVPN offers a 1-month subscription for $8.21, a 3-month plan for $5.63 per month, and a 15-month plan for $3.60, though all are billed in one payment (all prices valid at the time of writing). To round out the offering, the company issues a 30-day money-back guarantee.

IPVanish offers a similar bundle, with a 1-month plan that costs $10.00, a 3-month subscription for $8.99 per month, and a 1-year plan for $6.49 a month, billed annually. It is slightly pricier than PrivateVPN, but still delivers a strong value and 30-day money-back policy.

A Hard-Fought Draw

Surprisingly enough, our team of experts was equally satisfied during their experiences with PrivateVPN and IPVanish. We would have liked to see more channels for customer support from each company, though we still give credit to the outstanding service we received. Users seeking more server locations and blazing speeds for downloads might enjoy IPVanish, with torrent-friendly policies making it a top choice. PrivateVPN offers a strong commitment to privacy and security, and the service is excellent for accessing geo-restricted content such as Netflix. Feel free to message us with your suggestions for our next VPNs comparison in the comments below!

Article comments

P rivacy says:

Blake is right, but there has to be an alternative for countries that have a low average wage. Either way, I’d pay a little extra myself for the better overall service.

Blake says:

+1 to what Abigail said. Cheap is good, but if you have less than half the network size, then you might have some issues connecting or getting around certain blocks on sites. Besides, are there really people that broke where $3 a month is going to make that much of a difference? “You get what you pay for” and any other random cliche you want to insert here.

Ashley says:

When you say that they allow torrenting, what does that actually mean? With other VPNs, will they block you from downloading altogether or will they just not run on torrent sites?

ST Editor says:

Thanks for the great question! When a company states that they allow P2P downloads and torrents, what this means is they actively make it easier for you to accomplish these activities. For some, it means setting up specific servers in places where torrenting isn’t illegal, or offering strong protection and encryption to mask your online activities. Other VPNs that have a strict anti-torrenting policy may keep track of your bandwidth usage, and will cooperate with authorities that make a data request to track users. They may also throttle speeds if you use too much data, and can technically block you from using their service if you violate their terms and conditions. We hope this helps!

Tess says:

IPVanish’s US location is a huge drawback for me. P2P sharing with a service located in the US is definitely a bigger risk in my mind than torrenting with a service overseas with laws that are more user friendly.

Abigail M. says:

PrivateVPN is so much cheaper does it really matter there are so much less servers will I be able to connect to streaming from other countries like middle eastern thank you