Learn The Truth About Your Blind Date

Learn The Truth About Your Blind Date Before You Meet

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Today, online dating is so ubiquitous that it’s almost expected. Some 40 million Americans of all ages use dating sites these days, with Match.com, PlentyofFish, and Zoosk standing as the most popular in the USA.

Online dating allows people to meet potential partners from all around the world, opening up more possibilities. It’s simpler and faster than trying to meet someone in your daily life, and many people feel that it’s safer. But is it really? Online dating sites may be home to predators and catfishers, who definitely do not have a genuine interest in you. Only a background check can keep you safe when you set out to meet your blind date.

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Be Cautious When it Comes to Blind Dates

Although online dating sites use high levels of security, online blind dates still carry plenty of risks. It’s easy to lie on online dating sites – in fact, 53% of people admit to lying in their online dating profiles.

Many of these lies are harmless, like bringing your age down by a few years, but you just don’t know who is hiding serious sexual assault convictions. You might fall prey to catfishing, namely people who create fake social media profiles to trap others into believing they are someone else.

Find Out Who Your Blind Date is with an Online Background Check

Although online dating websites try their best to weed out false profiles, you can’t rely on them. It’s essential to run a background check on your blind date before you meet so that you know who they really are. A standard background check will tell you:

  • The person’s real name and age
  • Their current and past addresses
  • Information about their financial responsibility
  • Criminal records
  • Whether or not they are on the sex offenders’ registry
  • Driving records like DUI convictions

Use the Best Online Background Check Sites

When you use background check websites to investigate your blind date you want to be sure that you’re using the best background check sites. We used the following criteria to find the best options.

  • Multiple search options including email address search, address search, reverse phone lookup, name, and location search
  • Comprehensive background information that goes further than shallow internet searches
  • Accuracy of information so that you feel confident relying on what you discover
  • Mobile apps to make it easy to use
  • Clear, scannable, and easy to read reports

Here are the best background check companies that we recommend.


BeenVerified gives plenty of search options including searching by email address or phone number as well as by street address or full name on either the website or their Android or iOS-compatible mobile app. It’s considered reliably accurate in the information it returns and a basic search includes criminal records, all known names and aliases, known relatives, business associates, phone numbers, and even photos from the subject’s social media profiles. You can pay extra for a more comprehensive report or for a court runner to check courtroom archives.

Check out our full BeenVerified review and Sign up with BeenVerified here.


Intelius is widely acclaimed as a highly accurate background check website. It offers a number of different criminal records checks and enables you to search by full or partial name and location, email address or phone number, or just by full street address alone. With Intelius, you can confirm the identity of your blind date. You can also discover if they have any criminal records or lawsuits that they haven’t told you about, check that their phone numbers, email addresses, and residential address are correct, and check on their neighbors and property records. Intelius is available through a mobile app for both Android and iOS as well as through the website.

Check out our full Intelius review and Sign up with Intelius here.


Using TruthFinder’s website or the Android-only mobile app, you can carry out a reliable background check on your blind date. Reverse phone lookup, email address search, street address search, and full name search give you plenty of ways to verify his or her real identity. With TruthFinder you can also learn their current and previous addresses, find out about criminal or civil court records, traffic records, and other personal information. If you want to know more you can use the deep web report for social media profiles or buy a premium report to see his/her education history, weapons permits, professional licenses, and more.

Check out our full TruthFinder review and Sign up with TruthFinder here.


InstantCheckmate’s standard search will deliver information about your potential date’s real identity, contact and personal information, marital history, present and past addresses, social media profiles, and any sex offender status or criminal records. You can search via full or partial name and location either online or via the Android-only mobile app. InstantCheckmate delivers nicely laid-out reports that are easy to scan and understand. A premium report adds information about court judgments, weapons permits, and bankruptcies as well as many other issues.

Check out our full CheckMate review and Sign up with CheckMate here.

Is a Free Background Check Enough?

You do have the option to run a free background check to discover the most pressing information about your new date. A free background check should be enough to check that they really are who they claim to be, but that might not be enough. Free checks can get information wrong, miss important criminal convictions, and completely mix up identities. Only a paid background check will give you the full, reliable, and accurate information that you need to keep you safe.

Don’t Stalk Your Blind Date IRL, Conduct an Online Background Check

Tempting though it may be to stalk your blind date, it’s not the best way. An online background check is faster, easier, and more reliable, so make sure to consult an online background check company before your next blind date.

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