How Long Does A Background Check Take?

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Curious about your new neighbors? Got a blind date and want to make sure you aren’t being catfished? A background check is a safe and essential way to make sure the people in your lives are who they say they are. But running a background check to verify a person’s identity can take a lot of time and effort, as there are many different departments to contact. But, if you do a background check online, it may only take minutes!

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A background check is a way of verifying the details about someone who crosses your path. You might want to check out a potential love interest, your child’s new baseball coach, or look up if there are any sex offenders in your neighborhood. A background check can tell you about someones:

  • Real identity, previous aliases, and past addresses to check if they are who they claim to be
  • Financial responsibility so you know if you trust them to be treasurer of your school’s PTA
  • Criminal records and sex offender status, which you’d want to know about before dating someone or letting them look after your child
  • Driving history, DUI convictions, traffic incidents, and traffic violations so you know whether or not you’d be confident getting in the car with them
  • Education and employment history to know more about their past life

Why Waste Time? Do it Online!

If you’re wondering, ‘how long does a background check take?’ the answer can only be ‘it depends.’ A full-service background check includes calling up past employers cited as references, checking credit reports, multiple criminal records, and often going in person to look at non-digitized courtroom records. It takes at least 2-4 business days to complete, and often much longer.

However, if you just want some quick information in a hurry, doing it online will save you time and provide you with all of the data you desire in one place. Online background checks can be completed in just a few minutes.

The Best Background Check Websites

The best background check websites are fast, comprehensive, and easy to use. Here’s a list of the features we look for when assessing the best background check services online.

  • Deep background check services that go beyond a shallow internet search
  • Capability to search by phone number (reverse phone lookup), email address, and partial name as well as by full name
  • Accurate and full information
  • Clear, well-laid out, and easily scannable reports
  • Good customer support
  • Mobile apps

These are the four background check websites that we recommend.


BeenVerified is usually accurate and covers an extremely wide range of databases. With BeenVerified you can search by name and location, email address, street address, and phone number to find information about criminal records, social media photos, past and current addresses, contact information, property reports and names, aliases, and known relatives. Once you’ve received the easy-to-read basic report you can pay to upgrade for more information, or add on the cost of a court runner to check non-digitized courtroom records.

  •  1 month: $22.86 for 3 monthly reports
  • 3 months: $44.58 for unlimited searches

Sign up with BeenVerified here or read more about them by checking out our BeenVerified review.


With Intelius, you can discover if an individual has a criminal record, lawsuits, bankruptcies, or liens on their property, verify their contact information and past addresses, look up their neighbors and property records, and see their full names and aliases. You can also pay extra for a court runner to check the records in a criminal or civil courthouse. Search is available via reverse phone lookup, full name, and location, email lookup, or full address. Intelius’ customer support is available by phone or email. Reports are all clear and easy to read via the online dashboard or Android or iOS mobile app.

1 month $19.95
Single report $19.95 to $49.95
24-hour unlimited search pass $19.95

Sign up with Intelius here or read more about them by checking out our Intelius review.


TruthFinder lets you search according to name, email address, phone number, or street address to find out contact details, address history, traffic, criminal and court records, personal information, and known relatives. You can also choose to do a deep web search or pay for a premium report that includes the subject’s weapons, hunting and fishing permits, professional certifications, neighbors, voter registration details, education history, and old phone numbers among other things. You can access TruthFinder through its Android-only mobile app or online or contact customer service 24/7 through email or toll-free phone number.

1 month $27.78
3 months $69.07
Reverse phone lookup plan under $2 per month

Sign up with TruthFinder here or read more about them by checking out our TruthFinder review.


Instant Checkmate presents clear and easy to read reports either online or through the Android-only mobile app. The basic reports give information about standard contact and personal information, present and past addresses, marriage and divorce status, social media profiles, and sex offender status as well as some criminal records information. You’ll need to upgrade to premium to find out about bankruptcies, court judgments, professional licenses, and voter registration information. With InstantCheckmate you can search by full or partial name and the last known location.

1 month $34.78
3 months $83.47
Premium report upgrade $19.99 per report

Sign up with CheckMate here or read more about them by checking out our CheckMate review.

What You Can (and Can’t) Use a Background Check Site For

As useful as background check websites are, there are limits to what you can do with them. It is perfectly legal and even recommended to use a background check website to:

  • Look up your new neighbors’ previous address
  • Check if your new love interest has any hidden criminal convictions
  • Discover if your child’s new soccer coach has a hidden past
  • Find out what information is online about you
  • Get back in touch with old friends
  • Track down long lost relatives

But, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) makes it illegal to use background check websites to:

  • Screen potential employees
  • Investigate new cleaning help or babysitters
  • Decide who is eligible for a grant, scholarship, or insurance
  • Choose new tenants

Run a Quick Background Check Without Delay

Because it doesn’t take long to do a background check using an online free or paid background check website, there’s nothing to stop you protecting yourself and your loved ones by running a background check today.

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