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Summary (update 24.09.2017): There are a handful of VPNs available that can still unblock Netflix. Recently, Netflix has seriously cracked down on VPNs accessing the site’s content. If you are on the receiving end of the dreaded Netflix proxy error, have no fear. We’ve tested several providers in an effort to present you with the best VPN for Netflix. Our primary choice is ExpressVPNRead on to find more features and important details Netflix proxy error.

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VPN to unblock Netflix

Netflix offers users the ability to stream a vast selection of TV shows and movies from the comfort of their own home. Yet in a small selection of autocratic countries, including China, Syria, and North Korea, the service is blocked by government censorship. How to unblock Netflix if you live under one of these regimes (or simply need to circumvent the ban of your employer/educational institution)? One way to do this is by using a virtual private network (VPN) – a service that allows users to encrypt and tunnel their connection through another server.

But which is the best VPN for Netflix?

Obviously the best VPN for Netflix is one that gets around the geographic restrictions. It used to be easy, all VPNs could get around the restrictions. However, now Netflix recently became wise and cracked down on the use of VPNs and have blocked many them, hitting users with a Netflix proxy error.

What is a Netflix Proxy Error?

Online services take active steps to attempt to deny users the ability to circumvent geographical restrictions by using a VPN. Netflix is no exception. The website has developed sophisticated detection tools to identify traffic that is emanating from a VPN or proxy server.  Users that attempt to access it via a VPN on its list will inevitably run into a message stating that “you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy”.

How To Get Around The Netflix VPN Block?

Yet for those determined to find a VPN that works with Netflix, all hope is not lost. Not all services have fallen afoul of the company’s blocking efforts, yet you can be sure that there is no free vpn for Netflix (read more on free vpn services). By choosing the best VPN for Netflix it’s still possible to enjoy all that the multimedia site has to offer no matter where in the world you are located.

Why am I getting a Netflix Proxy Error Message?

Firstly, we should state that many providers are on the block list. If you’ve been hoping to use a VPN that works with Netflix but are instead running into the VPN proxy error message (“you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy”) then you are unfortunately out of luck – at least for the moment. If that’s the situation you have run into, then your best option is to keep reading.

Why is Netflix Blocking VPN users?

Many ask why the blocking is being instituted at all. Netflix is blocking VPN users because deliberately circumventing its geographic restrictions simply represents a violation of its terms of service.  Many governments impose laws to regulate the availability of foreign multimedia sources, as well, many countries do not have the licensing necessary to show certain content. This applies to both traditional broadcasting channels, such as television, as well as more recent media, such as the internet-distributed content that Netflix hosts. The company has to adhere to these provisions to legally operate within a territory.

Luckily, there are still a handful of VPNs that are effective at unblocking Netflix. When you utilize a VPN from outside the US, you can route your connection via a US server, and get access to US content on Netflix.

What’s the Best VPN Service to Get Netflix Unblocked?

To get Netflix unblocked, you’re going to need either a VPN that has managed to stay off the company’s blocking radar entirely or else one that operates servers which are not currently on their block list.

Although Netflix’s efforts to clamp down on attempts to access it via VPN are ongoing, choosing a provider that has a plentiful selection of servers is a good strategy to aim for. Simply put, when one server doesn’t overload Netflix, it’s less likely to be added to the blacklist (and you also get a faster connection!).

Thankfully, there are several good options to choose from (although we have only one top recommendation). Here they are.

#1 ExpressVPN to Unblock Netflix

ExpressVPN is one of the only providers to explicitly advertise the fact that it can be used to gain access to Netflix – and for good reason.

The company’s US-based servers have to date evaded the Netflix dragnet and boost fantastic streaming-worthy speeds to boot.  For those wishing to use only the best VPN for Netflix, ExpressVPN is the perfect choice becomes it boasts among the fastest speeds of all the VPNs currently on the market, unlimited bandwidth, and minimal latency. In addition, there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try it safely without any commitment to fees. The company has also been reported to deploy new servers in as little as 24 hours if certain ones are blacklisted. At $12.95/month it does cost a little more than some of the alternatives, but it’s also worth pointing out that there’s no free VPN that we’re aware of that can access Netflix.

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#2 NordVPN to Unblock Netflix

 Panama-based NordVPN is another popular choice with users wishing to get Netflix unblocked.  NordVPN boasts servers specifically setup for the purpose of unblocking Netflix. This service costs $11.95 for a month or $5.75/mo for an annual subscription. You can currently benefit from one of the cheapest prices on the market at $3.29/mo for a 2-year subscription. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered for all packages so you can try Nord for Netflix and decide for yourself with no commitment. NordVPN also manages to access Netflix from its Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and smart TV devices.

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#3 PrivateVPN to Unblock Netflix

PrivateVPN, a Swedish provider, promises to unblock 12 Netflix regions, including the U.S. This VPN boasts 6 simultaneous connections, a zero logging policy, and unlimited bandwidth. They are also one of the few VPNs to offer anonymous P2P torrenting. Right now, you can get 15 months of PrivateVPN for $2.98 a month. And if the VPN doesn’t fit your needs, they have a free 30 day, money back guarantee. It costs $10.95 for a month or $6.00/mo for an annual subscription.  Right now, you can get 15 months of PrivateVPN for $2.98 a month. All offers grant a 30 day money back guarantee to give you the time to try the service for Netflix and decide if you want to continue.

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#4 BufferedVPN to Unblock Netflix

BufferedVPN is another market player that has managed to find its ways of working around the company’s anti-VPN policy and get Netflix unblocked for its users. Some users have reported problems getting it to access Netflix from the mobile app, but for peace of mind, it does offer a 30 day money-back guarantee  for all offers: pay $12.99 for a month or $8.25/mo for an annual subscription.

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#5 VyprVPN to Unblock Netflix

An advanced VPN that only relies exclusively on in-house technology, VyprVPN is another company that reports that it is able to unblock Netflx – although users have reported mixed luck accessing from such territories as Japan. Some of those features, like the network bypass it offers, are particularly useful for those looking for a fast and reliable VPN that works with Netflix. VyprVPN’s annual subscription comes in 2 different packages: pay $5.00/mo for the regular package or pay $6.67/mo for the premium plan, both coming with a 3-day trial.

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VPNs That Do Not Unblock Netflix

To save you the trouble of trying some of those that won’t be of service in your efforts to watch Breaking Bad, here are some of the services that we can say with certainty do not currently allow access.

  • Ironsocket: as a smart DNS service, this fell afoul of Netflix blocking efforts some time last year.
  • UnblockUS: likewise, this was a relatively early victim of the company’s methods to block users attempting to mask their true geography.
  • Blockess: Reddit users report that this has stopped working for Netflix.
  • Overplay: According an article from The VPN Guru this month, this still won’t play nice with the video streaming giant .
  • Pure VPN: A Quora user is giving this one a nay.
  • Unotelly: Angry users have taken to the interwebs to confirm that this will not grant access .
  • Cactus VPN: This company took the unusual step of actually announcing to users that it had “lost the battle” to unblock Netflix. Kudos for the transparency, but no joy here!
  • VPNSecure: We have no change to report on previous assessments. Although strides have been made to assure access, it has been a valiant but failing battle .
  • StrongDNS: According to an update late last year , this only supports Netflix streaming from Windows of Mac browsers. A partial option, certainly, but why settle for less?
  • Private Internet Access: A recent thread on the dedicated Netflix Via VPN subreddit (yes, that’s really a thing!) confirmed that the service isn’t working, although the company had previous announced its intention to release thousands of IP addresses in rotation.
  • AceVPN: The reports remain that its servers do not unblock Netflix.
  • IPVanish: According to Reddit threads, this one fell fairly early in the day and lacks some of the heavy-weight tech needed to push past the company’s restrictions.

Why do some VPNs Fix the Netflix Proxy Error and Others Don’t

If you’re of a technical bend, or just curious, you may be wondering how some of the above services manage to get Netflix unblocked while others fail. The answer is multi-factorial, but depends primarily on the number of users attempting to access Netflix from the same server (the more users, the more likely that IP is to raise the company’s suspicions). In truth, Netflix’s anti-VPN efforts can be expected to continue, and any service could be blacklisted at any time. The best way to be sure of finding a reliable VPN that works with Netflix is to search online before choosing one.

What if I want to unblock Netflix while abroad?

VPNs disguise your true location by tunneling your traffic through a server in another country – in this case, one where Netflix content is not blocked. For that reason, so long as you have a VPN that works with Netflix installed on your computer, where you are really physically located is immaterial. Install a VPN to unblock Netflix abroad – even if you are in Germany, you can still watch US Netflix, and Netflix will never know the truth.

Will Netflix work in my country?

Unless they’re explicitly forbidden by law (and there are a handful of these countries with tight restrictions and internet censorship laws), VPNs should work in any county that computers do. And even in countries where they’re banned, the VPN software will probably still work. (Although do you really want to learn the hard way whether that’s the case?)

What about free VPNs? A warning!

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And they’re right! While free VPNs for Netflix hold obvious appeal for those on a tight budget, they have also been implicated on some not-so-nice practices such as reselling user data and tend to be heavy on the advertising. That’s why they are free, they sell your data for a large price and you, the user, has no idea. Most importantly: no Netflix VPN free service exists. A paid VPN that works with Netflix may have a free VPN option, but the free option will not work with Netflix.

How do I make sure the VPN that I purchased unblocks Netflix?

Truthfully, as things can change at any moment, there’s only one way to really find out. When you download a VPN, try one server location. If it isn’t able to unblock Netflix, don’t lose hope just yet. Keep trying available servers that can unblock Netflix. If none of them work, it may be time to move on. (Which is why we recommend VPNs with a money-back guarantee, like ExpressVPN.)

Is What I Am Doing Legal?

This depends on your country’s laws but VPNs are, in fact, legal to use almost worldwide. Accessing Netflix from a country that you’re not really in does violate Netflix’s terms of service, however. If caught, Netflix does reserve the right to pursue legal action against you for piracy.

But keep in mind that it is unlikely you will be caught. It is very difficult to track down VPN users, especially VPN services with no-log policies. Your real IP address is blocked and your data is encrypted, and if you use a reputable VPN company, there’s little to no chance of getting caught unblocking Netflix.

What About Getting a Dedicated IP Address?

More technically savvy users may think that using a dedicated IP address will be a nifty way to get around Netflix’s anti-VPN measures but this is almost certainly not the case. As noted in the Netflix By Proxy subreddit, private users operating dedicated IPs lack commercial operators’ resources to continuously provision new IPs if they are blocked by Netflix. Trying to tackle the might of Netflix with a single dedicated IP address is waging a digital battle of David and Goliath that you’re not going to heroically win.

What About Proxy Services (Like Unblock US)

As unencrypted means of tunneling traffic through servers, proxy services tend to be less sophisticated in their mechanisms than full-fledged VPNs. If one of the above options don’t work, it’s highly unlikely that a simple proxy service will.

What About Using Tor for Netflix Rather Than a VPN

Tor, also known as The Onion Router, is the preferred means of accessing the dark web and uses an extremely secure method of network relays to connect to both conventional and hidden websites. Unfortunately, the connection isn’t likely to be fast enough to stream Netflix. As data travels through various relays, it is encrypted over and over again. While this makes your connection super secure, it slows down your upload/download speeds.

Also to keep in mind – the network’s exit nodes, where it connects to the regular internet, are known by both law enforcement agencies and Netflix, and this is a strategy that is also unlikely to succeed.

What has the timeline been for Netflix blocking?

Netflix has been rapidly cracking down on georestriction circumvention these past two years, and that train isn’t likely to stop until they find a way to make the same content selections available worldwide.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

January 1st, 2016

The word is out – Netflix is out to squash the use of VPNs.

January 22nd, 2016

Netflix begins actively blocking the use of VPNs and SmartDNS services.

January 27th, 2016

Netflix makes US content available in US military bases around the world.

March 7th, 2016

An update from Netflix causes VPNs to stop working with the Android app. Take a deep breath – there’s a workaround.

April 18th, 2016

The CEO of Netflix releases a statement saying that VPN users just don’t make a dent in their profits. Do your happy dance – this means they’re probably not interested in pursuing you.

April 19th, 2016

Netflix cuts off access to more VPNs, angering Canadian users.

June, 2016

Netflix makes another sweeping move against VPNs, banning more IP address and forcing users to find alternatives (don’t worry, everything in this guide still works).

January, 2017

IPVanish is down for the count, and no longer works to unblock Netflix. Sad face.

Getting Netflix Unblocked – Botton Line

Trying to unblock Netflix with a VPN can be a murky endeavor. Your best bet is to use one of the services we have highlighted above to unblock Netflix. For its speed, money-back guarantee, and wide pool of servers, ExpressVPN is our top recommendation.

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