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May 2021 NordPass Review & Deals

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  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

Recommended For

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Works with VPN

NordPass offers users free and premium options, both of which enjoy the exceptional security offered by NordPass’s combination of military-grade encryption and zero-knowledge architecture. Although free users won’t get access to the sharing or syncing features available in NordPass’s premium packages, they will get all the basic functions one would expect from a password manager, including autofill, password generator, and cutting-edge security.

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Things We Like

Cutting-edge security

Robust privacy policy

User-friendly interface

Online set-up guides

Things We Didn't Like

No option to change password generation parameters

Background app required for browser extensions

No live chat support


From the makers of NordVPN, we wouldn’t expect much less than a powerful but easy to use password manager and that’s precisely what they’ve given us. From installation to operation, NordPass is fast and effective regardless of whether you opt for the free browser extension or the fully functional app.

If you choose to go with the free option, you can add the NordPass browser extension either by heading straight to the NordPass website or by visiting your web browser store. Once the extension has been installed, you’ll need to download the accompanying app which takes just a few seconds. Now you’ve got the tools, all you have to do is come up with a memorable yet strong master password.

With your master password in place, NordPass will email you a unique login code that will unlock the power of the password manager and provide you with a recovery code that needs to be stored somewhere safe but, of course, not within NordPass itself. With that last step, you’re ready to rock and roll. You can import login information from a range of sources, including other popular password managers and web browsers. To transfer your logins to NordPass, you’ll first need to export them from their current location which is easy enough as most password managers allow you to export your passwords in a CSV format. Those that use the JSON format instead will require the additional step of using an online file converter to convert to CSV but, again, this is straightforward and takes very little time.

The NordPass user interface is as slick and inviting as one would expect from this cybersecurity software developer. On the left-hand side is a menu listing the different categories of information you can store and protect while the main screen is reserved for listing all your logins, secure notes, and credit cards.

Within the settings menu, users have the option of enabling two-factor authentication, changing the amount of time that passes before NordPass automatically locks, and retrieving a new recovery code. There’s not much to it and even the most technologically challenged users will be able to get to grips with it within a matter of minutes.

Slick, easy, and effective, NordPass can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Even the premium version which includes a couple of additional features is simple to install and easy to operate.


Those of you who are familiar with NordPass’s big brother, NordVPN, will know that this company offers some of the best security, using the latest 256-bit encryption and enhancing it with the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm.

The encryption works like a very advanced key system and only those with the decryption key would, theoretically, be able to access the sensitive data stored within NordPass. Breaking AES 256-bit encryption is virtually impossible and would take, according to NordPass, “billions of years”. Using the XChaCha20 algorithm to encrypt and decrypt your data adds just a little bit more security – in case military-grade encryption wasn’t enough for you!

NordPass operates using zero-knowledge architecture which means that no one at NordPass, or anywhere else for that matter, knows what is stored within your vault. NordPass encrypts all your vault data locally and extends its zero-knowledge architecture to its cloud back-up storage. This makes sharing private data and syncing your passwords across multiple devices extremely secure. It also means that any wily hacker trying to access your information will undoubtedly fail or, if he or she succeeds, will be faced with lines of encrypted gibberish rather than credit card details or secure notes.

Two-factor authentication makes your NordPass account even safer although you will need an authenticator app to activate it. Mobile users can also activate biometric authentication and instruct the app to unlock with a fingerprint rather than a master password which makes logging in faster and is also great for those who struggle to remember passwords… which is presumably why they downloaded NordPass in the first place!

Like NordVPN, NordPass keeps your data safer than houses by using the latest technology, advanced encryption, and zero-knowledge architecture.


With the level of security offered by NordPass, a privacy policy has almost no purpose. After all, it doesn’t matter whether you trust NordPass with your data because you simply don’t have to. The zero-knowledge architecture used by NordPass means that your data is encrypted at device level, so no unencrypted passwords ever reach the NordPass servers. The only real downside to this is that, if you forget your master password and misplace your recovery code, you’ll lose all access to your secure vault.

NordPass does keep some logs but these are intended more for diagnostics rather than tracking or impinging on your privacy. For instance, NordPass states in its privacy policy that the statistical information it collects may include “the number of passwords and secure notes stored, the date when the item was created, how the password was created (e. g. imported, autosaved, created manually), the strength of your passwords in percentage (e. g. 85% of your passwords are very strong), the strength of your master password, the percentage of suggested passwords used, and the number of different folders you have”. As you can see, such information isn’t going to give cybercriminals or government spies a buzz but does mean that NordPass can analyze and improve its service according to how it’s being used.

The use of zero-knowledge architecture is a sign of the times and a password manager that doesn’t employ such security measures isn’t worth considering. NordPass has the advantage of being affiliated with the super-secure, no-logging NordVPN which adds weight to its privacy policy.


We’ve already discussed NordPass’s security features which are equal to any other password manager and the same trend continues as we explore its other features. Although it doesn’t have the range of biometric identifiers offered by some of its rivals, the option to use fingerprint access on its mobile apps is enough to make it competitive in this respect.

At first glance, NordPass only has apps available for Android and iOS mobile devices but this is misleading and, as it’s a primarily web-based app, it’s compatible with all the most popular web browsers and can be utilized on a range of devices, including Android Wear and Linux devices. As a browser extension, NordPass is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera.

Users on the free subscription enjoy many of the same benefits as premium users, including the standard features offered by most password managers, such as:

  • Password generator
  • Autofill and auto-save functions
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Easy import and export tools

That’s not to say that NordPass’s free option doesn’t have its limitations – it does and those using the free service won’t the ability to sync passwords or share credentials with others without potentially exposing them.

There are a couple of features that advanced users may miss, namely being able to change the parameters of your password generator. Some may also find it a little frustrating that a background app is required even if you just want to use a NordPass browser extension.

To be fair, there’s only so much functionality one can expect from a password manager and NordPass offers all the features and tools we would expect to find while enhancing its product with its exceptional security and dedication to user privacy.


NordPass offers users two basic options – either the free browser extension or the fully-fledged password manager. Premium users have three payment options, with the monthly subscription of $4.99 being the most expensive.

The mid-range option comes in the form of a one-year subscription at just $35.88, or $2.99 per month and the cheapest being its two-year subscription which gives users an additional saving of 50c per month, coming in at $2.49 monthly or just under $30 per year.

Few password managers offer this many pricing tiers which gives NordPass the advantage in this category. It also has a seven-day free trial available which is great for those who want to test out its premium option before committing.

Once you’re sure NordPass will meet your password needs, it makes sense to grab the best offer and make a two-year commitment, after all, NordVPN has been around since 2008 and doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

NordPass’s prices are highly competitive, especially when you consider that a single subscription covers six different devices while giving you 30 days in which to cancel and receive a full refund if you’re not happy with the service.


NordPass has an informative online support service with all the usual suspects present, including a troubleshooting section, tutorials to get you up and running, and a range of FAQs dealing with everything from how to enable two-factor authentication to how the autofill function works.

Unfortunately, NordPass has yet to launch a live chat service, which is a shame given how effective NordVPN’s online chat support is, but perhaps this is something we’ll see introduced in the future. NordPass is still the new kid on the block and will hopefully extend its customer support service as it matures. Having said that, few password managers have a live chat service, probably because the software is so simple, few technical issues arise.

NordPass’s online customer support is clearly laid-out and both tutorials and FAQs include a selection of screenshots as well as clear instructions. Further customer support is available on various social media platforms, some of which offer a convenient alternative to the email support option. NordPass is active on both Facebook and Twitter and usually responds to customer queries submitted via these sites within a day. There are also a few instruction videos available on YouTube.

At present, users will have to rely on the email support option instead which is fine, it just tends to take a little longer to get a response. Nevertheless, most queries are dealt with promptly and the responses are both informative and easy to understand.

Those wanting to delve a little deeper into cybersecurity issues including password security can head over to the NordPass blog where there are articles aplenty dealing with topics like how to enjoy Black Friday deals without compromising your online security.


NordPass is simple to set up and its slick, user-friendly interface belies the power of its password protection. The free browser extensions are compatible with all the most popular web browsers and can be installed on almost any device or operating system. The paid subscriptions give users a little more functionality, but the cutting-edge technology responsible for your password security is the same across the board.

With all the standard features we’d expect to find in a password management tool, NordPass makes it possible for all its users to auto-fill online forms, generate unique passwords, save credit card details and secure notes as well as login information, and enable two-factor authentication. Premium users get the added benefits of sharing their sensitive information with others and syncing passwords across up to six devices.

Although NordPass doesn’t have the same comprehensive customer support as NordVPN, what it does offer is standard among password managers in general and gives users as much support as is necessary for a comparatively simple piece of software. Users can also adjust settings, although NordPass doesn’t give them the option of changing their password generation parameters which some leading password managers do.

Despite that, there are few features or functions that most of us need in a password manager that NordPass doesn’t offer and its competitive pricing plans make it excellent value for money. Better still, you get both a seven-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s plenty of opportunity to test it out before you buy.

From the makers of NordVPN, we would expect nothing less than the best and, at the end of this review, we’re confident that NordPass meets, or even exceeds, those expectations.

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