SurfEasy vs ZenMate - Comparing Performance, Speed, Prices

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If you feel your identity is exposed online, a VPN can help you protect your privacy and access more content than ever! Read our VPN comparison to see who wins: SurfEasy, or ZenMate!

Most people use the internet for a variety of reasons, from entertainment to business. Being online allows us to connect with others, purchase products and services, and view new and exciting content. However, sometimes being online is accompanied by limitations as well as risks. To get around these difficulties, VPNs offer a secure and anonymous connection that blocks out prying eyes and circumvents geo-restrictions on websites and content.

SurfEasy and ZenMate are two-well known VPN providers, and today our tech experts are taking a look under their hoods in our VPN comparison. We compared both services across a variety of categories and came away with some surprising results. Read on to see which VPN service came out on top!

How We Compare VPN Services

Our team considers several aspects of every VPN we examine to gain the clearest picture possible. This includes scrutinizing performance, access to streaming services, pricing, security, and other key VPN features.


We first compare VPN providers on how well they allow users to connect in several ways including server locations, simultaneous connections, and available operating systems. SurfEasy offers a more transparent list of their available connections, with 500 servers in over 28 countries. ZenMate lists 30 servers in 30 locations. Both are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Amazon devices and each provider offers 5 simultaneous connections.


Available Streaming Services. A VPN service enables users to access geo-restricted streaming content from popular services. ZenMate supports these needs by opening access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Channel4, and other services. SurfEasy, unfortunately, has reported issues with connecting to geo-restricted streaming services.

DNS Leak Protection. This is a key feature to ensure that every connection you have is perfectly safe from any possible breaches. SurfEasy offers leak prevention, but ZenMate makes no mention of it in any of their services.

Torrent Downloads. Some users value the ability to safely download torrents with a VPN service. SurfEasy offers anonymous torrenting and great speeds while ZenMate’s service does not support torrenting, unfortunately.

Protocols. Companies use different encryption protocols to boost their security and offer better connection speeds. ZenMate opts for a lighter AES-128 bit encryption that offers better speeds, but not the highest encryption possible. SurfEasy uses the industry-standard OpenVPN with an AES-256 bit encryption that is more robust, but may sometimes slow down certain connections.

Money Back Guarantee. Having a risk-free way to try out a company’s services is a great benefit. SurfEasy offers a refund policy though only for 7 days whereas ZenMate is accompanied by the more standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

Kill Switch. If your secure connection momentarily becomes slow or even freezes, a kill switch will terminate it to ensure your browsing is kept safe. ZenMate provides clients with this valuable function, placing it ahead of SurfEasy in this category.

Zero-Log Policy. VPN companies should be transparent about any data they collect, and the most secure ones do not track users at all or their browsing habits. We were happy to see that both providers presented clear zero-log policies.

Security and Privacy

Encryption is the key part of any VPN service as it ensures users’ privacy and anonymity. SurfEasy relies on well-known protocols including OpenVPN, which is known for its overall reliability. By comparison, ZenMate utilizes a less robust encryption though it does boost connection speeds. We were also happy to see both providers clearly state how they protect users’ data privacy from prying eyes.

Customer Service

We also compare VPN services based on their accessibility when users arrive with any issue from a minor question to a major emergency. ZenMate only provides an e-form, which can be problematic in a crisis, though their responses were usually timely. SurfEasy makes phone support available in the US, UK, and Canada, though no live chat feature is hosted on the website. Representatives for both companies answered in a timely fashion and did their best to solve any issues.


ZenMate has three payment plans to offer its potential clients, which include 1 month at $8.99, 6 months at $7.49 a month, or $4.99 per month if you subscribe for a full year. The company also offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. ZenMate offers users a free version BUT with speed, platform, and server location limitations.

SurfEasy offers their Basic and Premium plans for monthly or yearly subscriptions. The 1-month plans cost $4.99 and $11.99, respectively, while the yearly plans cost either $3.99 a month or $6.49 a month. One area that could use some improvement is the company’s shorter 7-day money-back guarantee which is near the lower end of the industry spectrum. SurfEasy also offers a free version but you are limited to 500MB/month. The paid version has no bandwidth caps. If you are going to be using a VPN often, you don’t want any kind of limitation.

SurfEasy vs. ZenMate, Who Wins?

Overall our experts were evenly split in this VPN services comparison. Both companies offer distinct advantages for their users, and we were unable to declare a clear winner. Users who prefer stronger encryption may opt for SurfEasy, which also rated highly for torrent downloads. On the other hand, users who favor streaming and kill switch functionality for handling sensitive work may find ZenMate to be a better overall solution. The company also stands out for its ease of use, and great subscription options which set it apart from the competition. Learn more about our featured VPNs on our list and let us know if there are two providers you’d like us to compare!

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