Surfshark Review 2018

March 2020 Surfshark Review & Deals
Surfshark is a new entrant to the market of VPNs and an exceedingly competitive one at that. The product that this new start-up has created is extremely competent and capable. The company has invested heavily in its hardware so that it can offer a large number of servers to its customers that are located in various locations around the globe.

The result is a reliable connection every time a customer wants and needs to create a VPN with Surfshark as its provider. Other huge plus points to Surfshark are its zero-logging policy as well as the state of the art encryption techniques that it employs to keep its customers safe and secure – in addition to many other security features.

Surfshark offers its customers unlimited connections with just one subscription package. This means that its customers can use its VPN software across all devices under one household roof.  

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Compatible With

  • Amazon
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

Recommended For

  • Large Network Policy
  • No Logs Policy
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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$11.95 /mo
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Over 500 Servers
  • No Log Policy
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$5.99 /mo
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Over 500 Servers
  • No Log Policy
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$1.99 /mo
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Over 500 Servers
  • No Log Policy
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Things We Like

Military grade encryption techniques

OpenVPN protocols

Supports P2P or torrenting

Round the clock customer service

No logs policy

Vast network

Things We Didn't Like

No free trial

Small server network


It is hard to find fault with Surfshark’s interface in terms of ease of use and installation. It is quick and straightforward to download onto systems and devices from the start with easy to follow instructions so that even total novices will be able to install the Surfshark Software.

Once installed, the simple look to the navigation pane continues to allow users an uncomplicated service. Customers, therefore, can enjoy a strong and quick connection to a server in one of the many locations that Surfshark has its larger network.

To do so, all that is required is for a customer to choose what location they want from a drop-down menu. To cease the connection, there is an obvious disconnect button.

Those that like to personalize and customize their VPNs may not like the fuss-free approach that Surfshark has taken, but many will find using a Surfshark VPN a clear process.


For a start up company, Surfshark offers connection speeds that are comparable with even the most established of their competitors. What is even more encouraging to see is that these connection speeds went on to remain high regardless of where that server was.

Some may well argue that this is down to the fact that as a start up, the company does not have the audience numbers yet to crowd their networks. However, they obviously have the infrastructure in place to cope as and when those numbers increase.

Better still is that the connection speeds that we saw did not decrease throughout usage and little to no connection drop outs were experienced. This reliability is a key characteristic for a VPN provider to have – in any stage of its development, let alone as a start up. It means that even users who want VPN software that allows them to watch unrestricted HD content from across the globe can do so. Finally, Surfshark remains one of the few VPN providers that allow users to access the increasingly VPN wary Netflix and Hulu.

Specifically, Surfshark returns these speeds:


Ping: 113 ms

Download: 34.47 Mbps

Upload: 29.44 Mbps


Ping: 279 ms

Download: 47.79 Mbps

Upload: 8.01 Mbps


Ping: 339 ms

Download: 30.94 Mbps

Upload: 4.03 Mbps


Given that privacy is such a key topic for VPN customers, it is reassuring to see that Surfshark has adopted an approach that is far more customer friendly than other start ups would. It is apparent that maintaining user anonymity is paramount to the company which is reflected in the security methods that the firm employs.

It makes the VPNs and the connection that they provide very difficult for hackers to infiltrate leaving user systems and personal data safe from prying eyes.

For starters, Surfshark has employed the use of an OpenVPN protocol alongside an IKEv2 protocol to keep users safe. Furthermore, the AES 256 bit encryption is a military grade technique that even the US government uses to protect its systems. This trio of methods make Surfshark VPNs ideal to use when connected to the internet through public wifi that has absolutely no security in place for users.

The no logs policy that Surfshark has adopted is also encouraging and an attractive feature, especially for customers concerned with not having their online activity recorded anywhere. This does not necessarily mean that Surfshark users employ a Surfshark VPN for illegal purposes, simply that privacy remains paramount to some even when online.

The company has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands so that it is not mandated to keep any logs by law either.

The company now also has a kill switch feature in place which was not the case initially. A kill switch feature is imperative as it automatically cuts any internet connection should the VPN connection itself drop for any reason. It means that users will never reveal their identity or location if an unfortunate drop in VPN connection occurs.

The only drawback that we could see to Surfshark’s approach to privacy was its use of static IP addresses. This means that every time a user connects to a certain server, the IP address that they are consequently provided with remains the same. Ideally, an IP address should be different each time.


Surfshark certainly packs in a great deal of features that make it a very useful piece of software. For starters, the fact that it has such a vast network of servers is fantastic so that a connection can be made in any corner of the globe. Plus, the company has made a concerted effort to place those servers in strategic locations for the most effective and efficient capability for its users. The result is that users can create a VPN with a server based in Iceland or other lesser well known places as well as the usual collection of servers in bigger countries like the States.

However, all that being said, the feature that really sets Surfshark apart from all other competitors is its unlimited connections across devices. At most, they are amongst only a handful of other VPN providers who offer this service. Along with these unlimited connections is the added benefit that those connections are for unlimited bandwidth too so customers can use the internet as freely as they possibly can.

Better yet, Surfshark allows unlimited, simultaneous connections and offers unlimited speed and bandwidth, as well as server switching. This is perfect for streaming content with a consistent and reliable connection. Its  servers allow for torrenting, which is excellent for P2P file sharing.


Even without the discounts that Surfshark routinely offer, the company’s prices for its subscription plans are very competitive when compared to other VPN providers on the market. All the above features are provided across all their subscription plans as standard too so users do not have to sign up to a premium plan to gain access to them. The choice that the company offers comes from the variance in price for the longevity of the subscription plan a customer wants. The result is that those who sign up for two years at a time have a service that is heavily discounted in comparison to those that sign up for just a month.

The company now also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as a comfort to new customers as well as offering a handful of methods to pay. This means that while customers can pay on standard and well-known credit cards like a Visa, they can also pay with AliPay or even some cryptocurrencies.


To be a reputable VPN provider, a company needs to provide around the clock support for customers. In doing so, it means that customers can have their queries and problems resolved there and then which is often imperative when using the internet to gain access to online content. By providing 24/7 support, customers that want to watch their favorite box set can do so – as and when they please. They will do so without fear that any issues that may crop up stop them in their tracks until their VPN provider’s support line is open again.

This support comes in the guise of a live chat feature, but there is also a FAQ page that can help customers. While the FAQ page is perhaps not as extensive as other providers, it does answer essential points as well as making finding answers that bit easier. Some of the more comprehensive FAQ pages on competitor websites are actually too overwhelming for use at times.

Bottom Line

Surfshark is not yet a market leader given that it is only just establishing itself on the VPN market. However, it is not impossible to see it become a VPN provider that is commonly signed up to by many a potential customer. This is down to its wide range of features as well as the ease of use that sets it apart from many other providers. Plus, the company gets so many of the basics right. It has invested heavily in its infrastructure so that it can respond to any surge in customer demand as well as having the ability to provide a reliable and consistent connection at all times. And, of course, there is that important feature of allowing customers an unlimited amount of those connections too.

Other fundamentals that it has got right are its encryption techniques that assure users of a safe and secure connection every time they connect to a Surfshark server. This security is further assured through the no logs policy that the company employs, keeping its users’ online activity a total secret, even to the company itself. Finally, the wide network means that so much of the internet’s restricted content is unblocked and accessible to Surfshark customers, wherever they are in the world.