TotalAV Antivirus Review 2017

Summary: While one of the more recent antivirus programs to hit the shelves, TotalAV antivirus has quickly become one of the premier options on the market. We recommend TotalAV as an antivirus solution for those who want straight forward detection and removal tools, but don’t need all the extra trimmings.

totalav antivirus review

TotalAV Antivirus Review – The Pros & Cons

TotalAV is one of the newer antivirus providers on the block, having only come into existence in 2016. Despite its relative lack of time on the market compared to more established names such as Norton and Kaspersky, TotalAV is highly recommended as the go-to antivirus solution for those requiring easy-to-use detection and removal tools, but less of the bells and whistles (such as anti-phishing tools) that some of the more established providers offer. This TotalAV antivirus review will assess how the solution fares against the competition.

  • Clean user interface
  • Good antivirus protection
  • 24/7 support

  • Free version is extremely limited
  • Firewall and parental controls haven’t been rolled out yet
  • Hasn’t been independently benchmarked yet

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TotalAV Pricing

TotalAV Complete Protection, which covers up to three devices, is currently available at the discounted price of $19.00/year (regular retail price: $99). The system supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. While this may seem cheap compared to some alternatives (Norton’s Security Deluxe package for example, which covers up to five devices, is priced at $89.99/year) given the fact that some important components have yet to be formally rolled out (including the firewall manager and system optimization tool), we should point out that this is less of a great deal than it might at first seem.

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The company does, however, offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Considering the fact that it does not currently offer shorter monthly or quarterly subscription options, this is particularly important to give users peace of mind about trying an antivirus that they will probably not have heard about before. In addition, the company offers a free download.

TotalAV Virus, Spyware, and Malware Protection

 TotalAV antivirus Complete Protection program offers both a quick scan and a more thorough system scan, although the latter is only available on the premium version of the product. The quick scan was relatively quick and after just a few minutes’ scanning some system issues were identified by the program. Free users, however, are forwarded to a payment gateway if they click the ’fix issues’ dialog that is available after the scan has detected potential problems. Not being able to even quarantine viruses is a definite strike against the free version in this TotalAV antivirus review, and means that it is practically useless for those looking to properly secure their systems. Competitor alternatives that do offer this functionality can also be found in abundance.

Real time protection is another feature that is only offered on the paid version. This feature provides 24/7 protection against emerging malware and viruses and is a must for those requiring the most robust protection possible.

Total AV Review

Because TotalAV remains a relatively new solution, it has not formally tested by any of the independent antivirus testing laboratories so it’s not yet possible to know how well its definitions database stack up to those of competitors. The company is currently licensing the antivirus engine from Avira, however, so its reviews should be indicative of TotalAV’s performance. Additionally, third-party reviews for popular tech websites have commented favorably on its detection of test viruses with PCMag rating its malware-detection abilities at 7.7/10.

TotalAV review - smart scan in progress

TotalAV review - Scan results

For those concerned with privacy, TotalAV operates a proprietary VPN network which is included in the premium package. Information beyond the protocol that is uses; however, remains extremely limited. Those with a serious need for a powerful VPN would therefore be best advised to look for a standalone solution. Finally, the premium version includes a password vault for managing passwords. It is, however, a static storage area and does not sync across multiple devices. Again, users needing this functionality would be better served by using a dedicated solution such as LastPass that can sync across devices.

TotalAV Antivirus Firewall Protection

TotalAV antivirus does not currently include separate firewall protection, parental controls, a system performance optimizer, or backups. As of the time of writing, its website lists these important features as ‘coming soon.’ Users will therefore have to make do with the built-in firewall that comes pre-installed with their system, such as Windows Firewall. While this will ensure adequate protection for most users’ needs, dedicated firewall programs offer more advanced configurations and are a better choice for those that require protection while operating more advanced networking setups such as home port forwarding.

Is TotalAV Setup Easy?

Compared to alternative solutions, the setup process felt a little clunky.  We timed setup of the premium version at eight minutes on our test machine, which included updating the antivirus database. For the free version, the process is easier, but users are still prompted to fill out a registration form in order to begin using the software – a definite turn-off for privacy buffs.

totalav review - Free version activation confirmation

totalav review - Free version prompting for registration

total av review - Installation in progress

TotalAV User Interface

The product scores top marks for its clean and simple user interface which makes accessing the software’s key areas quick and easy. After concluding the system scan, users are easily able to call up specific details to get more information about the detected threats (many of those found on our test machine, however, were normal Internet Explorer cookies). In addition, once the program is running, it can be minimized to the background and called up from the notification area, if required.

totalav Task manager

Both the background process and user area are also extremely light on system resources. On our test machine, TotalAV antivirus consumed only 2.7 MB of system memory while operating in the background.

TotalAV Support

The company offers good support for its products which includes an online self-service help center, 24/7 live chat, email support, and phone support (the last two, however, are not available to free users). The live chat representative we tested was courteous and dealt with our query quickly and efficiently. Overall, the support is better than most on the market and is hard to find fault with.

Should You Choose TotalAV Antivirus Software?

TotalAV is a good option for an antivirus provider, although users will have to purchase the premium version to get even basic detection and removal functionalities. Its strong suit is currently its user interface which we found both intuitive and fast. In addition, the system performed well on our test hardware and the system overhead of both the user area and background processes were minimal. The product remains in an early stage of development, however, and several important functionalities such as a dedicated firewall manager and parental control options have not yet been implemented. We will update this TotalAV antivirus review as the software continues to upgrade.

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