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Traveling abroad? Get a VPN to save money

Last updated on May 12, 2020

Why Hotspot Shield Is A Great VPN For Traveling

If you want to stay safe and secure on the internet as well as unblocking a whole load of restricted online content, you need to be using a VPN. This is the case if you are at home or work using secured networks, but even more imperative if you are away traveling abroad. There is simply no better way to ensure that all your sensitive data stays known only to you and the people with which you choose to share it. If you are still not convinced, here are all the ways a VPN, like the fantastic free one offered by Hotspot Shield, can benefit you:

Reasons Why To Use A VPN While Traveling:

Protects From Online Identity Theft

We have probably all heard about some case or other of online identity theft or already been a victim of it. Sadly, this type of crime is becoming more and more prevalent due to the increased use of computers and mobile devices with internet connections. A VPN can prevent you from being a victim or such a crime when you are abroad by securing your connection through an encrypted tunnel while also providing you with a new IP address. Both these steps are key to keeping you safe online as encryption stops your data from being read by those it was not intended for, while an IP address means that you cannot be traced or tracked.

Safely Use Credit Card On Public Wifi

When we are away traveling, we may still have to purchase goods and services online with a credit card. A VPN from Hotspot Shield provides the ultimate secure way to use a credit card to make online purchases as it means that hackers cannot infiltrate your connection to read your card details. Therefore, if you are having to make last minute travel arrangements on your mobile phone or tablet, you can still do so with the peace of mind that no criminal is watching.

Delivers English Sites Even When Traveling A Country With Different Language

While many people use VPNs to stay safe online, there are other benefits too. One, is that your provider will automatically find your sites in your language due to the technology it employs. This is because you can connect to one of Hotspot Shield’s servers in the US or your native country which automatically means that internet browsers return websites in that country’s language.

Gives Access To Sites That Are Blocked In Certain Countries Such As Netflix

Just because you are away traveling, does not mean that you do not want to stay up to date with your latest TV shows or movies. Often, however, those shows are only available to view online in certain countries where the licensing laws allow it. Or, perhaps, those shows may be blocked by censorship laws in the country you have traveled to or deemed as illegal content. A VPN allows you to circumvent all those restrictions as the provision of a new IP address masks your true location so that you can access blocked content as if you were in your home country.

Protection From Having Online Activities From Being Sold By ISP Provider

Our internet service providers can track our online activity with ease. It means that they actually have access to a huge amount of marketing data that some firms happily pay a great deal of money to see. A VPN from Hotspot Shield stops that as it makes your online activity completely unreadable to your ISP as well as untraceable. It means that you are not susceptible to online marketing campaigns or otherwise which can be the result of having your online activity information sold by your internet service provider.

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