Trying to Find an Old Friend? Here Are 5 Tips

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We all have good intentions about keeping in contact with our high school and college classmates. Each one of us thinks that we’ll always be friends, but somehow inevitably we lose touch over the years. Research has found that while the average 25-year-old guy is in touch with 19 friends, by the time he reaches 40 he’ll only be in touch with 12 of them.

Years later you might want to get back in touch, but then you can’t find them! You try tools to find old friends online for free like Google search and hunt for them on Facebook and LinkedIn, but you’re not getting any matches. You just have one option left for how to find old friends online – to use a background check.

What a Background Check Will Show You about People You Know

If you’re wondering how to find old friends online when all you know is their maiden name and town of origin, background checks can help. You only need a partial name and location or an old phone number to run a background check on an old friend. Unlike tools to find old friends online for free, a paid background check will show you:

  • All their addresses (so you can be sure it’s the same George Brown who lived down the block)
  • Social media profiles and photos (so you can see that it really is him!)
  • Phone numbers and email addresses so you can get back in contact
  • Known relatives
  • Criminal and arrest records (you might decide that actually, you don’t want to get back in touch after all)

The Best Background Check Websites to Help You Find Old Friends

Paid background check websites are always more effective than tools to find old friends online for free, but you want to be sure to use the best. Here’s what we look for in the best background search companies:

  • Plenty of search options including reverse phone lookup and email address search
  • Accurate and reliable information
  • Mobile apps and an easy to use website
  • Clear, easy-to-read reports
  • Good customer support

Discover our recommendations for the best background check sites for finding old friends.


BeenVerified covers all you need to know to find your old college or high school besties. A basic search report will tell you their full name and aliases, in case your old friend has changed her name a few times since school. It also shows current and previous addresses, all their phone numbers and email addresses, and even photos from social media profiles so that you can see if you still recognize him or her.

You can search by name, email address, or phone number on the BeenVerified website or Android/iOS mobile app. BeenVerified’s reports are reliably accurate and the website is easy to use.

If you want to dig up more dirt before getting in touch, you can upgrade to a premium report or read our full Beenverified review.

  • 1 month: $22.86
  • 3 months: $44.58for unlimited searches


Intelius provides very accurate information in a clear and easy-to-read report about your old college crush or high school fling. You can run a check through Intelius using just their name and location, a phone number or email address, or a full street address. Intelius lets you choose between a full background check, simple people search, social media profiles search, reverse phone or email lookup, or a criminal records search.

You can learn a lot about your old sweetheart through Intelius’ background search, including if he or she’s acquired a criminal record, been married or divorced, involved in lawsuits, or gone bankrupt as well as finding all of their accurate contact information.

Intelius has a mobile app for both Android and iOS and customer support through phone, email, or the troubleshooting center.

For a full Intelius review click here

1 month $19.95
Single report $19.95 to $49.95
24-hour unlimited search pass $19.95



TruthFinder’s basic level background search delivers all you need to know to track down your old friends using their name, phone number, email address, or full street address. It includes their accurate current and previous names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses as well as the truth about their criminal records and traffic offenses. TruthFinder offers a deep web dive to hunt down your old friend’s social media profiles and internet traces too.

If you still want more information you can pay for a Premium report that tells you about his or her weapons’ permits, hunting and fishing licenses, professional licenses and more.

TruthFinder’s customer support is there 24/7 via email and phone, alongside an extensive FAQ and troubleshooting section. You can use TruthFinder online or via an Android-only app.

For a full TruthFinder review click here

1 month $27.78
3 months $69.07
Reverse phone lookup plan under $2 per month



With InstantCheckmate you can search by full or partial name and location to find out your old friend’s up to date contact information and personal information, marriage and divorce history, criminal records and social media profiles. It’s all neatly laid out in a clear report.

If you want to know about weapons permits, professional licenses, bankruptcies, or court judgments you’ll need to pay for a premium report. InstantCheckmate is accessible via the Android app or their website, with 24/7 customer support through phone and email.

Read our fill Checkmate review for more information.

1 month $34.78
3 months $83.47
Premium report upgrade $19.99 per report



5 Additional Strategies for Finding Long Lost Friends

If you’re determined to find someone that you’re no longer in touch with, there are a number of strategies you can take to track them down:

#1: Use Your Existing Social Network

Most people are in the habit of accepting anyone they have ever known as a friend on social media networks like Facebook. Accessing your extended network’s extended network creates a great opportunity for you to find long-lost buddies. Don’t be shy about contacting common social references and asking them if they have any information that might be valuable.

#2: Search Social Media Accounts

Even if no one from your personal network has any information, the simple search features within social media sites can be of great value. Services like Facebook encourage people to make connections, making it easy to put someone’s name into the search bar and return results.

#3: Contact Alumni Associations

If you are looking for someone that you know from an institution such as a university or high school, it’s worth checking with its alumni association for any leads. Sometimes even people who are completely lost to your social circles will remain in contact with the institution.

It’s possible to try doing this if you know where someone went to school – even if you didn’t attend the institution yourself. However, universities are not always willing to share information with non-alumni members, so it’s not a realistic source in all circumstances.

#4: Do a Basic Web Search

The internet is a huge repository of records and name mentions. Going to a trusted search engine like Google and inputting someone’s name is almost certain to return some kind of a result. Even if what you uncover isn’t enough to actually find or contact someone, it will often give you a tidbit or two that can be used to launch a deeper search.

#5: Check the Obituaries

If you spend an extensive amount of time searching and still aren’t able to find someone, it’s, unfortunately, possible that they’ve passed away. Although this is a difficult proposition to stomach, having closure about a long-lost friend can sometimes be cathartic.

Find Old Friends with an Online Background Check

With the power of an online background check to find your old friends, there’s nothing to wait for. Get back in touch with your high school or colleges besties now with an online background check.

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