How to Unblock and Watch Glow Online Anywhere

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Summary: 1980’s ladies only wrestling is coming back to Netflix. The 80’s inspired series Glow is coming back for a season 2. If you missed season one or have trouble accessing season 2 because you are abroad, you may need a VPN to get around some of these geo restrictions. Sign up for our best option, ExpressVPN to gain access to binge watch Glow today!

Inspired by the real life 1980s trend of ladies-only wrestling, Glow is coming back for a second season! Co-produced by the same people who produced OITNB, the new season is set to release mid 2018. The show is about the adventures of an out-of-work actress who turns to televised women wrestling to rescue her career- alongside other female Hollywood misfits. An up and coming comedy, Netflix is keeping the show on past the first season because viewers and critics couldn’t get enough.

If you’re trying to access Glow season 2 while abroad, you may run into some geo blocking trouble.

How to Watch Glow Season 2 Online

Netflix has to follow geo restrictions put in place for copyright purposes. That means that if you are trying to watch a show airing in the US while abroad, your access will be denied. To maneuver around the restrictions to access American Netflix abroad, you need a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN will hide your real location and show only the one you selected through their software.

In as easy as a few steps, you can gain access to online streaming content and watch Glow Season 2!

  1. Select and download your VPN software.
  2. Choose a serve located in the US
  3. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Choosing the Right VPN to Stream Glow Season 2 Online

Finding the right VPN could take some time and resources so it’s important to know what to look for. We’ve got you covered though, with our selection of some of your best options.

#1 ExpressVPN

Our recommended option for unblocking geo-restricted content, ExpressVPN has an easy-to use interface and handy customer service representatives to answer your questions. With a wide selection of servers located worldwide, you are sure to get around your location problem. Their high speed and reliable connections easily make them your best choice. Make the best choice and select ExpressVPN to stream Glow Season 2 online today.

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#2 NordVPN 

Our second option for access to Glow Season 2 stream is NordVPN. They have high speed and reliable connections in servers located around the globe. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can try it for free. They have great customer service; a user-friendly interface and they are a great follow up choice for streaming otherwise blocked content online.

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#3 PrivateVPN

This is another great option for unlocking Glow Season 2. Not far behind its competition, PrivateVPN has the ability to change your location with their servers all around the globe. Great customer service reps are there to help along the way to endure you an optimized experience. Don’t miss out on the new season and sign up.

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Watch Season 2 of Glow on Netflix

Glow Season 2 is set for an explosive premiere from the cliffhanger of the last season. Big hair, lots of hairspray, and tough attitudes for the new season and we recommend ExpressVPN for your accessing needs. Don’t be the only one left out, download a reliable VPN and gain access already – you won’t want to miss it.

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