FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming with a VPN

Summary: FIFA World Cup live streaming is difficult without of the use of a VPN service, despite the sheer amount of games on offer during the biggest football tournament in the world. We’ll take you through everything there is to know about watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup for free using live streaming with a VPN.

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Watch World Cup Live Online with a VPN

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When is the FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup is back in the summer of 2018, with qualifiers already underway. The biggest football tournament always manages to catch the attention of millions across the globe, as nations compete for a chance to be crowned as the best in the world.

More than just a tournament, it’s a chance to see the very best football that the world has to offer, while TV advertising revenue has finally taken over the Super Bowl. For lots of supporters worldwide, the TV is the closest they’re going to get to the action.

As hosts, Russia will have the eyes of the world watching when the finals begin in August. However, it’s not the most appealing location for travelling fans, especially when you can stream every game from the comfort of your home.

The 2018 tournament runs from the 14th June to 15th July.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Streaming Channels

FIFA have sold the broadcasting rights to 78 countries worldwide, from Albania to Venezuela. However, while some are free to view, others are hidden behind paywalls. The majority are restricted by location, so a VPN is the best way to get all of the action.

We’ll list the most popular broadcasters below, who have the best pundits ready for when the action kicks off. If you’re planning to watch the World Cup live online with a VPN, you’ll need to pick a broadcaster too.

Here’s a list of the channels and locations that are showing the 2018 World Cup finals, as well as the qualifying games:

  • USA: Fox, Telemundo
  • Canada: CTV, RDS, TSN
  • UK: Sky Go UK, Now TV, BBC (free), ITV (free)
  • Australia: SBS (free)
  • Middle East: beIN Sports

How to Watch FIFA World Cup Live from Anywhere

A handful of the channels listed above will be showing games for free, but most are hidden behind some sort of paywall. (Even the ones that are free-to-air are generally public service broadcasters like the BBC, subsidized by UK taxpayers.)

Worse still, if you’re not from the country that’s showing the broadcast, you won’t be able to access the footage via normal means. A VPN can be used to change your country of origin, which allows the user to gain access to any content that would usually be region locked.

Accessing geo-blocked content is often the best way to watch World Cup live streaming, so it’s important to pick a VPN with great speeds for streaming, as well as a reliable service to ensure no disconnections during extra-time.

Unless you live in China or (ironically) Russia, you’re free to use a VPN with no chance of getting in any trouble with the law.

The VPN works by setting up a network between your device and the internet. The user than picks from a list of servers located worldwide, gaining an IP address from the location they previously chose. (For example, a British IP address and connection can be used to watch BBC and ITV via their apps, or directly from their websites.)

So a VPN can be used as a key to access World Cup live streaming, as long as you have an idea of which broadcaster you’re going to use to watch the content.

On that note, here’s our pick of the best VPNs for streaming live FIFA World Cup games. Each has unlimited bandwidth and they keep no user logs, with servers that can get you access to countries around the world.

#1 ExpressVPN for FIFA World Cup 2018 Streaming

Speed defines the ExpressVPN service, as they aim to provide the quickest possible VPN connection for their users. There’s no chance of a disconnection on their servers, with over 145 locations to pick from in 94 countries. In terms of World Cup live streaming, they have multiple server locations in the US, UK and Australia where you can grab a foreign IP address.

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs on the market, and it’s our top pick for streaming sports. It’s relatively pricy, but it’s worth the money thanks to the overall speed and reliability.

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#2 NordVPN for FIFA World Cup 2018 Streaming

If you want the best balance of security and reliability, NordVPN has you covered. Their VPN has some of the best encryption on the market, and they can be trusted to keep no logs of your personal data.

However, they don’t have the most VPN server locations in the UK, so there could be some slowdown if other users decide to use the same ones to access content while you’re trying to watch the World Cup live. While it can’t compare to a dedicated speedster like ExpressVPN, it’s a solid service with a lot going for it.

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#3 PrivateVPN for FIFA World Cup 2018 Streaming

PrivateVPN isn’t the best known VPN provider, although they’re able to mix it with the big dogs on most fronts. The main issue is that they’re relatively expensive, making it harder to justify choosing their VPN over others we’ve mentioned.

For FIFA World Cup streaming, PrivateVPN has a number of servers in over 55 countries. This includes Australia, the US, the UK and Canada. There’s lots of choice, but it might not be enough to make them stand out from the crowd.

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#4 IPVanish for FIFA World Cup 2018 Streaming

Lastly, we have IPVanish. They offer great streaming speeds at a decent price, although they can be unstable at times of high stress. In their defense, IPVanish is unlikely to let you down, and they have a seven-day return policy if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Their servers are located across the world, with over 850 server locations in 60+ countries across the globe. With that much choice, you’re always likely to find the best one for your needs.

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How to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 Live with a VPN

If you’ve decided to watch the World Cup live streaming with a VPN, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s not too difficult to set up.

We’ve chosen the UK as our point of reference for this step-by-step side to getting started.

UK broadcasts are free-to-air and they run 24/7, so you’ll be able to try the steps below at any time to make sure it works.

1. Sign up with the VPN provider of your choosing.
2. Download the app or client for the device you want to watch with.
3. Open the Client or app, enter your details and sign in.
4. You’ll now be prompted to pick a server location. Select one in the UK, preferably with the lowest ping possible.
5. Now you’ll be ready to access the website or app from the broadcaster you’d like to watch. Open their website, (eg: and sign up if you don’t have an account.
6. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be free to access their live content, as well as previous broadcasts on demand.
7. If you get a message that says ‘BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK’, disconnect and reconnect to your VPN. You may have to change to another UK server. This is because the BBC has been working to eliminate the use of VPNs by banning known IP addresses.

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Live Stream: October 2017

The latest round of action sees games featuring the biggest sides in Europe and South America.

European World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

Group A

There are still two games left for teams in Europe, with few countries feeling the pressure as keenly as Holland. The Netherlands lie in third, three points behind Sweden. With France seemingly out of sight, it’s down to Sweden to see off Luxembourg. Afterwards, it could all come down to a meeting between the Netherlands and Sweden in their final match of the group on 10th October.

Group B

Switzerland and Portugal sit atop Group B, with Portugal 11 points clear from Hungary in third. Once again, fate has conspired to make the top two duke it out in their final group game, as the Swiss and Portugal meet on 10th October.

Group C

Germany have easily outclassed all comers, lying undefeated after eight games. Northern Ireland are five points behind, and the two sides are clear of the chasing pack. The Irish have 19 points, which could be enough to advance as the best runners-up.

Group D

Serbia appear to have done enough to win their group, barring a late challenge from Wales or the Republic of Ireland. The Serbs face Austria and Georgia in their remaining games, and they’ll be expected to register wins against each. On 14 and 13 points respectively, it could be the end for Wales and the Republic.

Group E

Group E is tighter than most, with just three points separating leaders Poland from Montenegro and Denmark. It still hangs in the balance, as Poland face Montenegro in their final match, while Denmark also have to travel to the Black Mountain. Either of the three could prevail, and it’s too close to call.

Group F

A win over Malta in the previous round means that England have all but qualified for the finals. The similarly named duo of Slovakia and Slovenia are leading the race for second, with Scotland not far behind. The Scots face both Slovakia and Slovenia. They need wins against both to have any chance of qualifying.

Group G

As expected, Spain and Italy lead the group by a fair margin. Spain are first, while Italy are safe with 19 points. Both will qualify as things stand, and they don’t have to play each other again.

Group H

Belgium have had no trouble taking control of their group, undefeated in their charge to the top with 22 points. Bosnia-Herzegovina are a distant second, unable to catch up with 14 points. Worse still for the Bosnians, they need a result against Belgium on the 7th October to keep up their faint hopes of qualification.

Group I

Croatia, Iceland, Turkey and Ukraine are deadlocked, in perhaps the most enthralling of the remaining groups. The Croatians are tied on 16 points with surprise package Iceland, while Turkey and the Ukraine are just two points behind. Each have one game left to play against another.
Rest of World

Of the best of the rest, Brazil have been dominant in their surge to qualification from their region, joining Iran, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Russia and Mexico.

The two-legged Play-Offs are scheduled for next month. The first leg takes place between 9-11 November 2017, with the second taking place a few days after.
FIFA World Cup Live Streaming
Whether you’ll be supporting your home nation, a tournament favourite, or an outsider, it’s easy to keep up with the World Cup when you use a VPN.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online

If you want to watch the World Cup online, free services are few and far between. A VPN will get you past any restrictions, but the best VPN services will ensure smooth connections and reliability. It’s better than advert-heavy and sometimes malicious free streaming websites. Our recommended service for high quality FIFA World Cup live streaming is ExpressVPN.

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