Watch Suits for Free With a VPN

How to Watch Suits for Free With a VPN

Last updated on May 5, 2021

Nominated for several awards, Suits is a US legal drama series which is shown on Netflix as well as Dave, which incidentally dropped the show after seven seasons. Suits is made up of eight seasons in total and features the actress Meghan Markle who has since quit the show to marry Prince Harry and become part of the British Royal Family.

Watch Suits Online for Free With a VPN

Watching Suits for free is only possible if you have a Netflix account and live in one of the countries where this series is shown. Otherwise, you are likely to be caught out by geographical blocking, which is something we will talk about later. You can try to catch the first seven seasons on Dave or streaming sites, but you will likely find yourself with buffering issues and leave your private data wide open for hackers.

Here are some better ways you might be able to watch Suits online free:

How to Watch Suits Online

If you have a paid Netflix account then you might be able to watch Suits if you are based in the US or UK. The problem occurs when you leave the country as a lot of Netflix content is geographically blocked. The reason why some TV series such as Suits is only available in certain countries on Netflix is because of content licensing. Countries generally have different laws when it comes to content licensing and when a license is agreed a document will be drawn up with a fixed term, stating where it can be watched or distributed. If you want to watch content such as Suits in any other country outside the US then you will need an alternative solution.

Of course, you could try and watch Suits online free using one of the many streaming sites available, but the problem with this is that they are often illegal and attract hackers and viruses which can be dangerous for your system. So, what is the best solution?

If you are trying to watch Suits online then you will need a VPN.

A VPN or Virtual private Network offers you the best security online. It works by encrypting your online activity so that it’s unreadable once it passes through the server. Users can choose from a variety of IP addresses in a number of gateways countries and cities. So if you’re based in Mexico but need a US IP address then it needn’t be a problem at all.

Why a VPN is Needed to Watch Suits Online

There are a number of reasons why using a VPN to watch Suits online makes sense. One of the main reasons people use VPN’s is for safety. When you are streaming and downloading content from websites then it’s important to be anonymous as streaming from the wrong website could land you into a whole heap of trouble. When you use a VPN your data is encrypted so you’ll be safe from hackers too as your online identity will be hidden.

The second reason many people choose to use a virtual private network is that they want to bypass geographical blocking (geo-blocking). You might be based in the US and hold a US Netflix account but as soon as you leave the country your favorite TV shows are likely to be blocked. Frustrating when you pay a monthly subscription. For everyone else located in the rest of the world, only a small percentage will have access to Suits online. Again, using a VPN will resolve this issue fast. If you want to access the latest season of Suits then using a VPN means that this is possible.

How to Use a VPN to Watch Suits

It’s really simple to use a virtual private network and it’s super safe too. If you are looking to watch US television online then you will just need to simply select a US IP address so you are ‘tricking’ the network into thinking that you are based in America, regardless of your real location.

You will need to use a reputable VPN provider as not all virtual private network companies are created equally, with some services providing a much better experience than others. We have taken the time to compile our favorite VPN providers and listed why they are perfect for watching Suits online.

Top VPN’s for watching Suits Online

#1 ExpressVPN

Our favorite VPN provider for streaming online is ExpressVPN. There are a number of factors that made us choose this company as our favorite, but the main feature was safety. If you are looking to watch Suits online free then you need to know that you’re not going to land yourself into bother if you hit the wrong website, and this also means avoiding hackers who can often steal information online. ExpressVPN uses the latest technology to encrypt your data, which means that it’s essentially ‘scrambled’ the moment it’s funneled through the server. When you use ExpressVPN you can feel safe in the knowledge that your online identity is anonymous, which means that you can safely bypass any geographical blocks that stand between you and the latest season of Suits! This VPN provider also has a kill switch which will cut your connection should the VPN fail for any reason, always keeping you safe. You won’t have to worry about annoying buffering issues or lagging video content as ExpressVPN offers a fast connection with over 1500 servers in 100 countries. You can test the product first to see if you like it and change your mind at a later date as they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. There are a range of deals available but we found the 15-month plan provided the best value for money by far. Another important factor when choosing the best VPN provider is their customer service and ExpressVPN have a good reputation for answering customer queries fast.

Starting from as low as $6.67

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#2 SurfShark

One of the highlights of this VPN provider is that they provide a strict no-logging policy which means that they will never store your information online. In fact, your online identity is hidden from their servers, so you can safely download to your heart’s content and not have to worry about a thing. Your information is encrypted using high-tech methods so even if their servers were hacked, you’d still remain anonymous. No more super slow downloads or painful buffering too, as SuperShark provides a very fast connection with over 500 servers across different countries. There’s normally a three-device limit on all VPN services but SurfShark has gone the extra mile and provided access to unlimited devices, giving you access on your smartphones, laptops, and PC. There are a few subscription options to choose from, which suit all budgets and needs.

Starting from as low as $1.99

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#3 CyberGhost

To watch Suits using your existing Netflix account you’re going to have to choose a US IP address. This shouldn’t be a problem with CyberGhost as they operate approximately 3,073 servers across a large number of countries including America. The subscription plans were reasonably priced with the longer plans boasting the best value for money. This is a provider who also provides a strict no-logging policy, so your identity remains your own. If you happen to encounter any problems whilst streaming Suits online then you’ll be pleased to hear that the customer service team have a fantastic reputation and are available via online chat or email, to answer your queries. CyberGhost offers a 60-day money back guarantee should you find yourself not happy with the service for whatever reason.

Starting from as low as $2.75

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#4 NordVPN

Last but not least, our final VPN provider on our list is NordVPN. This is a highly recommended VPN provider with a fantastic reputation. If you are trying to access geo-blocked content such as US Netflix to catch up on the latest season of Suits, then NordVPN will not let you down. Safety and connection speed is paramount to a good service and we were happy that this company gained great reviews for both. NordVPN uses military-grade methods to keep your online identity and all of your private data safe and secure at all times. You won’t have to worry about downloading content or bypassing geo-blocks using this company as they use multiple layers of security such as a no-logging policy and kill switch to cut your connection if needed. We always feel happy when a company provides a money back guarantee as it shows confidence in their product. With NordVPN you have up until 30 days to change your mind, should you decide the product is just not right for you.

Starting from as low as $2.99

You can read the full review here.


There are many different reasons why using a VPN is a sensible option nowadays, especially when online data theft is so common. It’s not only the safety factor either, it’s the frustration of not being able to watch your favorite Netflix shows in different locations. If you are a paying US Netflix subscriber you may have felt the burn if ever you have been to a different location on vacation and you are unable to access the latest season of Suits! The content may be geo-blocked and therefore unavailable to watch until you get home. People who aren’t based in the UK or US and want to watch Suits will also experience the same problem, as Suits may be geographically blocked in their location too.

Not being able to access US Netflix can often lead to visiting illegal download sites which can be riddled with viruses which can then infect your system and steal your data. The simple solution is to use a VPN which can keep your online identity anonymous and encrypted. Using a VPN means that you can choose your IP address from practically anywhere in the world. Choose a decent VPN provider who offers fast connection speeds and you will never have to experience buffering or lagging ever again.

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