Is What You're Looking at Considered an 'Acceptable' Ad?

Is What You're Looking at Considered an 'Acceptable' Ad?

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As if we didn’t need more internet traffic, online ads can be a hassle to get around when you’re trying to browse your favorite website. AdBlock Pro’s Acceptable Ads program is a helpful tool that can filter out the ads not up to their specific standards. Consider these types of ads the good types since they’re optional and don’t interfere with the site’s primary content. Also great for publishers, they provide an alternative to the complete blocking of their ad content.

Online advertisements, or ads, are useful marketing tools commonly used by brands and businesses to engage with their target audience. You’ve probably come across a couple of these ads while scrolling through some of your favorite sites like Facebook, YouTube or even in Google’s search results.

Some happen to have some trouble with optimization like Aflac below.

Otherwise, ads are the online version of your regular door to door salesman- only with more sophisticated features and a global reach. The different types of ads can include email, pop-ups and most popularly, online ads, are found mingled in a website’s primary content.

The way it works is pretty simple; businesses pay a content publisher to rent a spot on their website in order to place an ad for consumers to see when they visit. Many times, these ads can be both enticing and disinteresting. As you may scroll through the internet and come across some once in a while, you’ll learn that many ads are more of an interruption to the page’s content than helpful.

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Rules and Regulations for Ads

Since the internet is such a large space full of information, it’s a common challenge to distinguish between the truth and fiction. This made rules and regulations possible because online marketers needed to have boundaries. Boundaries put in place to protect the consumer’s personal information, prevent misleading them and to make real, proven claims – especially in the health and wellness industry.

Imagine following an ad that promises no side effects for a new healthy drink, yet there are a number of proven cases about how unreliable their products were!

It’s no secret that there are some shady people on the internet – and some companies with hidden agendas. It’s important for large and small businesses to follow these regulations, to protect not only the consumer, but the credibility of their business. Over time, because some of these ads can also be intrusive, a new version of ads emerged called, Acceptable Ads.

What are Acceptable Ads and Is What You’re Looking at Considered One?

Acceptable ads, by AdBlock Pro – a popular ad-blocking company – are intended to promote online ads that aren’t intrusive. This initiative has a goal to connect consumers to businesses, without the hassle of unwanted advertisements. That means you’re able to see only Acceptable ads on your web pages and nothing else that may clutter your browsing experience.

Acceptable ads are here to make ads unobtrusive and less ‘annoying’. AdBlock understood the importance of online marketing but also wanted to find a medium where customers felt natural interacting with an ad. That prompted them to create guidelines for the types of ads they would allow to get through to their customers.

  • Ads shouldn’t disrupt the reader’s natural flow, therefore, must be placed on top, side or below the website’s primary content.
  • Ads should be labeled as advertisements and not mislead users.
  • The primary content must have sufficient space on the page.

AdBlock Pro users have the option of choosing if they want to see these ads or not, so it creates a sort of balance between the need for free web and the need for businesses to reach global customers.

There are some ads that fail the criteria test and aren’t allowed as Acceptable Ads. These usually have:

  • Animated and Auto play-sound or video effects.
  • Oversized images
  • Pop-ups and pop-unders
  • Rich media like Shockwave ads, and Flash ads

For ads like these, it’s popular for users to resort to an ad-blocker, able to block ads from displaying on a website. Simply put, they can be like plug-ins or browser extensions which are easy to install and able to remove or change the advertising that appears on a webpage.

Sometimes, like in the case with AdBlock or AdBlock Plus, you can customize those ad settings with your ad-blocker software, to view only the ones that aren’t very obtrusive. It can be pretty distracting to scroll through a website’s content and find that ads get in the way. Luckily, ad-blockers can come to your rescue and either stop them from displaying or, if you have AdBlock Plus, opt-in for Acceptable Ads.

Benefits of Acceptable Ads

If you like to surf the web but don’t mind a few ads once in a while, you’re showing your support for the free web. If businesses couldn’t have this online access to targeted consumers, imagine the challenge their marketers would face. For the millions of users who accept the terms for these ads, they are a vital source of the internet’s vitality.

While publishers and ad networks get to benefit from increased revenue from their audience, ad tech suppliers are reaching a whole new target market of interested businesses looking to publish ads online. It makes for an interesting argument in the future of online marketing as now businesses are allowed to get through to consumers and ultimately influence consumers.

Think of Choices

In the internet world, everything is up for grabs. In between all the fake news and unreliable advertisements, it’s refreshing when companies are taking proactive approaches to benefit customers and businesses.

With Acceptable Ads, there’s a bridge between the two that can allow consumers to appreciate the message behind a brand’s effort. A helpful and optional tool, AdBlock Pro is changing the game with their Acceptable ads, merging the way we see primary web content alongside online advertisements.

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