ZenMate Review 2020

March 2020 ZenMate Review & Deals
Based in Berlin, Germany, ZenMate VPN made the leap from a proxy service to a full-fledged VPN. But how do its features stack up to those of household names? In our ZenMate review, we set out to find out.
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Compatible With

  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Spotify
  • WhatsApp
  • Gmail
  • Netflix
  • Sling
  • Tinder

Recommended For

  • Easy to use
  • Reliability
  • Downloading
ZenMate VPN Review

ZenMate Rating by SecureThoughts.com

ZenMate isn’t a top-draw provider although its features do provide everything that basic users will need to connect through one of their server locations. Value for money is good, it’s a zero logs provider, and we found the customer service team to be responsive and competent. Although not the best in the industry according to our ratings, we are confident this service will give you the security and streaming capabilities you need.

ZenMate VPN Review – Pros and Cons

ZenMate VPN is certainly in the category of lesser-known VPNs. This operation, based out of Berlin, Germany, started life as a proxy service. Now that it’s made the leap to the VPN world, how do its features compare to those of more established providers? Here’s how we evaluated it.

Overall Score for ZenMate: 77/100


Things We Like

Easy installation

Browser apps for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

Built-in DNS leak protection

Auto connect and always on modes available

Things We Didn't Like

Bare user interface

Limited selection of features

No router, Linux, or Amazon apps

Is ZenMate Reliable?

ZenMate makes its customer support team through a ticketing system. The customer support hasn’t exactly prompted rave reviews on consumer rating websites, with some users venting about customer support “that doesn’t exist.” Despite some of the mediocre reviews, our test query was handled expeditiously and professionally. Nevertheless, the availability of live chat and telephone support would certainly have been appreciated.

Self-service is adequate. The company maintains a well-populated knowledge base through its ZenDesk page and tutorials – such as changing emails and passwords- are generally carefully documented.

We were pleasantly surprised, but clearly not everyone’s a fan.

How Fast is ZenMate

ZenMate’s list of server locations isn’t the most extensive we’ve come across. While free users get access to four countries, premium users can connect to all the servers (in total, there are 30 servers and five simultaneous connections allowed). Whatever way you cut it, the number is relatively low and will be a negative for users that want to route their traffic through some more exotic locales that are unlikely to be found on the list.

Speedwise, from a baseline downlink of 37.08Mbps we achieved:

ZenMate review - Disconnected speed

A download speed of 5.49 Mbps routing traffic through Romania.

ZenMate review - Connection speed through Romania

A download speed of 13.39 Mbps routing traffic through the UK server.

ZenMate review - Connection speed through UK

Although the UK speed provided a usable connection, overall these speeds do not compare favorably with the extensive competition in the VPN market.  The app now offers support for the OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec VPN protocols.

Small server network and just OK performance.

How Secure is ZenMate?

ZenMate is a proud card-carrying member of the ‘no-logs VPN club.’ Despite the fact that no logs about user activity are maintained by the company, potential subscribers should be aware that the company is located in Germany which is a member of the 14 Eyes internationally signals intelligence gathering alliance. Additionally, the Bundestag has proven itself to be an eager exponent of privacy-limiting legislation.  Scary laws even allow police to use trojans to hack into encrypted messaging systems.

A no logs provider, but there are more privacy-respecting jurisdictions than Germany.

ZenMate Setup and Usability

ZenMate’s core products can be downloaded from the website’s downloads page. The Windows client can be up and running in a couple of clicks and downloading the ZenMate extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera isn’t much harder. Applications are also available for Mac, iOS, and Android.

Zenmate review - Empty login screen

The user interface is certainly rather simplistic – in fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to call it a little bare. While the key functionalities (selecting a connection server, toggling the auto-connect settings) are certainly there, the application certainly doesn’t offer much in the way of visual eye candy.

ZenMate review - My statistics

Quite a minimalistic interface, which may suit some users better than others.

Zenmate Features

What is ZenMate offering in the features department that other providers aren’t? Here are some of its main draws.

Feature 1: Unlimited Data

 Every ZenMate server offers unlimited bandwidth. This means that users have a convenient way of bypassing internet service provider (ISP) bandwidth throttling. This makes the solution a wonderful choice for those who want to use the VPN as their tool of choice for working around multimedia georestrictions.

 Feature 2: Always On

 ZenMate offers an ‘always on’ switch, called EverSecure in their application. As the name suggests, turning this on ensures that the VPN automatically and immediately connects every time a connection to the internet is initiated. For those that need their VPN to be constantly running, this is an important feature not to be missed. The Android app will even automatically reconnect in the background even after the user has removed it from the recent apps screen.

ZenMate Review -Settings

Feature 3: Automatic Startup Connection

For users that want to run their VPN continuously, the ability to automatically launch the app immediately after startup is the other important half of the automation picture. Thanks to ZenMate’s automatic startup feature, users are able to have peace of mind that the application will automatically initiate as soon as the system is booted up.

Feature 4: DNS Leak Protection

DNS leaks are a common problem that VPN users often encounter. In addition to sending and receiving information from websites, they are visiting, typing a web address into a browser also creates DNS queries which, if not protected against, can leak an entire user’s browsing history even with a VPN connected. Thankfully, ZenMate includes DNS leak protection as standard in all its applications. ZenMate for Opera users should just make sure that “use proxy for local servers” is checked in the preferences window.

Feature 5: ZenMate Pulse

ZenMate also offers Pulse a dedicated advertisement blocking tool that can be used in conjunction with the VPN to block unwanted advertisements. In addition to blocking ads, Pulse also let you know why it has done so.

Rating: 7.5/10 Overall, an underwhelming selection of features.

Can ZenMate Unblock Netflix?


Although ZenMate’s United States servers were previously caught up in the Netflix anti-VPN dragnet, we’re happy to report that currently all the provider’s American servers are allowing users to access the world’s favorite multimedia website. There’s also room to be optimistic about ZenMate’s Netflix-unblocking potential in the long term. VPN servers that are able to provision new servers to work around Netflix’s IP bans stand a better chance of being able to repeat the tactic in the future should the need arise.

Currently functional

ZenMate 5

There is a new app that has hit the market from ZenMateVPN by the name of ZenMate 5, making life so much easier for people on the go. With a one-click connection, you can get things started and encrypt and protect your internet data. If you aren’t confident in your tech skills there is no problem as the sleek design makes the app completely effortless.

ZenMate 5 uses security protocols such as IKEV2, IPSec and OpenVPN as well as military-grade security. With servers around 35 world locations, you have the ability to protect as many as 5 devices simultaneously with one ZenMate account. Available to use with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Amazon devices, ZenMate 5 now usually costs $50, but now comes at a special price of $1.75 per month for a year.

Trying out the service, it must be said that the interface cannot be easier to use. There is a list of server locations that you can connect to and their distance from your current location. Additionally, the installation was extremely quick and the speed of the internet connection performed almost the same as it normally does, which is rare. Choosing a location close by was the reason, but when connecting to a faraway server the connection speed dropped somewhat.

ZenMate Price

ZenMate offers both a limited functionality free version of its software and ZenMate premium, its paid offering.

Free users are limited according to which platforms (Chrome and Firefox extensions only), features, and servers they can access. Thankfully, for free users, our ZenMate Chrome review is positive, with the extension preserving much of the desktop applications’ functionalities, but more advanced users are likely to find the choice of platforms frustrating.  In addition, speeds on the Premium plans are turbo-boosted, while free users must make do with only regular connectivity.

ZenMate Premium is available for $8.99/month (billed monthly); $4.99/month (billed yearly); and $7.49/month (billed every six months). Users can also get access to a two-year subscription using this link.

All Premium plans are backed up by a 14-day money-back guarantee and a wide variety of payment methods (excluding cryptocurrencies) is supported.

Overall, the platform is relatively good value for money and is certainly a little cheaper than some of the more feature-rich competitors on the market.

The value is good, but we’d like to see the standard 30 day money-back guarantee

Comment Section

Terry says:

Zenmate still has a lot to learn in becoming a better VPN.
Improve their support for their paid customers, would be a good start.

Will says:

Is Zenmate good for use with Android?

ST Editor says:

Hi! Yes, we did find that ZenMate offers a good solution for Android devices. The company’s app for Android is easy to use and generally offers strong protection for securing your mobile devices from prying eyes when connecting to public networks.

Arnold says:

Are all servers available to connect to Netflix, Hulu etc or just a few? I’ve had some VPN services that claim they can get around Netflix blocks and then I come t find out that they have a limited number of servers which ultimately end up getting blocked as well. Have you actually been able to get onto Netflix from outside the US or are you just going by reports?

ST Editor says:

Thanks for the great question! Generally speaking, most servers should work when connecting through a VPN. Because your traffic is being masked, it doesn’t matter which specific server you connect from. However, some VPNs will optimize certain servers to work better as a way to avoid congestion on the broader network, but also to ensure that those servers have better speeds and connectivity with these services. Not every VPN does this though, and those which do will generally disclose it. We hope this helps!

Mark Tee says:

Hi. I’m a Linux user. I know you said there’s no app, but is there a way to install on Ubuntu 15.10? If not, could you point me in the direction of a good Linux CPN

ST Editor says:

Hi! As far as we know, there are no current workarounds to install ZenMate on Ubuntu. You could try using workarounds like Wine, which allows you to install some Windows applications on Ubuntu, but you may run into some usability issues that could impact the VPN’s efficiency. However, there are some great alternatives for Linux, and we’ve reviewed a few of them! You can see them here, and be on the lookout for an updated version in the next few months. Let us know which service you end up choosing, and how it works for you!

Alex A. says:

ZenMate is a quality VPN for people looking for a good combination of speed and price. The servers might not always be the fastest, but the quick setup and low price point make up for it. If you are just looking to get access to Netflix and not doing any really intensive downloads/uploads and are price conscious then it will meet your needs just fine

John says:

I’ve been using ZenMate for awhile now and I am pretty happy with it thus far. The only thing is I wish there were some more features like other VPN brands.