ZoogVPN Review

March 2020 ZoogVPN Review & Deals

ZoogVPN is a relative newcomer to the VPN market, having been founded in 2013. But it is quickly making its mark one of the fastest growing VPN providers on the market. Surely there can be few who would argue with ZoogVPN’s mission statement to make sure that everyone, no matter where they are in the world, has a right to unrestricted, secure and private internet. The provider prides itself on breaking down internet barriers and censorship to give its users total online freedom and privacy. It has based itself in Greece because this country is outside the so-called 14-eyes countries, which work together to share data. ZoogVPN may then be a good option for those of you who value online privacy.

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Compatible With

  • Amazon
  • ESPN
  • Sky Go
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Android
  • iOS

Recommended For

  • Fast Speeds
  • Strong Encryption
  • Cheap Price
1 Month play now
$6.99 /mo
  • 33 servers and growing
  • 23 countries
  • fast speeds
  • great price
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6 Months play now
$4.99 /mo
  • 33 servers and growing
  • 23 countries
  • fast speeds
  • great price
play now
1 Year play now
$2.99 /mo
  • 33 servers and growing
  • 23 countries
  • fast speeds
  • great price
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Things We Like

Easy to navigate site

Strong encryption

Above average connection speeds

Cheap monthly plans

Unlimited bandwidth

Simultaneous connections on 5 devices

Things We Didn't Like

No kill switch

No live customer support chat

Only 7-day money back guarantee


Zoog VPN’s website features good quality graphics and looks clean and simple. It’s easy to navigate, so that’s a good start.

It is also straightforward when it comes to downloading the app and installing it on your device. You just need to enter your details, log in and then you will be taken straight to the main dashboard.

Then, you can select the server of your choice from the drop-down menu. To make it even easier for you, if you are looking to be able to do P2P downloads, there’s a P2P symbol beside the servers you should use.

You will immediately get a notification to confirm that you are connecting to the server you have chosen. Zoog will also tell you the length of time you have used a particular server.

You can also set your app so that it automatically launches when you start up your device if that is your preference. Zoog also makes it easy for you to check your account information, including how much you are paying and when your plan runs out.


Pretty much every VPN provider on the market claims to have blazing fast connection speeds. And, of course, ZoogVPN rates its own speeds very highly, saying it provides both fast speeds and high security levels.

But, how does it perform in the real world? We tried speeds when we linked to three different servers across the globe, and this is what we found. We compared ping speeds, which is the reaction time of your connection. In other words, how fast you get a response when you ask for a connection. We also looked at download and upload speeds. Here is what we got.

US server

  • Ping: 120ms
  • Download: 23.44 Mbps
  • Upload: 24.57 Mbps

European server

  • Ping: 36ms
  • Download: 55.96 Mbps
  • Upload: 48.10 Mbps

Asian server

  • Ping: 180ms
  • Download: 37.48 Mbps
  • Upload: 16. 52 Mbps

We found that Zoog has average speeds compared to other VPN providers. Connection speeds can also vary enormously depending on the server you decide to connect to.

So, if you do have some flexibility about the server you connect to, you may find it worth your while to try a number of options and see which is the fastest for you.


Zoog is very clear that it keeps no logs at all, as it takes the privacy of its users so seriously. While some VPN providers – usually the free providers – pass details onto third parties such as advertisers, Zoog says it does not keep any logs, so it cannot possibly pass on any information.

No information will be kept about your browsing habits, your IP addresses or any apps you are using.

However, according to Zoog’s own privacy policy, they do collect information on total bandwidth usage.

While Zoog does have a free plan, this does not offer encryption which is as strong as the paid for plans. With the free plan, you only get 128-bit encryption, which will be enough in most scenarios.

But, the paid for plans are a better option if privacy and security are important to you as there is a top-level encryption of AES-256, which will give you very high levels of protection.

However, there are concerns about a lack of a kill switch among Zoog’s features. A kill switch is included on many other VPN providers’ features list and can be a vital tool to ensure total privacy.

A kill switch is a failsafe which ensures that even if your VPN connection should suddenly or unexpectedly drop out, whatever you are browsing will not be revealed.

This can be vital if you are carrying out activities such as online banking, or if you live in a country where you are not allowed to view certain content, then you will want to make sure your browsing habits are not suddenly revealed to authorities.


ZoogVPN offers many of the features you would expect when choosing a VPN provider.

It allows you to bypass any internet censorship issues you may be facing because of where you are geographically, or because of firewalls at work or college.

There is strong Wi-Fi security to protect you from hackers, cyber criminals or authorities, so that your own identity, location and IP are kept private.

As mentioned above, there is a zero logs policy. Plus, while ZoogVPN does not have a lot of servers, it cherry picks the ones it does have in a bid to provide speed and reliability.

Zoog works with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS to provide security and privacy if you are away from home and you can connect simultaneously on 5 of your devices, making this a good option for family or friends who like to game together, for example.


Zoog is one of the most wallet-friendly options on the VPN market. The cheapest option is free, but with the no-cost option you only have access to 3 VPN locations and you can only use one device.

Not only that, but security measures are not as tight as with the paid-for plans.

Paid for plans all give you access to 33+ VPN locations and you can use 5 devices. Security is also much higher, and you should get full content access from the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer and ITV hub.

A 1-month plan will cost $6.99, while if you opt for 6 months, the price goes down to $4.99 per month. If you commit to a 2-year plan the cost reduces even further to $2.99 per month.

This puts Zoog among the cheapest options on the VPN market. However, unlike other providers which offer 30-day or 45-day money-back guarantees, Zoog VPN only offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you will have to be quick-off-the-mark to decide whether Zoog is the VPN for you.


Zoog VPN has a section on its website especially dedicated to support. The first thing you will find is a section of resources, where you will find a series of how-to guides for commonly faced problems.

For example, there is advice on how to watch US tv abroad and how to unblock BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

There is also a section on frequently asked questions, so you may wish to have a look here before getting in touch with customer services. If the problem you are having relates to setting up and getting started, there is also a dedicated section for you.

If you still do need additional support, however, you will find there is a ticket system rather than live chat. You will be asked to give your name, email and the type of device you are using.

You can also rate the priority of your question or request from low to high. But, we can’t imagine anyone is going to rate their own question as low priority.

The lack of live support means you do face a wait to get a response, although you will receive an estimated time of when you can expect an answer.