3 Best VPNs for the Super Bowl

Summary: FOX’s live broadcast of Superbowl LI will be freely accessible to everyone in the United States, but IP blocking will prevent everyone outside the United States and people in IP restricted areas (such as work or school) from accessing it.

The simple way to defeat this IP blocking and watch the Super Bowl is with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPN’s reroute your internet access to trick FOX into thinking you’re in the U.S. or not behind that firewall, so you can watch the Super Bowl without any interruption.

To get unrestricted access to the SuperBowl, get ExpressVPN now.



UPDATED: January 23, 2017.

Whether you’re at work or school (hey, we don’t judge), or just using the internet in a country that may have some censorship on live streaming services, you may end up frustrated with how difficult it is to watch the Super Bowl this year.

Fear not! With the use of a VPN, you can circumvent content blocks and watch your favorite team do their victory dance.


Why Can’t I Watch the Damn Superbowl?

Depending on where you’re logging on, you may find annoying content blocks stop you from streaming anything you may want to watch.

Add a little game day fever, and this can send a person into a panic.

Some countries block news and media websites that you can use to stream live footage from with government-run censorship programs.

Many institutions and workplaces have content blocks to keep staff and students on-task, which is bad news for you football junkies.

Thankfully, by using a VPN, you can not only get around these blocks but surf completely anonymously, while all of your data is protected and encrypted.

The best VPNs companies even hide your IP address, so even your location is impossible to track down.


Why Do I Need a VPN?

A VPN basically provides its users with a private gateway to the internet, through which their browsing is totally anonymous.

As result, content blocks melt away, and your privacy is guaranteed.

Through the use of one of these services, you can order hot wings with confidence that your credit card number won’t be swiped, and you can get around those annoying blocks and watch the game.



Top 3 VPNs to Watch the Super Bowl

Here I’ll go through some of the best VPN companies on the net, so you can make an informed decision before game day.

#1: ExpressVPN – 9/10 (Best VPN for watching the Super Bowl)

If you’re looking for a VPN service that offers the total package, ExpressVPN is it.

They have a great reputation for reliability and connection speed, so your streaming experience won’t be choppy or endlessly buffering.

You can even use their service on all your WiFi-enabled devices. Smartphones, laptops, tablets–they’re all covered.

In addition, their service allows you to use more than one device simultaneously, so if your buddy wants to see a play again, tell him to pick up his iPhone and watch it himself.

Plus, if you’re new to the world of VPNs and a little intimidated by the concept, ExpressVPN has an excellent customer service team to back you up.

Their 24/7 chat support is always online, and even their email support has an average response time of 30 minutes. Your questions are answered before the Gatorade showers and trophy presentation.

They even have a great referral program, so tell all your buddies that are coming over for the Super Bowl party. If you refer a friend and they sign up, you both get 30 days of service totally free.

Still not sure? They have a rock-solid 30-day, money-back guarantee too. If you’re not satisfied, you’re completely reimbursed, no questions asked.

They also have servers all over the world, so no matter where you’re tuning in, chances are you can still watch the big game.

The bottom line is, go with ExpressVPN for the most seamless Super Bowl viewing experience.


#2: IPVanish – 7/10 (Use If ExpressVPN Isn’t Available)

If you can’t seem to connect to an ExpressVPN server, give IPVanish a go.

While they don’t have quite as many features as ExpressVPN, all of IPVanish’s service plans come with unlimited bandwidth, making them great for streaming the Super Bowl.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that IPVanish isn’t going to work with mobile Apple devices. Their software isn’t compatible with iOS.

IPVanish, just like ExpressVPN, lets you connect up to two devices simultaneously, making them great for keeping the kids busy with Netflix while you and your buds cheer on your favorite team.

IPVanish also has 24/7 customer support, so if you’re in the middle of the halftime show and run into problems, you can help right away with their live chat.

Just be aware that you’re probably going to end up waiting a few hours to hear back when you email them.

With monthly rates at $10 per month and a large network of servers, IPVanish is a great one to use to stream the Super Bowl if ExpressVPN isn’t available.

IPVanish is available through this link.


#3: HideMyAss – 5/10 (Only in Emergencies)

Okay, so with HideMyAss, there are some definite drawbacks.

HideMyAss, like ExpressVPN, does have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so keep that in mind if you sign up for their service. You might just wind up using it.

For one thing, despite having one of the largest networks of servers, they still seem to be pretty overwhelmed with users.

Most of the time I can’t get a fast connection with them, making streaming a bit maddening, which is something to keep in mind if you’re mainly looking for a VPN to live stream games such as the Super Bowl.

Plus, even though their software is compatible with all major operating systems, it’s not nearly as straightforward as ExpressVPN’s. This makes HideMyAss a not so great option for people who are still pretty new to VPNs in general.

Though their customer support is supposed to be available 24/7, this is an equally frustrating part about HideMyAss.

You almost always end up on hold with their phone support, and emails take at least a day to hear back on–at least in my experience.

When it comes to game day though, I wouldn’t even take the chance of having a slow, unreliable connection. I would just use ExpressVPN.

HideMyAss is here.


Conclusion: Use ExpressVPN for the Best Super Bowl Streaming

So you’ve filled your cubicle with bags of Doritos and enough Pepsi to put you in a diabetic coma. You’re ready for the game, but you can’t get around your company’s stupid content blocks.

Enter ExpressVPN, ready to save your slacker self from working through half-time.

With one of these great services, not only can you get through those content blocks, but you can do so totally anonymously.

With your own private network through ExpressVPN, nobody but you is seeing the web content you’re accessing.

You’ll even get seamless streaming and great connection reliability, so there’s no worry of losing the game in the middle of a play.

Bottom line, if you want to watch the Super Bowl without a care in the world this year, do it with ExpressVPN.


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