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Summary:  eBay has become a great place to buy and sell online. Engaging in all of these online transactions can put you at risk to have your information and money stolen.

You can protect yourself by using a VPN. A VPN encrypts your data and blocks your IP location so your personal information is safe from identity thieves.

For security doing financial transactions online, get Express VPN now.



Why Is My Information At Risk?

eBay has a reputation for being a relatively secure website for executing the millions of transactions it sees every day.

However, even with all of its security measures, there are still plenty of opportunities for thieves to steal your information between your network and eBay’s servers.

In addition, sensitive details like your physical address and contact information can be compromised.

But there is good news – using a VPN while you process all of your eBay transactions, not only protects your security, but you’re concealing your location information as well.


What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service people use to give them anonymity and security while they use an internet connection. The abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Network.

It provides its users with a separate, private internet connection. The company that hosts this private network encrypts all of its users’ data, and conceals their IP address.

An IP address is a code in all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices that provides servers with your geographic location. But with a VPN, nobody can tell where you’re accessing the internet from.

Your information is completely encoded, so even if it is intercepted, it’s useless to the person who takes it.


How to protect your information on eBay

There are a lot of companies out there selling VPN plans right now-here are a few pretty popular ones, and how they measure up for auction addicts like yourself.


#1 Choice: Express VPN – 4/5 (Most Secure)

Express VPN is incredibly dependable and reliable when it comes to the security of their encryption, so you can breathe easy next time you process a payment.

Plus, their connection speed is incredibly fast, making them perfect for putting in last minute bids (there’s nothing quite like losing an auction because the page wouldn’t load in time).

They’re also compatible with all of your devices, so whether you’re using it on your desktop computer your smartphone, you can keep up with all of your listings anytime, anywhere.

You can even use the service on more than one device simultaneously, for the aggressive bidders.

The best part about this company though is definitely the quality of their customer service. This is a company that really strives to keep their people happy, with perks like:

  • customer support staff, available 24/7 via live chat or e-mail
  • average e-mail response time of less than 30 minutes (great for time sensitive eBay questions)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • awesome referral program: If you refer a friend that signs up, you both get a month of free service!
  • user-friendly software that is great for beginners

In addition, their worldwide network of servers means you’ll likely have access to their service, no matter what continent you’re bidding from.

For the best, most secure service, check out the great plans at Express VPN.


#2:  IPVanish – 3.5/5  (Not as good as the first, but useable)

IPVanish is a close second to Express VPN. They have a comparable encryption service, and also don’t log any of their users’ data, so none of your information is ever stored.

Their connection speed is also fast enough to keep up with last minute bids. In addition, they have a worldwide network of servers with locations all over the world.

They too have a customer service team available any time, day or night to answer your questions, like Express VPN. However, their average response time is longer.

And like Express VPN, they completely back their service with a 30-day money back guarantee. although they don’t have a referral program of any kind – a bit of a downer.

Their service is also compatible with all of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and can be used on more than one simultaneously. Although, I found their software a little harder to use.

You can check out IPVanish here.


#3: HideMyAss – 2/5 (Use only if forced to)

If you’re a frequent eBay user, HideMyAss may not be the best service for you.

Unlike Express VPN, their connection is slow and unreliable, which can make it a bit maddening for keeping up with auctions and uploading photos to your listings.

In addition, they’ve had a lot of poor feedback on their customer service team’s response time, with many users complaining of long waits for answers to questions.

They do encrypting your data, and like the other companies, they never log their users’ data, further protecting your privacy. You are much better off picking a plan through Express VPN.

HideMyAss is located here.


Conclusion: Use Express VPN for Fast, Unlimited Access

There’s no denying the fun and usefulness of eBay – whether you’re bargain hunting, or clearing out your closet, you can spend and make money very easily.

However, the many facets of this site can also be detrimental to your online security.

Your payment information can be compromised as you process transactions, or your activity can be monitored and tracked by software that uses your IP address to market advertisements to you.

However, with a great VPN service like Express VPN, you can guarantee your online security and conceal your location, all while enjoying a lightning fast connection and great customer support.

Head over to Express VPN’s website today and sign up for a plan for the most secure eBay experience.

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