Best VPN for Mexico

Best VPN for Mexico

Last updated on May 6, 2021

When it comes to your safety online, Mexico has its fair share of concerns especially since authorities amended the copyright laws last year. This new bill could impinge on personal communication and freedom of expression, violating individuals’ digital rights. These restrictions, in addition to the geographical blocks put on certain US-based sites, means visitors to Mexico could be denied their daily Netflix fix and find their tweets and posts being scrutinized by government officials. If that’s not enough to convince you that you need a VPN for Mexico, then keep reading.

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The Best VPNs for Mexico

#1 ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Mexico

ExpressVPN is a vibrant, all-singing, all-dancing VPN that delivers fast speeds and international connections at a competitive price. Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN manages to fly under the radar when it comes to international intelligence sharing. Not only does ExpressVPN have a strict no-logging policy, but it also operates in a jurisdiction where there are no mandatory data retention requirements.

If you’re concerned about privacy, ExpressVPN will put your mind at ease and its commitment to online privacy goes far beyond its VPN service. ExpressVPN is at the forefront of the fight against online censorship and surveillance, funding and participating in research with the aim of making all digital content available throughout the world.

An extensive server network, cutting-edge encryption, and apps that are compatible with every device imaginable make ExpressVPN tough to beat. Additional features, such as split-tunneling, make for a faster connection, while the kill switch ensures the safety of your personal information by blocking all internet traffic in the event of a dropped VPN connection.

Unlike many VPNs, ExpressVPN has consistently managed to navigate its way around the geographical blocks imposed by Netflix for copyright purposes. As Netflix has resorted to some pretty sophisticated content blocks and even targeted the big-name VPNs in an effort to prevent overseas users from accessing its extensive US library, ExpressVPN has continued to outsmart and outmaneuver them.

One of the few drawbacks of ExpressVPN is that it limits users to three simultaneous connections which is on the far side of frugality when compared to its competitors. Nevertheless, using a VPN which has actually proven its no-logging policy in court is a great safeguard given the prevalence of government surveillance in Mexico.

ExpressVPN is also offering 3 months free (49% savings) on their annual subscription plan, so whether you’re heading over the border for love, money, or just to soak up the sun, don’t compromise on your online security – find out more here.

#2 Surfshark VPN – Fierce Competition

It’s clear that the creators of Surfshark VPN took a lot of their inspiration from ExpressVPN but that certainly doesn’t detract from the level of protection it offers. Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark opted for the British Virgin Islands for its secure headquarters. It also uses the same AES-256 encryption code and security protocols.

One of the things that Surfshark VPN doesn’t yet have is an enormous network of servers. When it started out, it had only around 500 but managed to produce lightning-fast speeds nonetheless. It has been expanding ever since it launched in 2017, and now has over 800 servers worldwide. This is still nothing compared to the likes of CyberGhost with its 3,500+ servers, but it seems, just as in real estate, location is key, and Surfshark’s connection speeds give no indication of its limited network, achieving consistently competitive speeds.

Although Surfshark has introduced split-tunneling on its Android app, it has yet to roll it out to its other devices and operating systems. Nevertheless, Surfshark has a lot of additional features that will appeal to those wanting a little more security. The No Borders feature, for example, keeps you protected even in the most remote and restricted regions of the world, while the CleanWeb function will give you the freedom to surf without being tracked while also reducing the threat of malware and phishing attacks.

Surfshark is very competitively priced as it continues to build its client base. The only real concern is whether it can continue its current level of performance once the number of users, and therefore the quantity of traffic on its servers, increases. If you’re willing to take that risk, however, and sign up with Surfshark today, you’ll be getting one of the best VPNs for Mexico at a seriously competitive price. You’ll also be able to connect as many devices as you like because Surfshark’s just generous like that.

#3 CyberGhost VPN – Easy Access in Mexico

Remember Casper the Friendly Ghost? Well, if he had invested in a VPN, it would have been this one. Not only is CyberGhost VPN quick and slick to download, but it’s also extremely easy to operate – easy enough that even a small ghost without opposable thumbs could do it! Whereas many VPNs focus on location, CyberGhost concentrates on functionality as its top priority.

Instead of finding a server in the country you want to connect from, CyberGhost gives you a range of activities and then finds the best server for that particular function. For example, if you want to stream movies from Netflix, you unblock streaming. If on the other hand, you want to do a little torrenting, you would select a different profile that would direct you to a server more suited for such purposes.

Like ExpressVPN and Surfshark, CyberGhost selected a location for its headquarters that is well beyond the reach of the five and 14-eyes intelligence sharing alliances. Based in Romania, CyberGhost isn’t under any obligation to store data either and a recent overhaul of its products means it’s now, officially, a no-logging VPN.

CyberGhost VPN has one of the largest networks of servers in the industry, enabling it to provide high-speed connections from remote locations, including the old mining town of Urique, situated at the bottom of Mexico’s Copper Canyon. With 20 servers in Mexico alone, CyberGhost is definitely up there with the best VPNs for Mexico, providing a military-grade encrypted tunnel from which users can access unlimited content without the fear of being watched by prying eyes and government officials.

Simple to operate and yet undeniably powerful when it comes to online protection and, in particular, keeping your device and data safe on an unsecured public Wi-Fi connection, CyberGhost is a robust VPN suitable for everyone, from the most technologically challenged to the most technologically advanced. You can even try CyberGhost out for 24 hours without paying a cent – so why don’t you?

#4 NordVPN – Top Security for Mexico

Despite sounding distinctly Scandinavian, NordVPN is based in Panama, giving it the benefit of not having to retain any logs. NordVPN has been around long enough to have honed its products to the max and its cross-platform apps provide top-quality protection without impacting on connection speeds too dramatically.

With an international server network in excess of 5,000, NordVPN has seven servers in Mexico and an incredible 1,688 in the US. Seriously, if you can’t find a fast server out of that lot, you may as well throw your laptop into the Gulf of Mexico! NordVPN’s enormous server network means it’s ideal for international travelers who want a secure connection wherever they go. NordVPN is one of the few VPN providers to extend its protection into Africa and even has some available in restricted areas like Israel and the UAE.

NordVPN prides itself of delivering military-grade encryption as well as an ad-free browsing environment. It has obfuscated servers available for those needing to access blocked content from extremely restrictive countries, such as China, while also offering split-tunneling in an effort to reduce the negative impact encryption tends to have on connection speeds and lag time.

Streaming and torrenting are both allowed and simple to access with NordVPN, which also offers additional protection with its Double VPN feature. Prices are competitive, especially if you’re willing to commit to a multi-year subscription from the outset, while the customer support service is as impressive as ExpressVPN’s (which is amazing).

A solid VPN that sometimes battles to produce lightning-fast speeds, NordVPN is affordable and effective, so why not give it a whirl and sign up today?

#5 TunnelBear

Cannot bear the thought of an unsecure connection in Mexico? Cover your online tracks with TunnelBear and you will have invested in a reliable and solid service. If you hate being bogged down with too many settings options and choices, this will be one of the best VPN services to choose from. Also, the bear theme that gets thrown around the TunnelBear website is too adorable for words.

When a VPN offers a free service, most of the time we would tell you to run for the hills and never look back. With TunnelBear this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a freemium plan on offer which gives you 500MB of data which allows you to check your emails and do some online banking with complete security. You won’t be able to stream your favorite movies for long though, so keep it simple.

To add an extra 1GB to your data, all you need to do is share info about TunnelBear on Twitter, which is more than a fair deal in our opinion. In terms of customer service, there is no live chat like ExpressVPN offers, but you can always use their online ticketing service. You can be sure that someone will get back to you with an informed response within 48 hours, but that is something that usually happens within a couple of hours.

TunnelBear’s competition always focus on giving customers as many features as possible, but TunnelBear has chosen the more minimalist route. Instead, you have just the right amount of standard features and a few extras, but you will never get overwhelmed with options. The interface is simple to navigate and this is the perfect VPN for any first-timers. Don’t settle for an unbearable VPN connection, try TunnelBear today!

Mexico Muted: Privacy Laws and their Impact

The worldwide web has caused authorities all over the world considerable consternation. This sprawling mass of digital data is extremely hard to police or control, making many nation’s copyright laws something of a joke. Mexico’s efforts to combat this problem are unfortunately rather heavy-handed and journalists and activists are already reeling from the effects, although they have yet to impact on private citizens or visitors to the country.

Over the past eight years or so, Mexican authorities have invested somewhere in the region of $80 million into spyware that is capable of infiltrating smartphones in order to monitor the owner’s digital life. Designed to combat terrorism and other crimes, Mexican authorities have been using it instead to keep an eye on their critics. According to an article in the New York Times, research suggests that the spyware has been used to track the activities of some of Mexico’s leading human rights lawyers and journalists.

The consequences of such surveillance are both frightening and far-reaching with many suspecting that the murders of nine journalists and over 500 attacks on media workers are linked to the government crackdown on freedom of expression. More worryingly for visitors to Mexico is the government’s ability to block content it perceives as being critical of its operation. The legislation is suitably vague, enabling authorities to request the removal of content from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

While it’s unlikely that you’re traveling to Mexico for the purpose of investigative journalism or to preach about its style of governance, the fact that authorities have such far-reaching powers and extensive surveillance is worrying enough and should encourage all travellers to prepare for the worst by making sure they have one of the best VPNs for Mexico up and running before they depart.

All Streamed Up: Accessing Blocked Sites from Overseas

As part of its crackdown, Mexican authorities have seen fit to ban certain streaming sites as well as specific content which it perceives to be in contravention of the national copyright laws. In fact, the situation progressed to the point that, in 2017, the government banned the sale of Roku units throughout Mexico in an effort to combat the device being used to channel illegal or pirated content. A year later, the government was forced to revoke its ban, although Roku did also guarantee a deeper commitment to preventing the use of the device to access illegal content via private channels.

Unfortunately, this does mean you may not be able to access all the content you’re used to while in Mexico. Similarly, there may be certain sites that you can only access from Mexico, in which case, you would need a VPN with servers inside Mexico in order to view them. Just as you need a US IP address to access Netflix’s extensive US-content library, so certain Mexican streaming sites would require you to use a Mexican IP address. This is simple enough as long as your VPN has Mexican servers which, if you recall, Surfshark does not. Any of our other top VPNs for Mexico would do the trick though.


As anxieties about terrorism and copyright continue to plague cybersecurity legislation, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee freedom of access from anywhere in the world. Over recent years, the Mexican government has increased its online surveillance and clamped down on pirate sites it believes are in contravention of its copyright laws. None of this makes for a free or secure online experience, reiterating the need for some kind of cybersecurity, preferably in the form of one of the best VPNs for Mexico.

Just as you take certain precautions when entering Mexico for fear of violence and crime, so you should take similar precautions to safeguard your digital experience. Don’t just opt for a free or cheap VPN because of the price – you will get what you pay for so if you’re not paying, chances are, you’re not getting the level of protection you need.

All the VPNs listed in this article have been thoroughly checked out so we can guarantee they won’t leave you up a virtual stream without a paddle. With excellent DNS leak protection, military-grade encryption and additional features like ad blockers and kill switches, our selection of the best VPNs for Mexico won’t let you down, even if you’re heading for remote regions like the natural paradise of Huasteca Potosina.

Your best bet for all of it is definitely going to be Express VPN.

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