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How Can I Watch the British Open Golf Tournament?

Last updated on June 26, 2019
The British Open is also referred to as The Open and Open Championships and sees the best golfers in the world battle it out to win the championship. The 2019 British open starts on 18th July and finishes 21st July and this year will be based on the Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland, to celebrate its 148th year.

If you are not lucky enough to watch the British Open in real life then you’ll likely be wanting to catch it on television – which is absolutely fine if you live in the UK and other countries where it is showing, but not so fine otherwise as sporting events such as these are often geographically blocked in many locations. Those who will catch it on TV this year will get to see the following GOLFERS play to win the tournament. For all others, you will need a VPN.

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How to Watch The British Open From Abroad

If you’re looking to see if Francesco Molinari can maintain his championship status this year then you’re going to need to tune into NBC’s Golf Channel, Sky Sports Golf or NOW TV. Many of these modes of viewing will require additional fees and some will be geographically blocked due to licensing laws. The only way to get around this is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network such as ExpressVPN which will allow you to bypass geo-blocking and use an alternative IP address.

Being constantly restricted by the content you watch can be extremely frustrating, especially if you pay for subscriptions such as Now TV or Netflix US. Unfortunately paying a monthly fee does not mean that you have free access to content wherever you choose. Which can be incredibly frustrating to discover when you have important sporting events to watch!

Using A VPN to Watch The British Open Abroad

Accessing blocked content with a VPN is simple and safe. When you normally access the internet your information is left wide open for anyone to see and even if you’re using your own private connection it’s never completely secure. Using a VPN means that your data will be unreadable and therefore safe, secure and anonymous. If you choose the right provider it will also be faster and more reliable too.

The only sensible solution to bypassing geo-blocks is to use a VPN but the benefits don’t end there, as many offer additional features such as malware-blockers and ad-blockers (both essential when using streaming websites) as well as kill-switches that then cut your connection if you’re not safe and no-logging policies that don’t store your data on their servers.  Using a VPN is the easy part, choosing the right brand isn’t. This is why we have taken time out to look at our four favorite VPN providers and highlighted their best features.

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The Best VPNs For Watching The British Open

#1 ExpressVPN

If you’re looking for a top-class VPN that can handle streaming like a boss then you’ll really need to look no further than ExpressVPN which has the best reputation. If you’re looking to stream the British Open live and want to find the best VPN to handle streaming and downloading speeds then you’ll be pleased to hear that ExpressVPN boasts around 1700 servers in 100 countries, giving you a large variety of IP addresses and locations to choose from. Bypass annoying geographical-restrictions easily and choose this trusted VPN which promises to avoid buffering and lagging issues. Watch uninterrupted golf using this Virtual Private Network and stay safe too as the company uses some pretty high-tech techniques (256-bit encryption no less) which will keep your private online data safe and secure as well as anonymous.

Use your own internet provider or public WiFi to access personal information online, safe in the knowledge that your data will be hidden. Don’t worry if your VPN connection cuts out either and leaves you hanging high and dry. ExpressVPN has a kill switch feature, so you’ll never be left with an unsecure connection. There are a range of subscriptions available that are well worth trying and there’s even a SPECIAL DEAL to Secure Thoughts readers: which is 3 months free (49% off their annual subscription plan) – which you can find more about here. If you’re unsure about the service then you can get a 30-day money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

#2 SurfShark

Most of us feel pretty frustrated when we miss out on our favorite sporting events and this is only made worse when our buddies then reveal the results – spoiler alert! The only way to get around annoying geographical-restrictions is to use a high-quality VPN which means that you can watch the British Open whenever and wherever you choose, with the location of the event totally adaptable with the IP address you choose. SurfShark comes highly recommended when it comes to speed and safety with around 500 servers in approximately 50 countries. Not just for your laptop, you can use this Virtual Private Network on a number of different devices including your PC and Smartphone too.

In fact, this provider allows you to use unlimited devices, which is unusual as there’s usually a cap after three. Don’t worry about your details been passed on either as SurfShark hold a very strict no-logging policy which means that they won’t share or even store your information on their servers, keeping you safe and anonymous at all times. Additionally, the company will protect you from nasty malware and annoying ads too with their in-built ad-blockers and malware-blockers. To read more about the subscription packages available take a look at the full review.

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#3 CyberGhost

It’s super simple to access the British Open from overseas when you use the right kind of VPN. Watch any geo-blocked content from outside the US with no problems at all using CyberGhost.

Not only does this VPN allow you access to otherwise restricted content (BBC channels in the US and US Netflix elsewhere in the world being good examples) but it also affords you the ultimate safe online browsing experience and fast connections too. The VPN service provides a number of different subscription packages that are available for people which caters for people with varying needs and budgets. Why not try it out for a few weeks and if you’re not happy, the company provides a 60-day money back guarantee. Any issues setting up the service or with anything else, needn’t be a problem as the customer service team have a fantastic reputation and are likely to give you a fast response via online chat. You can also email the team with any non-urgent problems too.

You can find out more here.

#4 NordVPN

Watch the British Open from the comfort of your own home and never have to worry about finding a sports bar that shows the golf ever again! Once you have your VPN set up you’ll be pretty much good to go and will be able to use the “the internet with no borders” wherever and whenever you please and geo-restrictions do not exist with this service. Using a good quality VPN such as this really can be a game changer as it allows you to watch content safely and securely on the move. NordVPN uses the very finest encryption methods to keep your data absolutely safe and secure. Your online data is essentially “scrambled” so that your information is hidden from potential hackers and data thieves.

Not only that, but they also provide a strict no-logging policy and kill switch so your information will never be stored on their servers and if the VPN ever cut out the connection would be “killed” so you’re not left with sensitive information left unprotected online. The range of subscriptions available are all reasonably priced and flexible, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re still unsure if this is the right service for you after you have sampled it for a while then the company provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can read the full review here.

Why Use a VPN to Watch The British Open

There are countless reasons why using a VPN makes complete sense when you are streaming content or downloading movies. Firstly, many download sites and torrent & streaming sites are not particularly “healthy” places and can attract nasty malware and hackers – why would you want to put your PC at risk just to watch the latest games? Using a VPN means that your connection is safe, always. Not only is your information encrypted but many VPN providers deploy a kill switch feature and have a strict no-logging policy too.

Secondly, how frustrating are geo-blocks? Many US residents may have experienced this when they have tried to access US Netflix from abroad and then realized that the content is blocked. This can feel very unfair if you are paying for your subscription and suddenly you find yourself away from home and unable to watch your favorite shows online. VPNs completely bypass this by allowing you to choose an alternative IP address. This means that you are then able to access any content and not have to worry about strict licensing laws and geographical restrictions. VPNs serve multiple functions, both keeping you safe and giving you total internet freedom. Most providers offer a range of packages and most also boast a money back guarantee if you’re still unsure – what have you to lose?

For the fastest connection on the planet to watch the British Open, there’s only one way to go – ExpressVPN.

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