Best VPN For OpenVPN in 2019

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OpenVPN has emerged as the default open source VPN software that many providers use. It can be installed across a variety of platforms and because it is open source then VPN businesses can tweak it themselves. Installing a VPN on your device ensures that your privacy is boosted and you can also get around geo-restrictions on content. However, not every VPN provider offers a good version of OpenVPN or one that works effectively.

Best Open VPN is Express VPN

What is the Problem with Open VPN?

Most VPN providers now use a version of OpenVPN for their software.

As it is an open source client, then each provider can customize it to their own specifications while keeping the basic code the same.

Not every VPN is good at this though. Some have limited options and cap what download speed you can achieve through their VPN portal.

You need to find a VPN provider that uses their own version of OpenVPN that is designed so that you don’t miss out on fast internet speeds, and avoid connectivity issues.

How OpenVPN Works To Safeguard Your Privacy

OpenVPN is the base program that most reputable VPN services use these days. It provides the means for you to connect to another server in a different part of the world.

This means that you can get around any restrictions on websites and streaming content in your country.

As you are rerouting your connection through another server, you also gain anonymity online and it makes sure that your activity can’t be traced.

VPNs customize the OpenVPN client so that it points to their own servers, has a better and easier to use GUI, and also is a more user friendly program that can simply be downloaded and installed.

Top 3 VPNs For OpenVPN

Below, we tell you about 3 popular VPN provides and how they work with the Open VPN programming.

#1 Express VPN– 9.5/10 – Best for OpenVPN

best open vpn

Express VPN is one of the services that utilize OpenVPN, and it is the best VPN to use if you want fast download speeds, easy to use software and a helpful customer service.

When some VPNs provide their own tweaked version of OpenVPN, then they often limit the download speed that you can obtain.

This is so that they can manage their bandwidth but Express VPN makes sure that you receive fast internet speeds the whole time that you are connected to their servers.

The great thing about Express VPN is that they also provide an easy to use and operate version of OpenVPN in their software.

Most people comment that Express VPN is the easiest service to use and it is especially recommended for first time VPN users.

Some software can be confusing and difficult, but Express VPN is easy and straightforward.

Contacting their customer support team could not be easier either.

They consistently have the best customer service in the business and respond within minutes of a support ticket being issued. Most problems are fixed in less than an hour.

Finally, Express VPN also provides server recommendation locations based on what you are using the VPN for.

This makes it much simpler for you to find a server that is dedicated to your needs.

While many VPNs use OpenVPN as their base program, not every service is as good as Express VPN in tweaking it and providing a high quality connection.

#2 IPVanish– 8/10 – Has some issues in performance

An alternative service to use that also provides an OpenVPN client is IPVanish, although they fall short in many areas where Express VPN thrives.

For instance the software itself is not as easy to use. IPVanish has tweaked the program themselves, but many people complain that it takes much longer to master, unlike Express VPNs version.

The connection with IPVanish seems to drop out sometimes and download speeds are not as fast.

Perhaps for simple internet browsing it can be OK, but for streaming content or visiting many websites in a short space of time, it isn’t as good as Express VPN.

Also, Express VPN works with all operating systems, but IPVanish does not work with iOS, so Apple users beware.

If you want to look at IPVanish, you can find a link to their site here.

#3- Hide My Ass– 6/10 – Basic VPN that won’t perform to the same standard as Express VPN

The last recommendation on this list is HideMyAss. While it comes with an OpenVPN client, the actual performance of the VPN service falls way behind that of Express VPN.

While Express VPN ensures that your connection speed stays consistent throughout the time you are connected to the server, the same cannot be said for HideMyAss.

It seemed as though the speed varied greatly and it is difficult to stream video content, for example, when the connection is so inconsistent.

Unlike Express VPN’s quick-responding and knowledgeable team, HideMyAss doesn’t have a quick and efficient customer service team.

Even though they will get back to you eventually, and help to resolve any problems you are experiencing, it can be a long time before this happens.

Express VPN can have issues sorted in minutes, whereas for HideMyAss, it is more a case of hours.

Lastly, the OpenVPN software that HideMyAss provides is harder to use.

Much in the same way as IPVanish experiences problems in this area, HideMyAss can be confusing to new VPN users that simply want to load up the software and enhance their privacy.

Conclusion: Best Open VPN

All the best VPN services use OpenVPN as their base software. The key is finding one that not only provides a good version of the software, but also comes with other perks too.

Some VPNs don’t provide fast internet speeds, good customer service or an easy to use piece of software, however Express VPN does.

If you use Express VPN then you will be able to:

  • Browse and stream securely online with added protection and privacy
  • Use software that is straightforward and can be operated by anyone regardless of skill
  • Get around geo-restrictions on content that may be in place in your region
  • Use their helpful and quick customer service team to solve any problems with the VPN

Using the internet without a VPN is not recommended, as it puts your privacy at risk, and can prevent you from accessing content that is not available in your area.

To be able to use the internet securely, maintain your fast internet speed and also use the best OpenVPN based software, then get ExpressVPN now.

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