Best VPN Services in 2017

Summary: As more worrying bills are being passed like allowing ISPs to obtain user data, a growing number of people are opting to use a VPN for data privacy, in addition to entertainment purposes like unblocking websites. Here’s our experts review of the best VPN service for 2017, based on their features and applications to simplify user search.

We Chose the best VPN service for 2017 to be ExpressVPN.

Best VPNs 2017

VPN Reviews – How we Picked the Best VPN Services in 2017

It can be difficult to tell which VPN is the right one for your personal needs.

We all have different reasons for using the internet: while some use it for streaming and torrenting, others use it to get around restrictions placed by their job, school, or even the government. After all, a student trying to get past school-imposed filters will look for different features in a School VPN than someone in China who wants to surf various sites and remain outside the watchful eye of the government. The following best VPN services reviews are based on key features which answer the most common and important consumer demands:

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions
  • Access to restricted/censored content
  • Streaming / torrenting / other P2P services
  • Connection quality
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Online anonymity
  • Price

Best VPN Service 2017 Reviewed

1.   ExpressVPN

Our top pick for best VPN services ticks all of the right boxes, scoring highly in nearly every aspect. It’s the best VPN for us, and here’s why.

Ease of use: ExpressVPN is incredibly easy to use, with an intuitive client and excellent speeds. It’ll only take a few clicks to get started after downloading their software, with numerous servers to choose from.

Features: Above all, their incredible speeds set them apart from the rest on the list. They have over 145 server locations worldwide, with dedicated apps for a range of mobile and desktop systems. You can use the VPN on three devices at the same time.

Reliability: With so many VPNs to choose from, ExpressVPN have wisely focused on providing a reliable service. Network Lock is their version of a kill switch, so you’ll never be caught out while using a P2P application.

Customer Support: They have some of the best customer support available. Response times of 30 minutes are great considering others can take at least a few hours to get back to you.

Can it access US Netflix? US Netflix is currently accessible via some of their server locations, although the streaming service is trying to block all access.


Free Trial: 30 day money-back guarantee
1 month: $12.95
6 months: $9.99/mo
15 months (1 year + 3 months extra): $6.67/mo

Overall: If you couldn’t tell from the above, we’d highly recommend ExpressVPN.

2.   NordVPN

NordVPN is a cheaper option, but it’s definitely worth checking out for a number of reasons.

Ease of use: They have dedicated and cheap VPN clients for almost every platform imaginable, and it’s simple to navigate their server map to get started. Their app is sleek and responsive on both mobile and desktop devices.

Features: Security is the predominant concern, with high levels of encryption and no user logs stored. It’s still reasonably fast, although it isn’t their major selling point. They have over 1000 server locations to choose from in 60+ countries. NordVPN supports P2P activities, and their CyberSec feature can be enabled to block suspicious websites.

Reliability: The service itself is stable and reliable thanks to the emphasis on security. If your connection does drop, the VPN can be set to automatically shut down any programs or websites of your choosing instantly.

Customer Support: While their VPN is reliable, they don’t have the best overall customer support, with infrequent user complaints found online.

Can it access US Netflix? US Netflix is available, thanks in part to the sheer number of servers they have to offer.


Free Trial: 30 day money-back guarantee
1 month: $11.95
6 months: $7.00/mo
1 year: $5.75/mo
2 years: $3.29/mo

Overall: If you also value security over speeds, it’s an inexpensive, solid option that won’t let you down. Get NordVPN here.


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$2.75 $11.95

3.   PrivateVPN

While PrivateVPN might not be the most well-known provider, they have a decent overall service.

Ease of use: PrivateVPN has dedicated apps for mobile devices, computers and routers. Each are reasonably streamlined, and we had no problems during testing. You can access their servers with a couple of clicks, and you’ll be ready to start. That being said, it is pretty basic.

Features: Excellent levels of encryption and zero logs, as well as numerous worldwide servers. They also allow P2P sharing with up to six simultaneous connections. They don’t have the most features, instead focusing on the core aspects of their service.

Reliability: They’re a smaller provider, but they’re honest and open about their location and their service. You can expect little to no downtime during use, but it’s slower than the majority of the competition. It also features a kill switch, just in case.

Customer Support: They offer 24/7 support, although the Live Chat feature can sometimes be offline. (They’ll respond via the ticketing system if so.)

Can it access US Netflix? It can be used to unblock Netflix in multiple countries, including the US.


Free Trial: 30 day money-back guarantee
1 month: $10.95
3 months: $6.75/mo
15 months (1 year + 3 months extra): $2.98/mo

Overall: The Swedish provider has vastly improved over the last few years, and they’re a viable option if you’re looking for a cheap VPN, which is why it makes our list of best VPN services. Even so, it’s tough to find a reason to pick it ahead of others on the list. Get PrivateVPN here.

4.   PureVPN

Marketed as one of the fastest VPNs available, how does PureVPN shape up compared to the others on this list?

Ease of use: You can login to multiple phones, tablets and computers with a single account, and PureVPN have dedicated apps for each one which are easy to use. We checked out their Mac client, and found a capable service with lots of functionality.

Features: Speed is key, but it’s not the only perk. You’ll also be able to use their built-in antivirus software and their content filter, along with more traditional features. Their App Blocker can be used to control apps and websites with the VPN, and it can be used for P2P file sharing.

Reliability: One of the best VPNs in terms of user reviews. As with the rest of the best VPNs, PureVPN offers a kill switch in case of any sudden drops in connection. You can also set it to select the optimal server for you, which should have a positive impact on speeds.

Customer Support: PureVPN have 24/7 support through Live Chat and ticketing.

Can it access US Netflix? PureVPN appear to have given up with Netflix. Expect access to be denied.


Free Trial: 7 day money-back guarantee
1 month: $10.95
6 months: $9.00/mo
2 years: $3.25/mo

Overall: Eventhough a lack of Netflix will be a deal breaker for some, PureVPN makes the best VPN services list thanks to its robust features and the price. Sign up with PureVPN here.

5.   IPVanish

Here’s the rundown for IPVanish.

Ease of use: IPVanish have a range of user friendly apps across every device imaginable. We tested their Mac client and were impressed with the overall design. They also have API load balancing, which will suggest the best server for you to use.

Features: With over 800 servers in 60+ countries, speeds are quite good. Encryption is tight and they keep no logs of user data, so you’ll be free to browse every server in safety. You can also set your IP address to automatically switch after a period of time, to keep any lurkers guessing.

Reliability: With so many to choose from, you’re always likely to find a working server. It helps that they’re also happy to suggest which one is best. They have a kill switch just in case you lose connection.

Customer Support: They offer standard levels of customer support via 24/7 Live Chat.

Can it access US Netflix? Another VPN to give up the fight, you’ll no longer be able to access Netflix with their service.


1 month: $10.00;
3 months: $8.99/mo;
1 year: $6.49/mo.

Overall: If Netflix doesn’t matter to you, the choice of servers and high speeds make IPVanish a valid option. Get IPVanish here.

6.   CyberGhost

CyberGhostVPN is sold as an all-in-one privacy app, but how does it compare to dedicated VPNs?

Ease of use: Their mobile app is intuitive, with instant feedback to alert you to any potential dangers. There are four profiles to choose from for users with different levels of experience. They also have dedicated clients for desktop computers.

Features: They offer simultaneous protection on up to five devices, additional security features, and access to 800 servers worldwide. You’ll be able to download torrents safely with CyberGhost VPN, and it’s a highly customizable experience.

Reliability: The Romanian company is noted for their reliability and their accessibility. They’ve banked on their app being their USP, and it has numerous glowing reviews on the App Store. The service itself is reasonably solid, hence the high ratings.

Customer Support: Live Chat wasn’t working during testing, so we used a contact form. It’s likely they have 24/7 support staff, but the Chat feature won’t be available at all times.

Can it access US Netflix? They openly advertise that Netflix can be accessed with their service. We had no issues doing so.


Free Trial: 30 day money-back guarantee
1 month: $10.49;
6 months: $5.90/mo;
2 years: $2.90/mo.

Overall: Cyberghost stands out in terms of intuitive mobile app and torrenting. Get CyberghostVPN today.

7.   VyprVPN

How did VyprVPN fare on our list?

Ease of use: VyprVPN has the typical range of clients and apps you’d expect after making it this far down the list. VyprVPN supports desktop and mobile devices and their software is easy to navigate. Connecting to a server won’t take long, and it’s easy to choose your preferred location.

Features: There’s 700+ servers to choose from, and their custom built Chameleon technology can be used to access restricted content. It’s a great combo for streaming, but that’s not all. It’ll integrate with a number of additional apps, and they have solid encryption protocols.

Reliability: They own and manage their own network to ensure better control and user satisfaction. It should translate to a smoother service, with no chance of a random drop while you’re online. Speeds are decent, but not as snappy as ExpressVPN.

Customer Support: Their customer support consists of a ticketing system, which is staffed 24/7.

Can it access US Netflix? Despite a few issues in the past, VyprVPN can help you access US Netflix on desktop computers. However, the same can’t be said for phones or tablets.

Pricing: VyprVPN have split pricing into two tiers.

Regular Price Package:

Free Trial: 3 days
1 month: $9.95
1 year: $5.00/mo

VyprVPN Premium pricing:

Free Trial: 3 days
1 month: $12.95
1 year: $6.67/mo

Overall: VyprVPN stands out on our list of best VPN services for its streaming capabilities on desktop and security. Sign up with VyprVPN here.

8.   BufferedVPN

Lastly, we have BufferedVPN.

Ease of use: Their client is easy to navigate on desktop devices. Once you’ve selected your server and logged in, you’ll be good to go. Mobile users will have to install the VPN manually, which is a pain compared to VPNs with dedicated clients on the App Store.

Features: They have servers located in 40 countries across the globe, and allow access for five devices simultaneously. BufferedVPN doesn’t have many additional features, but it does allow for the use of P2P services.

Reliability: We experienced no downtime during use. However, some users have reported infrequent disconnections during use, as well as further problems. There’s no kill switch, so it could be a risk if you need to keep apps, programs and websites discreet.

Customer Support: Unlike the rest on the list, they offer no form of Live Chat support. It’s infuriating if you do run into problems along the way.

Can it access US Netflix? Users have reported problems when accessing Netflix via mobile, but we had no problems with the desktop version.


Free trial: 30 day money-back guarantee
1 month: $12.99;
6 months (bi-annual): $9.99/mo;
1 year: $8.25/mo.

Overall: BufferedVPN offer good P2P services and uninterrupted connection. Sign up with BufferedVPN here.

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