Best VPNs for YouTube in 2017

Summary: In many parts of the world YouTube is blocked.  It is also restricted in some workplaces too.  Even though it is one of the most recognizable websites it can be difficult to access depending on your location. Using a VPN allows you to access YouTube freely and without any restrictions.  A VPN also provides extra security when online by encrypting the data you receive and send so that it cannot be intercepted or hacked.

Best VPN for Youtube: Express VPN


You can literally spend hours browsing through the millions of videos that are hosted on YouTube.  Not only is it a great way to keep up with latest developments in the world, but it provides fantastic entertainment too.

The problem that many people face is that YouTube is restricted in their country or their workplace, and some videos are blocked depending on your location.  Accessing streaming websites like netflix can also be risky without first protecting yourself when online.  You can put yourself at a lot of risk by clicking links or watching videos when using a streaming service like YouTube.

A VPN solves both of these problems.  It uses a high level of encryption to protect your personal data and your identity while also allowing users to bypass any geo-restrictions on content such as accessing YouTube in locations where it is blocked.

You should get Express VPN now if you want to be able to access YouTube safely and securely.

Why You Need A VPN For YouTube

By using a VPN you scramble the data you send and receive from your device.  This can be from a laptop, PC or even a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.  This means that no-one can spy on your activity or hack into your device to steal any personal information or data.

A VPN also allows you to connect to a server in another part of the world.  This provides you with a new IP address so that you can trick websites like YouTube into thinking that you are actually somewhere else and gain full access to their service.

For protecting yourself online while also having unrestricted access to YouTube then a VPN is the best and most effective solution.


Top 3 VPN’s For YouTube


#1 Express VPN – Best VPN For Youtube

To be able to access YouTube without restrictions and to encrypt your data, Express VPN is by far the best service to use.  It is tailor-made for the YouTube experience while also having fantastic customer service and reliability.

What sets Express VPN apart from its competitors is the speed that it maintains.  Many VPN’s actually slow down your internet speed considerably.  However, Express VPN allows you to keep your blazing fast connection. This is very important when using YouTube so that you can load videos and HD content without any problems

Express VPN is also the most reliable service available, as it has hundreds of working servers around the world so that you can choose a new IP address easily.

Express VPN uses a high level of encryption to protect your information.  If someone tried to access your device then all they will see is encrypted and scrambled data that is impossible to decode so it really does make you safe on the internet.

Compared to other VPNs, Express VPN provides the highest quality customer service.  If you have any problems with the VPN or simply want to ask a question about how it works, the customer service staff will get back to you in under an hour.  It usually only takes them a few minutes to respond with a detailed answer to your query and they are available 24/7, all year round. Read our full expressvpn review here.

If you want to be able to access geo-restricted content like YouTube, while keeping your rapid internet connection and protecting your data online, get Express VPN now.


#2 Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is another VPN that will allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions on accessing YouTube, but it is more unreliable and doesn’t provide as high a level of encryption as Express VPN does.

Although this VPN has a large number of servers, connecting to them and being assigned a new IP address can take a long time.  If you want to be able to access content on YouTube quickly, your best best is Express VPN because Hide My Ass can have servers that are either full or unavailable.

It also takes their service team a long time to respond.  While Express VPN will respond to any problems you have within minutes, it can take Hide My Ass hours before they get back to you and this isn’t ideal if you want to access YouTube right away.

It doesn’t provide a high level of encryption either so even though it will scramble your data, it can be decoded by some of the better hackers out there, unlike Express VPN.

Hide My Ass can allow you to access YouTube if it is blocked in your region and it will encrypt your data but it doesn’t do either of these things as well as Express VPN does.

You can get more information about Hide My Ass on their website, here.

#3 – Vyper VPN

Finally, there is Vyper VPN.  It will assign you a new IP address to access YouTube and does offer some encryption, but compared to Express VPN it is not in the same league.

The servers are often full and it actually decreases your internet speed, so loading videos on YouTube can take a long time especially in high definition.  The level of encryption that is used by Vyper VPN can leave your personal data at risk as some hackers can bypass this level of security.

Their customer support team is also much slower than Express VPN.  It takes the best part of a day or even longer for them to get back to any queries you send and their responses are not very detailed or helpful in most cases.

Vyper VPN will allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions that are in place for YouTube in many parts of the world but it does this slowly with a lack of security and is certainly not as good as Express VPN at providing a high level of customer service.

For more information about Vypr VPN, visit their site here.


If you want to access YouTube in your area or in your workplace, while also maintaining your fast internet speed and encrypting your data, Express VPN is the number one option to choose.  With Express VPN you can:

  • Access YouTube and stream content freely
  • Protect your personal data and details
  • Maintain your fast internet connection with no drop in speed
  • Choose from hundreds of servers and IP addresses worldwide

It is recommended that you use a VPN when online at all times to protect yourself, and if you live in an area where YouTube is restricted, a VPN will solve this problem for you.

To create a safer environment on the internet and to access restricted content like YouTube, get Express VPN now. 

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