Best VPNs For Downloading Music

Best VPN for Downloading Music

Last updated on May 11, 2021

As with everything in our lives now, we even use the internet to listen to our music. Most people get their music from digital sources such as iTunes or torrent files.

However, downloading files can put your privacy at risk. As a way around this risk, to protect your privacy and download music online you should connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) first.

A VPN for downloading music masks your real identity and location and also allows access to geo-restricted content such as music that is blocked.

In this article, we look more in depth as to why you need a VPN to download music as well as rating and reviewing the three best VPN providers on the market.

The result of our finding was that to get the best VPN for downloading music with fast speeds, encryption, and customer service, ExpressVPN was the VPN company to plump for.

In this article

3 Best VPNs For Downloading Music

Below is a list that has the 3 best VPNs for downloading music online starting with the top recommended VPN. We have rated and reviewed the market so you don’t have to. Simply put, these are the three best VPNs to download music with.

#1 – ExpressVPN

To download music quickly, you need a VPN that not only provides encryption but also rapid speeds. The download speeds with ExpressVPN are impressive, and you won’t notice a difference between your normal connection and with an ExpressVPN server.This means you can download music quickly and easy. Other reasons that ExpressVPN is a go to VPN provider for downloading music are:

  • Unlimited bandwidth: ExpressVPN also offer their clients unlimited bandwidth, so users won’t find usage capped when using any ExpressVPN servers. This is imperative when it comes to downloading music as it means that users can download as many albums as they want with ExpressVPN.
  • Top of the range encryption techniques – ExpressVPN has 256 bit SSL secured encryption, so your personal information and location are kept a secret. If anyone tried to access your details, then they will just see scrambled data that is very difficult to decode. This is essential when downloading files like music or when torrenting
  • No logs policy – ExpressVPN don’t keep any usage logs either so customer activity won’t be monitored or recorded. This is very important if customers are using torrents as it means that customer information cannot be handed over to any authorities.
  • Vast Network – ExpressVPN features servers in over 100 locations around the world. Digital content, and music, in particular, can often be geo-restricted and only available in certain regions. With ExpressVPN you have full access to music around the world and these geo-blocks are removed. You just need to connect to an ExpressVPN server in a location where you can download the music that you want.
  • Money back guarantee – ExpressVPN have a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee, so you can see if the software is for you. If you refer a friend to their service, you will also get 30 days subscription free! This is a great incentive to recommend this service to your friends and get 30 days free subscription for you and your friends with such a reputable VPN provider.
  • Market leading customer support – ExpressVPN’s customer support team responds really quickly and they have a handy live chat facility on their website. Users never have to wait more than a few minutes for help to respond, which is great news if you are desperate to hear the latest release from an artist that is geo-restricted where you are.
  • Straightforward to use and install – Unlike other VPNs the software is really easy to use and you can get started downloading music right away. You can also use ExpressVPN on three devices without having to pay extra.

If you want to download music quickly and securely, while also bypassing geo-restrictions on digital content, then get ExpressVPN now.

#2 – IPVanish

IPVanish works well to protect your privacy and allows you to bypass geo-blocks on digital content. While ExpressVPN has super-fast download speeds, IPVanish suffers from a slower connection but it still will be able to download music quickly for you. In terms of other features that make it a great option, IPVanish has the following:

  • 7 day money back guarantee – While IPVanish does not offer the same as ExpressVPN with it’s a great referral program where you can get free access for 30 days, it does have a 7 day money back guarantee. It’s a no quibble guarantee so should you find that downloading music with IPVanish is not working out for you, for any reason, you can simply ask for your money back after a week’s use.
  • Large Network of Servers – IPVanish has many servers located in over 60 countries, so you can use these guys to get around geo-restrictions on digital content. However, keep in mind that iOS users often complain of problems using IPVanish.
  • Simultaneous connections – We all have more than one device these days and they all need to protected with a VPN when downloading music. What’s great about IPVanish is that the provider allows for a handful of simultaneous connections so you can protect all your devices on just the one subscription plan.

All in all, however, for a faster VPN with more extra features, and that is compatible with all your devices, then ExpressVPN is the better choice for downloading music. If you can’t seem to subscriber ExpressVPN for any reason, have a look here for more information on IPVanish and how to install its software.

#3 HideMyAss

For downloading music online HideMyAss does a good job at protecting your privacy and allowing you to access geo-restricted content. If you can’t get either ExpressVPN or even IPVanish, HideMyAss is the next best choice.

  • Fast connection speeds – HideMyAss can’t quite keep up with ExpressVPN when it comes to connection speeds, but it’s still pretty quick. This is down to a large network that is dotted around the globe that helps keep speeds and connectivity high for users.
  • Stringent encryption –  Like ExpressVPN, HideMyAss employs the top of the range method of 256 AES Bit encryption which is the toughest technique to crack for hackers. It is used by the US government to protect its files and networks.

Users do experience a few shortcomings with HideMyAss however. For starters, their software is a little more difficult to use compared to ExpressVPN’s beginner friendly program. The result is that many people feel overwhelmed by HideMyAss and it takes a while to get used to the VPN program.

HideMyAss is here.

Why Do I Need a VPN To Download Music?

Many well-known online music providers have suffered from privacy infringements in recent years. If you download music with torrents then you will want to keep your identity a secret due to copyright issues.

A VPN allows you to hide your identity and location and it keeps your privacy intact. Downloading music with a VPN will keep your personal information protected while lifting any geo-restrictions on accessing content.

How Does A VPN Protect My Privacy?

When you connect to a VPN, you reroute your internet connection through another server. This means that your real IP address and personal information is encrypted and cannot be hacked. VPNs offer servers located in many different countries around the world so that users can be given a whole host of different IP addresses from the servers they connect through.

This is great news as, if a song or album is only available to download in one country or region, you simply need to choose a server in that location. The result is, therefore, that with a VPN you can not only protect your privacy online, you can also lift geo-restrictions on music and other digital content.

Problems With Downloading Music Without A VPN

The problems with downloading music without a VPN is that you are instantly opening yourself up for Cyberattack as your connection is far easier to infiltrate by hackers.

Additionally, your online activity is also open to being recorded by ISPs or other prying eyes like Government entities who believe they need to snoop on their citizens. A VPN stops this from happening, as mentioned, by encrypting your connection and hiding your identity by providing you with a new IP address. It makes downloading music far safer for all involved.

The Rules and Regulations for Downloading Music with A VPN

In the majority of countries around the globe, having VPN software installed on your computer or mobile device is not illegal. However, the grey area and legal issues that continue to dog VPN usage is when customers employ their VPN to then conduct illegal activity.

Depending on the country, this can be as harmless as accessing a music song that has explicit language on it to partaking in dark web activities that most countries would deem against the law.

The answer to staying within the limits of law enforcers is, therefore, to check what the country you are in allows in terms of downloading music. If downloading music, or certain types of music, are deemed as illegal, then you are subject to the laws and punishments of that country should you be caught. Obviously, a VPN makes you far harder to detect in terms of this activity, but if you are found to be accessing illegal content, the use of a VPN to do so will not give you immunity.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the majority of us will access music most of the time through Spotify or iTunes or similar. We simply do not go out to buy a hard copy CD any more to get our hands on the latest releases by our favorite artists.

But doing so, as previously mentioned, does make our privacy vulnerable to both legal and illegal purposes by third parties – be they government personnel or hackers.

With a VPN, like ExpressVPN in particular, you can keep your personal information secure while also bypassing geo-blocks on digital content.

Plus, if you use ExpressVPN, you get many extra benefits including:

  • Fast download speeds and servers located in 78 countries
  • Fantastic referral program that gives you free protection for 1 month
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Great customer support team that are available 24/7/365
  • Easy to use software that doesn’t log or track your activity

This is great news as the result is that users can access their favorite songs and albums quickly and securely online. Get ExpressVPN today.