Best VPN for Israel

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Summary: Israel has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, with more and more users per capita every year.

As the pool of users widens, so does the pool of potential identity theft victims. You can protect your data from being intercepted by using a VPN.

A VPN acts like a secret tunnel in the internet, encrypting your data and routing it to a secure, remote server.

For the fastest, most secure connection anywhere in the Middle East, use Express VPN.


Why Is My Information at Risk?

Israel is a unique place in the Middle East as far as internet access goes.

This country’s citizens enjoy completely unfiltered and uncensored internet access, in stark contrast to many of its neighboring countries.

The only real issue internet users face in Israel is the growing threats that connectivity bring.

With one of the highest rates of broadband internet penetration in the world, Israeli users are now representing a large pool of targets for online identity thieves and hackers.

If you plan on using the internet in this country, or indeed anywhere for that matter, you need to seriously consider protecting yourself with a VPN.


What is a VPN?

Is this is the first you’ve ever heard of a VPN, don’t worry, it’s not complicated. VPNs are subscription services (meaning they charge a monthly fee) that provide the following:

  • a secure encrypted connection
  • IP address blocking for anonymous browsing
  • a wide selection of servers to bypass content blocks

VPNs are typically either used for privacy, security, and/or accessibility in areas where access to certain content may be restricted, as in many parts of the Middle East.

By encrypting your connection to a secure server in another country, you get access to any content available there, and essentially become impossible to track or surveil.


Top 3 VPNs for Israel

VPNs have become popular in recent years, with everyone from students trying to be network restrictions to travelling businessmen trying to protect their privacy getting in on the benefits.

Here are a few of the most commonly used ones on the web, and how they compare for securing your connection in Israel.


#1 Choice:  Express VPN – 9/10 – Fast, secure connection with unlimited bandwidth

For most purposes, Express VPN is usually the best option.

Their fast reliable connection makes them perfect for streaming and downloading, and with unlimited bandwidth, you never have to worry about hitting a monthly cap.

Express VPN is loaded with features, including two simultaneous connections per service plan.

What that means is that you can connect both your home and mobile device to their network for no additional fees.

What’s really great is their software is compatible with all major operating systems, so you can use it seamlessly on pretty much any device.

If you’ve never used a VPN before, Express VPN is a great one to start with thanks to their amazing customer service – you won’t find faster, more helpful people.

Their team is available 24/7 via live chat, but even their e-mail support has an average turn-around time of less than 20 minutes so you’re never waiting long for help.

Plus, with their rock-solid 30 day money back guarantee, and a referral program that can’t be matched, ExpressVPN is more than just security – they’re a company you can trust.

For the best VPN service money can buy, use Express VPN.


#2:  IPVanish – 7/10 – Fast connection, but won’t work on iPhones or iPads

If for some reason you just can’t seem to access an Express VPN server, IPVanish would be the one I would try next.

Though their service isn’t quite as all-encompassing as Express VPN’s, their connection is incredibly fast and reliable, so you should have any trouble with things like Skype and Netflix.

IPVanish’s service, like Express VPN’s, comes with unlimited bandwidth and two simultaneous connections, so you never have to worry about running up a bill.

At just $10 per month, their service is very affordable, even if it is missing a few features.

For one thing, their software isn’t compatible with iOS. IPVanish will work on just about anything else – Windows, Mac, Android, and even Linux systems.

However, it is not as of yet compatible with mobile Apple devices, so this one’s not an option if you need to secure a connection on an iPhone or iPad.

In addition, their customer support is completely lacking in any live ways to get in touch with the – you can only contact them via e-mail, and it usually takes a few hours to get a response.

Also worth noting is that their money back guarantee is only one week, and they don’t have a referral program at all. Whereas, Express VPN offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

IPVanish can be found at this website.


#3: HideMyAss– 5/10 – Slow customer service, unreliable connection

Even though HideMyAss appears to have a long list of features on board, their service isn’t nearly as good as it seems. For one thing their connection is slow – really slow.

If you use online services like Netflix or Pandora, I seriously would not recommend using this VPN, as you’ll likely be frustrated by the sluggish server response times.

In addition, their connections are notoriously unreliable, frequently dropping your connection in the middle of a browsing session.

Whereas, I always had a strong, reliable connection with Express VPN.

If this suddenly happens, your mobile device may try to automatically connect to the nearest open network, exposing your data to everyone.

What’s really frustrating about HideMyAss is that even though their support is 24/7 like Express VPN’s, it’s incredibly difficult to get a fast response from them.

Their live phone support and chat options almost always have you on hold, and their e-mail responses usually take no less than 12 hours to get to your inbox – unacceptable as far as I’m concerned.

Though HideMyAss has universally compatible software and unlimited bandwidth, with such a poor connection quality I feel like it hardly matters.

If you’re looking for a VPN to keep your data secure in Israel, there are plenty of better options. My first choice is always going to be Express VPN.

HideMyAss is here.


Conclusion: Use Express VPN for Fast, Unlimited Access

As the pool of internet users continues to grow in Israel, it’s a lot like a feeding frenzy for hackers.

Unsecured connections abound, and thieves are taking advantage of the unknowing users and stealing their information in droves.

You can protect yourself with some common sense security measures, and by using Express VPN.

Express VPN safeguards your data with military grade encryption, and makes you anonymous by blocking your IP address.

You can even access sites and services unavailable in the country you’re in by connecting to a server somewhere else, essentially tricking them into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not.

With such easy to use software and low monthly rates, it’s not worth the risk of not using a VPN.

Play it safe, and use the fastest connection available to safeguard your data in Israel – use Express VPN.