best VPN for France

Best VPNs for France

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Summary:  France might not have the most internet censorship in the world, however, there has been a growing trend in terms of privacy invasion.

Clauses in the LOPPSI 2 and LCEN legislation and monitoring of internet activity have caused many free speech activists to become worried.

It is also difficult to access certain geo-restricted content with a French IP address. You can get around these blockades with a VPN, which will assign you a new IP address.

If you live in France and want to keep your internet activity private, and also get access to sites that aren’t available, in the country then get Express VPN now.

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What’s the Problem in France?

Compared with many other countries, France has a history of promoting free speech. However, this has been eroded in recent years.

In particular, many people find their internet activity is being monitored and there are tougher internet censorship laws.

It can also be difficult to access content from other countries if you live in France.

This includes UK and US versions of Netflix, streaming services and online games that require you to have an IP address in a specific location.

Using a VPN not only protects your privacy, but lets you bypass these restrictions because of your IP address.

How Does A VPN Protect Free Speech In France?

The Hadopi law is perhaps the most well-known piece of legislation relating to internet privacy in France and it deals with copyright infringement.

It has been supplemented with other laws dealing with cyber security that allows authorities to log activity and clamp down on internet freedom.

A VPN provides you with a new IP address because you reroute your connection through a different server.

This server will be hosted outside of France, so that any website you try to access thinks that you are in a different country. This is great for accessing geo-restricted content.

The connection is also encrypted, meaning that it is very difficult for anyone to track or log your activity online.

Top 3 VPNs For France

Below, we’ll share with you 3 top VPN companies and show you how they compare to one another so you’ll know what to expect.

#1 Express VPN – 9/10 – Best for use in France

The best VPN to use in France is undoubtedly Express VPN. Not only is it very secure and will protect your privacy, but it will also let you keep your fast internet speed.

Express VPN has servers located in countries close to France.

This means that your connection doesn’t have to travel across the world to go through a new server and your internet speed will stay consistent and quick.

It also uses a powerful 256 bit SSL encryption that boosts your privacy and makes sure that you cannot be traced.

Express VPN also doesn’t log any of your activity either, which is a major bonus for those of you are who concerned with France’s internet censorship and monitoring laws.

If you are new to using a VPN then you will find the software provided very easy to use.

Some VPNs don’t think about inexperienced users and provide a program that is complicated and confusing.

Express VPN makes sure that you can load up the software and be connected to a new secure server in seconds.

Finally the customer support team at ExpressVPN responds quickly and efficiently to any questions or problems you have.

They are not only knowledgeable about common and complex problems but are happy to help as well. They are easy to contact and have most issues fixed within minutes.

Using Express VPN in France is a must if you value your privacy and also want to get around not being able to access content due to your IP address.

To cover your tracks and bypass censorship legislation in France then you need to get Express VPN now, for more about ExpressVPN read this review.

#2 IPVanish – 7/10 – Slower VPN

As an alternative to Express VPN, you can use IPVanish to protect your privacy in France.

It does offer a high level of encryption however it isn’t as good as Express VPN because it provides slower and less reliable internet speeds and it is not as easy to use.

Their servers are not as smartly designed as those at Express VPN. This means that you will not receive the same speeds that you currently get with your normal internet connection.

Downloading files and streaming videos takes longer with IPVanish than with Express VPN. The software that comes with IPVanish is also difficult to use.

If you have never used a VPN before, or if you simply want a program that makes it easy to connect to a server, then it is better to use Express VPN.

The IPVanish software can be confusing for many people.

You can find Our full review for IPVanish here and a link for IPVanish here. 

#3- HideMyAss – 5/10 – Not a reliable VPN to use for France

HideMyAss provides a similar service to IPVanish in that you cannot receive the same speeds and reliability as you will with Express VPN.

They limit their bandwidth so that your internet speed will be limited too.

If you need to contact their customer service department then expect long waiting times especially when compared to Express VPN.

It can take HideMyAss over a day to respond to your support ticket and even longer to actually resolve a problem.

Express VPN is a better choice if you want a VPN that is more reliable and will actively fix problems quicker.

HideMyAss is here, you can also read the full review here

Conclusion:  Use Express VPN for the most access and privacy in France

France has been a proponent of free speech for a long time, however recently internet rights and privacy are being eroded through various pieces of legislation.

If you want to be able to use the internet securely in France then it is recommended that you use a VPN to do this.

Not only will a VPN enhance your privacy when online but it will also provide access to content that is not available in France. This includes US and UK versions of streaming services such as Netflix and some online games.

You should use Express VPN, as it is the most suited service for using in France. If you use Express VPN then you will receive many benefits including:

To get around France’s growing internet censorship and keep your activity private, get Express VPN now.

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