Watch the US Women’s Open Golf Tournament Overseas

How to Watch the US Women’s Open Golf Tournament Overseas

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The US Women’s Golf or United States Women’s Open Championship is a tournament conducted by the United States Golf Association. This year the US Women’s Golf Tournament is to be held at Country Club Charleston, Charleston, S.C from 30th May 2019 to 2nd June 2019.

You can watch the tournament on a variety of different channels but the problem is, if you don’t live in the US or have access to the specific channels then you may find it tricky to gain access and need to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN to get an alternative IP address based in the US.

For the fastest streaming of the big event on any continent, use Express VPN.

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How to Watch US Women’s Golf Tournament Matches

There are several ways that you can watch the US Women’s Open which is conducted by USGA.

You can catch the matches the traditional way and watch on one of the following channels:

Or catch the matches live online at, or by watching via the US Open and US Women’s Open Apps.

The actual schedule can be found HERE. The problem with streaming and accessing US-based channels is that it only suits US-based residents that can watch the matches at those specific times. If you are based outside the US then not only will many of the channels be inaccessible but also the time difference may be inconvenient too. Throw in slow connection speeds, expensive apps and buffering issues into the mix and you can see how you might encounter problems trying to watch the US Women’s Golf Tournament matches abroad. Luckily there is an easy solution and one that we mentioned briefly before. Find yourself a good quality virtual private network provider.

Using A VPN to Watch US Women’s Golf Tournament Matches

When it comes to streaming content online it makes complete sense to use a VPN. If you haven’t used one before and think it all sounds a bit too “techy” then worry not; they’re simple to use. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is essentially an encrypted tunnel that allows you to access websites safely and securely. Your online identity is then totally anonymous and unreadable to anyone who tried to hack into the servers.

If you have ever tried to stream or download content before, you may have encountered issues where your internet provider blocked your activity. This would never happen while using a VPN. There’s no monitoring or activity logs at all. The US Women’s Golf Tournament may be censored in your country or may just be blocked because of geographical restrictions (where licensing laws block content from being seen in different countries). Using a VPN means that you can use an alternate IP address and trick the internet provider into thinking you’re in a different location. So, even if you are not based in the US, watching the US Women’s Golf Tournament is a possibility.

The Best VPNs to Watch The Tournament

It can be difficult to know which VPNs are the best for streaming content, so we have taken time out to review our favorite virtual private network providers below:

#1 ExpressVPN

If you are planning to stream live golf matches from the US Women’s Golf Tournament then you are going to want to be able to trust your VPN provider. What we like about ExpressVPN is that it offers a very fast connection and download speeds. This means that you can stream your golf matches online and never have to worry about frustrating buffering issues or lagging. This particular virtual private network provider boasts a staggering 1700 servers in approximately 100 countries. This enables its users to access websites quickly and easily. You will never have to worry about geo-blocks or geo-restrictions ever again as you’ll only have to simply choose an alternative IP address. This is one of the safest VPN providers on the market too as they use high-tech 256-bit encryption which basically means that your online activity cannot be read by anyone, not even the servers.

As an extra-safe measure, ExpressVPN provides a kill switch, which isn’t as scary as it sounds! What it actually does is shut down your connection if the VPN cuts out, which will keep your data protected at all times and not leave you browsing and unaware that you’re not covered by the encryption.

If you are unsure whether this service is for you then you can simply take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee. We found that ExpressVPN did offer good value for money though and provided a range of subscriptions to suit different budgets and needs. The company is offering a SPECIAL DEAL to Secure Thoughts readers: which is 3 months free (49% off their annual subscription plan) – check out the full review here. If you wanted to ask any questions prior to signing up or while you try to access the service then we’re confident that the team would be able to answer your query fast as they have a good reputation for responding quickly via the online chat facility or email form.

#2 SurfShark

If there’s one thing we can probably all agree on, it’s that life is way too short for internet restrictions. The last thing you want to discover is a spoiler alert on the latest US Women’s Golf results. Events such as these need to be seen live so you can witness for yourself these unbeatable moments of sporting history. Having a fast connection speed is essential for streaming as well as staying safe online. Luckily with SurfShark, you won’t have to worry about slow streaming and downloads that take hours and hours to complete. This VPN provider offers a fast connection speed and has 500 servers in around 50 countries. You can use this VPN on all devices too – so you can literally connect it to your laptop, PC, smartphone, and iPad all at once for the ultimate protection.

This company promises to give you a safe and secure connection too so when you’re streaming Fox channels from different countries you won’t have to worry about your data being visible! In fact, your online data will be entirely invisible and the servers will never store your activity as SurfShark has a very strict no-logging policy. With this service, you’ll also get ad-blocking and malware-blocking too which is absolutely essential when streaming. Some streaming and torrent sites are riddled with viruses and other internet nasties.

To read more about the subscription packages available take a look at the full review. There’s something for everyone here.

#3 CyberGhost

Geo-blocking will not only prevent you from being able to watch the latest sports fixtures but also websites such as Netflix US too if you’re outside of the US. In fact, even if you have a US Netflix account, if you leave the country you will inevitably find that the content will be blocked and this is due to strict licensing laws. This is something you will never have to worry about if you use a VPN such as CyberGhost. This service will completely allow you to hide your IP address and choose an alternative. CyberGhost actually works in a clever way in that it shares the same IP addresses with all its users so everyone remains anonymous and safe.

This virtual private network provider isn’t short on servers either and actually boasts around 3,000 in many different countries. You can expect fast connection speeds with CyberGhost and a highly reputable customer service team which have a good reputation for fast response times.

There are a decent range of subscription packages for you to try. If you’re not happy with the service for whatever reason then they also provide a 60-day money back guarantee.

You can read the full review here.

#4 NordVPN

Don’t pay ridiculous amounts of money to access sports channels or sit in loud bars to watch the US Women’s Golf Tournament. Watch it from the safety of your own home using a VPN. Even if you already have access to Fox Channels then using a virtual private network makes sense because it’s a safer way of using the internet and you’ll never be caught out trying to watch your favorite shows abroad when you use a VPN. If you are trying to watch US Women’s Golf Tournament abroad then NordVPN will suit your needs and do the job. Cited as “the internet with no borders” it really does open up the internet world and break down those frustrating geographical restrictions. Stay safe when streaming online, as many download and streaming sites are crawling with nasty malware.

NordVPN provides strong military-grade encryption and is one of the safest VPN providers out there as they offer multiple layers of security. They won’t ever store your private data as they adhere to a strict no-logging policy and they also have a kill switch feature in case your connection cuts out. Again, we feel that this virtual private network provider offers a range of packages that are really good value for money and we were pleased to discover that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you change your mind.

You can read the full review here.

Bottom Line

When streaming any content it’s important to use a VPN. Let’s summarize why we feel that it’s a good idea:

Staying Safe While Streaming

Whether you are streaming online using public WiFi or at home, it’s always safer to do this through a VPN tunnel. Not only do many of the VPN providers offer ad-blockers and malware blockers but they also all encrypt your data so you are invisible to the world; your identity is anonymous. Not only this but everyday things like checking your banking accounts, reading your emails and commenting on social media will be safer whilst using a VPN too. It’s a win-win situation.

Watch Content Abroad

Many of the sporting channels are only available to paying customers and they often charge a high premium to watch the latest games and tournaments. Bypass these frustrating geo-restrictions by choosing a different (and anonymous) IP address and watch content whenever or wherever you please.

For the most comprehensive VPN service and the best streaming of the US Women’s Open Golf Tournament, get Express VPN.

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