VyprVPN Review 2020

March 2020 VyprVPN Review & Deals

Compatible With

  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Spotify
  • WhatsApp
  • Gmail
  • Netflix
  • Sling
  • Tinder

Recommended For

  • Easy to use
  • Reliability
  • Downloading
VyprVPN (Monthly) play now
$9.95 /mo
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Automatic Location Selection Algorithm
  • 24/7 chat availability
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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Best Value
VyprVPN (Annual) play now
$5.00 /mo
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Automatic Location Selection Algorithm
  • 24/7 chat availability
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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VpryVPN Premium (Monthly) play now
$12.95 /mo
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Automatic Location Selection Algorithm
  • 24/7 chat availability
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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VpryVPN Premium (Annual) play now
$6.67 /mo
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Automatic Location Selection Algorithm
  • 24/7 chat availability
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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An impressively versatile VPN, VyprVPN offers top-notch security and utilizes its own servers and network, ensuring its customers enjoy complete privacy. VyprVPN is one of the best options available for accessing Netflix and for providing consistent connectivity in countries with draconian censorship laws.

With a transparent approach to security and a good distribution of servers worldwide, VyprVPN is a solid VPN provider. Although their customer support does let them down rather and we would like to see more servers could be improved, particularly within the US, the solid service makes it an attractive choice.

Far from being a snake in the grass, VyprVPN wears its heart on its sleeve with one of the most simple and transparent privacy policies in the industry. Further enhanced by its consistent speeds, performance, and usability, we can’t see any reason you wouldn’t want VyprVPN slithering its way through cyberspace with you safely contained within its secure tunnel.

Things We Like

Easy installation

Browser apps for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

Built-in DNS leak protection

Auto connect and always on modes available

Things We Didn't Like

Bare user interface

Limited selection of features

No router, Linux, or Amazon apps


With a range of apps available, downloading and installing VyprVPN is simple and straightforward. The VPN is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and installs itself via a wizard. Although the installation time was a little sluggish during our test, we’re prepared to give VyprVPN the benefit of the doubt and put it down to a lethargic internet connection.

Certainly, installing the free version does take a little longer than some of VyprVPN’s rivals, but even with a poor internet connection, users will find the app installs in a matter of minutes. While the interface is minimal and not quite as cute as TunnelBear or as sophisticated as NordVPN, it does the job with marginal fuss and nonsense.

VyprVPN have also been generous enough to give you a free three-day trial so you can try out all the features without committing to a subscription. Unfortunately, this option is available only with certain payment methods so, for example, if you want to pay using PayPal, you’ll miss out as VyprVPN hasn’t made the free trial available for PayPal customers.

Although installing VyprVPN on popular platforms like Android and Windows is child’s play, some devices require more specialized installation processes. Linux users, in particular, have to connect via CLI or OpenVPN tools, but VyprVPN provides detailed tutorials to guide you through each step.

Once up and running, you can either leave your security in the careful hands of VyprVPN or, if you’re a more advanced user, configure it to suit your specific needs. Although it is a little irritating that the options open in a second interface rather than being neatly streamlined into a single one, like with ExpressVPN, the range of options more than makes up for this inconvenience.

Not only can you choose from a range of protocols, including VyprVPN’s unique and super-strong Chameleon protocol, you can also manually configure each one. Although the default settings activate DNS leak prevention, the kill switch is automatically off, although that’s simple enough to rectify. We also like the automatic connection feature which will instantly launch VyprVPN when it detects an insecure Wif-Fi connection.

Although we did experience a few issues with VyprVPN in terms of it crashing while we were fiddling with the configuration and failing to find a connection, once it settled in, it appeared to find its feet. While it would be nice to see VyprVPN pay a little more attention to their interface design and their customer support, there are plenty of attractive features that complement its usability and clean layout.


In the past, VyprVPN has received average reviews of its speeds and when we reviewed it a couple of years ago, we were satisfied but unimpressed. Since then, however, VyprVPN has invested heavily in upgrading their infrastructure, particularly in Europe. To give a comparative indication of how VyprVPN performed, we compared it to the connection with no VPN operating and to the connection speeds provided by NordVPN.

Although overall speeds were a little slow with a straight connection managing a ping rate of just 78, download speeds of 3.75 and upload speeds of 1.09, they were considerably better than those given using VyprVPN. Using VyprVPN, the ping rate increased to 373, while the download speed dropped to 0.58 and the upload speed to 0.32.

Comparing VyprVPN’s impact on speed to that of NordVPN, we found that NordVPN’s ping rate was a little higher at 375, while the download speed improved considerably, hitting 2.02 and the upload speed similarly enhanced, achieving 1.17.

NordVPN isn’t particularly renown for its high speeds but was still better than VyprVPN. Although these speeds may not reflect those achieved in other parts of the world.

When we take a look at VyprVPN’s server locations and distribution, however, for example, if you are connecting in Africa VyprVPN simply hasn’t got any servers in there. Having said that, NordVPN still manages to provide an effective service via the USA which is almost double that distance.

Nonetheless, according to other speed tests conducted using VyprVPN’s USA and UK servers, the results are encouraging, with download speeds reaching almost 30 Mbps and upload speeds getting up to 4.89 Mbps. These results are consistent with the average speeds we expect from a reliable VPN, but still lag some way behind industry leaders, ExpressVPN.


Privacy is always a tricky business but especially so in the cybersecurity industry. Despite grand claims and no-logging policies, there are still many VPN providers out there that you wouldn’t trust with your postal code, let alone your more nefarious online activities. VyprVPN has upped its game considerably over the past year and now boasts a transparent privacy policy that uses simple language to clarf=ify the company’s position on user privacy.

In keeping with the name, VyprVPN promise to protect your privacy venomously as well as vehemently, saying they will not log your IP address, connection times, or user traffic. Up until November 2018, VyprVPN did log certain information and retained it for a 30-day period. This information included the VyprVPN IP address assigned to the user, as well as their original IP address, as well as connection times. This all changed a few months ago, with VyprVPN embracing their customers’ right to privacy.

VyprVPN not only became a no-log VPN at the end of last year, but they also became the first VPN provider to conduct an independent audit on their no-log status, guaranteeing their no-log claims. The audit revealed that VyprVPN did not collect any Personally Identifiable Information, thereby safeguarding their users, even in the event of a court order for information. After all, you can’t share what you don’t have.

VyprVPN has also been one of the first to embrace the Centre of Democracy and Technology’s industry standards for VPNs, providing detailed information about their corporate accountability and security protocols as well as their stance on privacy.

Of course, VyprVPN has a duty to abide by the laws of their country of origin, but, because customer data is stored in Switzerland, they are able to give a much higher level of privacy to their customers than a similar VPN provider situated in, for example, the UK. Furthermore, as they no longer keep any logs, even full disclosure would only reveal whether or not an individual had a subscription with VyprVPN and nothing further.

The clear language and bullet-point format of VyprVPN’s privacy policy places them in the upper echelons of this particular field while the fact that they own and manage their own network and servers gives an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access to customer data.


As we mentioned previously, VyprVPN is one of the few VPN providers that own, manage and engineer all their own servers. This means the experience is more secure and the ability to troubleshoot problems and deal with potential DNS leaks is often faster and more effective. VyprDNS, an exclusive system of DNS resolution, gives consumers extra security and offers excellent defense against DNS filtering and man-in-the-middle attacks.

VyprVPN has proved particularly effective at breaking through the notorious defenses of the Great Firewall of China, making it an excellent option for those traveling to remote or more draconian nations. For example, getting access to Netflix while holidaying in Beijing has given plenty of people (and their VPN providers) a migraine, but VyprVPN seems to be able to provide seamless access with few unpleasant side-effects.

Premium subscribers can also activate their Chameleon protocol which scrambles data to prevent deep packet inspection and other surveillance techniques. Not only does this prove handy in countries like China or North Korea, where government surveillance and censorship are particularly pervasive, it will also give journalists and others investigating the darker side of their own political representatives, peace of mind. It’s important to note that the Chameleon protocol is only available on the Premium version but that in itself, makes upgrading a no-brainer.

Although some VPNs, notably Surfshark VPN, offer unlimited devices, most, including the market leaders, are a little less generous, usually offering between three and six simultaneous connections. VyprVPN is on a par with these, providing three simultaneous connections on their basic plan, and five if you opt for the premium version.

Speed may not by VyprVPN’s strong point, despite its claims, encryption and versatility are. Users can choose between numerous encryption options, including L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, Open VPN, and Chameleon, meaning they can customize the product to suit their security needs.

Advanced users will enjoy the freedom VyprVPN gives them to play around with different settings, including the capacity to stabilize the network using a route delay and set up an extra layer of protection with a NAT Firewall.

Despite this high level of configurability, VyprVPN’s apps are accessible and easy to use, making them as effective for the beginner as for the higher end user. This level of versatility is impressive and, combined with its capacity to operate effortlessly from China and other restricted countries and its consistent ability to access the full Netflix library, make it stand out from the crowd.

Nevertheless, having attempted to use VyprVPN from South Africa, we experienced a number of difficulties, including the app crashing three times and requiring repairs twice. Although these were dealt with efficiently by the automated repair service, it is nonetheless inconvenient and indicative of the work VyprVPN still needs to do to really give the market leaders a run for their money.


VyprVPN is competitively priced and doesn’t overly complicate its pricing tiers with multiple options. Users have just two products and two pricing schemes to choose from. The basic package gives three simultaneous connections and can be paid either monthly or yearly, with the yearly plan being very competitive at just $5 per month. The Premium option is slightly more expensive but gives users access to the Vypr Cloud server, and Chameleon encryption.

In addition to their simple pricing plans, VyprVPN offers a free three-day trial, so you install and set up either version, on any of the most popular platforms, and play around with it before making a commitment. This is a great feature but we would like to see them make more of their 30-day money back guarantee and bring it up to speed with their rivals. Currently, their refund policy is only available as an affiliate-only policy, which leaves it wanting. Making the 30-day money back guarantee available to all users at all times would definitely bump VyprVPN up the rankings in this particular category.

Overall, VyprVPN pricing is both competitive and consistent, but a wider range of options, including a more affordable 18-month or 2-year subscription, alongside a consistent refund policy would definitely make them a more attractive option.


As we would expect from a reputable VPN provider, VyprVPN has an online live chat service that is responsive and timeous. Although we first tested this service during the Christmas holiday period and found it rather unresponsive, once the festivities were over, the live chat kicked back in, giving us a response within five minutes of the query.

Not only was the response timeous, but it also dealt with the query concisely and without any bundled-in advertising or self-promotion. Admittedly, the answer was a little disappointing – saying that VyprVPN had no plans at this time of introducing more servers to Africa. Nevertheless, the responder, Frank, also said they would make a note of the feedback and address it in due course.

VyprVPN’s online support includes detailed information about how to download and install the app on a range of platforms, as well as a rather limited troubleshooting section, manual set-up instructions, and a brief FAQ section. Compared to the all-inclusive online support available at ExpressVPN, VyprVPN’s looks a little thin on the ground, but it still gives useful and important information that is laid out clearly and logically, making it easy to access.

In addition to those aspects mentioned above, VyprVPN has an online ticket system which works well enough and a service status page which gives information on the latest issues and their progress in resolving them.

Once again, VyprVPN hasn’t quite got there yet, but they are making significant inroads into creating a solid customer support service that can live up to the challenges thrown down by the likes of CyberGhostVPN and NordVPN. An email support service would be a welcome addition, as would a more comprehensive FAQ section. In the meantime, however, VyprVPN’s live chat service is both fast and effective, making its other customer support challenges seem comparatively insignificant.

Comment Section

Anon says:

I’ve tried it and it’s not a bad service but I don’t like the idea that they hold onto user logs for a while.

Seymour says:

So what’s the current situation with Netflix blocking? Can it be accessed with this VPN from China and the UK? I need to know as I will be going to both countries this year for business. If it won’t work, it won’t be for me.

ST Editor says:

Thanks for the question! Generally speaking, Netflix is still active in attempting to block users from accessing their service with a VPN. However, we found that VyprVPN was effective at bypassing the website’s geo-restrictions. We encourage you to try it as well ( the company does offer a free trial that lets you see how well their service meets your criteria) and decide, but our tests showed the service was effective when accessing Netflix. If you’re concerned about VPNs specifically for China, you can learn more about our top recommendations for the country here. Let us know which service you end up going with, and how it performs!

Richard M. says:

VyprVPN is incredibly underrated! I was particularly impressed by the VyprDNS function and Chameleon technology. It appears to me that this provider is one of the few VPN services who are truly looking to the future and tackling the upcoming challenges that proxy software will face. Very innovative solutions and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this VPN.

Jesse says:

While the fact that they use their own servers and protocol is intriguing, the unclear logging policy makes me weary. It seems like this is a great service for those experiencing government censorship to the extreme, but maybe not “every day” VPN tasks in most places.

Todd M. says:

I’ve been using this in Iran to get around the government restrictions. The Chameleon Protocol is really great and works well to stop the government from restricting. If you need to be sure that private this is good VPN for that.

Yui says:

Here in China Vypr VPN lets me download whatsapp and allows me to see lots of content online that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, due to the strict internet laws here. Privacy is therefore very important to me, I hate that the government spies on us so much here, and VyprVPN is very secure which is why I chose it! I just wish there were more servers though because sometimes they become very busy.

Viola says:

I’ve been using VyprVPN for the last month and mainly downloaded it to watch Netflix (US). I have to say, it’s been amaaazing! Finally I can watch the US Netflix Library while in South Africa :). To be honest I do get the occasional glitch and for some reason it doesn’t work, but I just reload the page and sometimes that works, if not I switch to another US server and that sorts the problem out.

Florence says:

I tried out VyprVPN for a month but then quickly upgraded to the year plan as it becomes much cheaper. The plans are very affordable especially compared to some of the other VPNs I looked at! The only issue is it doesn’t have a 30-day money back guarantee like some of the other VPNs I looked into.

Celine says:

I am not very good with anything techy but I found VyprVPN very easy to set up and use. I am always scared about internet fraud and online security once I realized just how dangerous the internet can be. Vypr has great encryption codes and doesn’t keep any logs – perfect for my business as well.

Jack says:

Good VPN overall and service. I recommend Vyprvpn.

Nyugn says:

My experience with VyprVPN with relatively good. I used it a while back, but everything was smooth sailing.

Michael says:

Terrible service.

The experience was anything but pleasant with VyprVPN, after I purchased the annual plan in couple of days, I started having trouble with their service, when I contacted them, they terminated my plan with vague explanation “we are unable to provide you with our service”. It looks like a spam service trying to pray on clients who will not ask questions, or forget their subscriptions. client don’t always have time to follow up or as for refunds.

Marcus says:

VyprVPN ToS have clearly stated that they do keep logs of your connection for 30 days

RC says:

I think your rating for no data logging is misleading. They are highly against copyright infringements and do and will send out copyright infringement notices based on IP address. The only way they can do this is by logging activity. Yes, they may still keep your identity anonymous and I assume you would still be secure…but at the same time if they can go back and trace your IP and activity then they could actually be keeping logs.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Thanks RC,

Appreciate your feedback.

We will look into this and update our review.