November 2018 VyprVPN Review & Deals

Based in Switzerland, a country almost synonymous with privacy, VyprVPN bills itself (rather immodestly, we think) as “the world’s most powerful and secure VPN.” Does its performance match those audacious claims? In this VyprVPN review, we set out to find out.

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Compatible With

  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Spotify
  • WhatsApp
  • Gmail
  • Netflix
  • Sling
  • Tinder

Recommended For

  • Easy to use
  • Reliability
  • Downloading

VyprVPN Rating By SecureThoughts.com

While the VPN could use more servers and its customer support is lackluster, the installation was simple, and we really like the addition of their Chameleon protocol.

Vyprvpn Review

VyprVPN Review- Pros & Cons

VyprVPN Review

Things We Like

Easy installation

Browser apps for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

Built-in DNS leak protection

Auto connect and always on modes available

Things We Didn't Like

Bare user interface

Limited selection of features

No router, Linux, or Amazon apps

Is VyprVPN Reliable

Support is available through live chat, an adequate (but not exemplary) online help center, and through an online ticketing system. Truth be told, none of it is really all that fantastic.

VyprVPN Review - Live chat prompt options

Attempting to initiate a live chat with our test query proved quite a frustrating (and circular) experience. Once we finally managed to get the dialogue window loaded, we had to scroll through a series of automated messages and wait for an agent to join the chat. Not quite the instantaneous help that we’ve come to expect from some of the best providers. Our experience corroborates the experiences of other users.

Sufficient channels, but inadequate responsiveness.

How Fast is VyprVPN

VyprVPN’s proprietary network features over 700 servers around the world. Location-wise, it’s a very broad spread. While its US footprint is on the thin side (8 cities), it’s also provisioned servers in El Salvador, Cairo, Egypt, and Karachi, Pakistan.

VyprVPN Review - Fastest server connecting

While on the fast side of average, the overall performance of its network isn’t really anything to write how about.

VyprVPN Review - Selecting server with latency visible

We were able to get 21.61Mbps through the server in Algeria.  

VyprVPN Review - Speed test Algeria server

Selecting what the Windows client said would be the fastest server that could be offered (in Turkey) resulted in a fairly modest gain to only 24.56 Mbps. From a baseline of approximately 40 Mbps, these are solid connection speeds but certainly aren’t the fastest that we have seen.

What we did appreciate more than the so-so speeds was the user interface, which visually presents each server’s ping-times, helping to weed out options with unacceptable latency times.

Wide server network and nice UI but average speeds.

How Secure is VyprVPN

Being based in Switzerland, some might expect the company to adopt a ‘no questions asked’ policy when it comes to user activity. The company’s privacy policy spells out in plain English exactly what information is collected. While traffic or content are not logged, the company does state that it maintains a record of connecting IP addresses, start and stop times, and the number of bytes consumed during the session for 30 days.

On a patriotic ‘about us’ page, Golden Frog points out that Switzerland has a “long history of respecting privacy”.  But on the other hand, according to another VPN provider, “Switzerland has some of the most draconian data retention laws in all of Europe.”

While the company has made an educational push to explain that true so-called zero-logs providers may not really offer just that, those seeking maximum privacy will need a stronger argument than being based in Switzerland before choosing to use them.

Clear privacy policy but not a true zero log provider.

VyprVPN – Setup and Usability

VyprVPN is produced by Golden Frog, an “internet privacy and security solutions” company. The VPN can be downloaded from the company’s website or via VyprVPN.com which redirects to the installation page.

Once we had purchased a subscription and were logged in with our credentials, we found the download links in the VyprVPN tab of the control panel. Those requiring more specialized installations, such as Linux users who can connect via the command line interface (CLI) or OpenVPN tools, have tutorials linked conveniently directly under the main download links.

VyprVPN Review - Windows download initiating


Once we had the correct file downloaded, the installation was done and dusted by the time we had a cup of coffee prepared. Quick and easy we hear you say!

 VyprVPN Review - Installation in progress

Usability-wise, the program has clearly been built to look like the powerful solution that it is. Unlike many competitors that we have reviewed, the menu and configuration navigation and main connection screen are separated into two windows. This encourages users to really sift through the available options to ensure that the user the software to maximum effect.

Vypr Review - Control panel

The easy installation belies the powerful functions within.

VyperVPN Features

  1. Chameleon Protocol

VyprVPN supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and Chameleon, the company’s own 256-bit proprietary encryption protocol based on OpenVPN.

Chameleon, which is available on VyprVPN Premium only, works by scrambling OpenVPN packet metadata to ensure that it cannot be recognized as VPN traffic by surveillance techniques such as deep packet inspection (DPI). This makes it a perfect weapon in the arsenal for anybody hoping to encrypt traffic to stay ahead of oppressive regimes (political dissidents spring quickly to mind).

Chameleon can be used from the Windows client, Mac, Android, or at the router-level installation. PPTP and L2TP provide support for legacy hardware and situations where encryption strength is less important than connection speed.

  1. DNS Resolving Services

 VyprVPN users certainly won’t feel short-changed by the wealth of online security features that it packs into the software. One such feature is VyprDNS, Golden Frog’s zero-logging DNS resolving service that the company makes available exclusively to VyprVPN users. Adding a DNS resolver to the bundle of tools that the VPN offers helps protect against man in the middle (MiiM) attacks and DNS filtering attempts. VyprVPN Review - Dns settings

  1. Simultaneous Connections

VyprVPN supports simultaneous connections from three devices on the basic plan and five on its premium option, VyprVPN Premium. While what the basic plan provides isn’t the most generous connection allocation we’ve come across on the market, it is a useful feature for those hoping to stretch out a subscription that little bit farther.

  1. Granular User Options

VyprVPN allows users to tinker with a long list of advanced settings that make it easy to get exactly the desired performance out of the software. These include the ability to configure a route delay (in seconds) to allow the network to stability while bringing a TAP device online and a verbosity setting that allows users to set the level of detail they want to see on the connection log. For those trying to troubleshoot a faulty connection, this feature is a great bonus.

VyprVPN Review - Advanced settings

  1. Proprietary Network

Those looking to make a quick buck online might be tempted to start a VPN company by provisioning virtual servers in convenient locations around the world. VyprVPN has opted for a rather more holistic business model. Besides developing an in-house protocol and running their own DNS service, the company actually owns all the server hardware its network runs on. For users, this translates to superior reliability, faster response times, and that intangible benefit of the company taking pride in the network that it runs.

Rating: 9/10: VyprVPN does things a little differently – and well.

Can VyprVPN Unblock Netflix?

Although VyprVPN has previously lost the battle against Netflix’s attempt to block all traffic connecting to it from VPN servers, the company has gained the upper hand thanks to some infrastructural improvements.

The result of our testing, and reports from the field, are that it is indeed possible to stream Netflix through VyprVPN but only certain US servers are currently operable. We would, therefore, advise cautious optimism: while Vypr is one of the few providers that can still provide access, the situation is liable to change at any time.

Some US servers allow Netflix streaming, but Vypr has been successfully blocked by Netflix before.

VyprVPN Price

You can pick up VyprVPN for $5.00/month billed annually (or $9.95 billed monthly).

VyprVPN Premium, which ups the simultaneous connection to five and includes VyprVPN Cloud (a dedicated Cloud VPN server) and use of the Chameleon protocol, is available for $6.67/month billed annually or $12.95/month when paid for on a monthly basis. There’s also a three-day free trial. VyprVPN Free is also available but limits users to data usage and simultaneous connections.

Unlike other VPNs, VyprVPN does not offer a money back guarantee. There seems to be some confusion online with different reviews saying different things. However, a visit to Vypr’s Terms and Conditions page outlines under their Refund Policy:

No refunds will be given under any circumstances. No refunds will be considered for accounts deleted for violation of our Terms of Service.

Is it good value for money? If you’re a user in China for whom the Chameleon protocol is the only means of circumventing government censorship, any price to gain internet access is a good one. But for the rest of us, we think it’s a little on the expensive side.

Above average price, but for some, it’s worth every cent.

Comment Section

Anon says:

I’ve tried it and it’s not a bad service but I don’t like the idea that they hold onto user logs for a while.

Seymour says:

So what’s the current situation with Netflix blocking? Can it be accessed with this VPN from China and the UK? I need to know as I will be going to both countries this year for business. If it won’t work, it won’t be for me.

ST Editor says:

Thanks for the question! Generally speaking, Netflix is still active in attempting to block users from accessing their service with a VPN. However, we found that VyprVPN was effective at bypassing the website’s geo-restrictions. We encourage you to try it as well ( the company does offer a free trial that lets you see how well their service meets your criteria) and decide, but our tests showed the service was effective when accessing Netflix. If you’re concerned about VPNs specifically for China, you can learn more about our top recommendations for the country here. Let us know which service you end up going with, and how it performs!

Richard M. says:

VyprVPN is incredibly underrated! I was particularly impressed by the VyprDNS function and Chameleon technology. It appears to me that this provider is one of the few VPN services who are truly looking to the future and tackling the upcoming challenges that proxy software will face. Very innovative solutions and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this VPN.

Jesse says:

While the fact that they use their own servers and protocol is intriguing, the unclear logging policy makes me weary. It seems like this is a great service for those experiencing government censorship to the extreme, but maybe not “every day” VPN tasks in most places.

Todd M. says:

I’ve been using this in Iran to get around the government restrictions. The Chameleon Protocol is really great and works well to stop the government from restricting. If you need to be sure that private this is good VPN for that.

Yui says:

Here in China Vypr VPN lets me download whatsapp and allows me to see lots of content online that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, due to the strict internet laws here. Privacy is therefore very important to me, I hate that the government spies on us so much here, and VyprVPN is very secure which is why I chose it! I just wish there were more servers though because sometimes they become very busy.

Viola says:

I’ve been using VyprVPN for the last month and mainly downloaded it to watch Netflix (US). I have to say, it’s been amaaazing! Finally I can watch the US Netflix Library while in South Africa :). To be honest I do get the occasional glitch and for some reason it doesn’t work, but I just reload the page and sometimes that works, if not I switch to another US server and that sorts the problem out.

Florence says:

I tried out VyprVPN for a month but then quickly upgraded to the year plan as it becomes much cheaper. The plans are very affordable especially compared to some of the other VPNs I looked at! The only issue is it doesn’t have a 30-day money back guarantee like some of the other VPNs I looked into.

Celine says:

I am not very good with anything techy but I found VyprVPN very easy to set up and use. I am always scared about internet fraud and online security once I realized just how dangerous the internet can be. Vypr has great encryption codes and doesn’t keep any logs – perfect for my business as well.

Jack says:

Good VPN overall and service. I recommend Vyprvpn.

Nyugn says:

My experience with VyprVPN with relatively good. I used it a while back, but everything was smooth sailing.

Michael says:

Terrible service.

The experience was anything but pleasant with VyprVPN, after I purchased the annual plan in couple of days, I started having trouble with their service, when I contacted them, they terminated my plan with vague explanation “we are unable to provide you with our service”. It looks like a spam service trying to pray on clients who will not ask questions, or forget their subscriptions. client don’t always have time to follow up or as for refunds.

Marcus says:

VyprVPN ToS have clearly stated that they do keep logs of your connection for 30 days

RC says:

I think your rating for no data logging is misleading. They are highly against copyright infringements and do and will send out copyright infringement notices based on IP address. The only way they can do this is by logging activity. Yes, they may still keep your identity anonymous and I assume you would still be secure…but at the same time if they can go back and trace your IP and activity then they could actually be keeping logs.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Thanks RC,

Appreciate your feedback.

We will look into this and update our review.