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Unauthorized TinyURL URL Enumeration Vulnerability

Even some of the most readily used functionality options on social media and computers that users use have a potential for exploitation and manipulation.

Timy URL is a well known feature that condenses actual long URLS into short and and easily communicable ones. This is particularly useful for websites such as Twitter, where social media updates are restricted to 140 characters only.

However, if users are not careful, it’s shown that security flaws within the URLs can compromise the user’s privacy and security. Among the many things that are possible to exploit include usernames and passwords in URLs.

Session IDs, extracted from your internet path, can also accessible to a foreign user.

Spam URLs are more easily concealed within the TinyURL.

Within this readily accessible service exists a flaw in its popularity and convenience, resulting in a possible risk and loss of security and privacy. With the rise of quick and instantaneous social media and technology, security has been sacrificed for convenience. Most evident is in incidents such as the iCloud security breach, leaking hundreds of pictures to the public. However, even more subtle risks such as TinyURL can pose a threat to your information and tracking history.

It is always necessary to practice caution online and remember that oftentimes, the easier online pathway is frequently the more risk-laden pathway.'

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