3 Best VPN's for Skype in 2018

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 Skype is a wonderful communication tool however, in many places, due often to either government censorship or communication companies, Skype is blocked. This is done by using the IP Address of the user’s device.  A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, will allow you to bypass these location restrictions. This is done by hiding your IP address and assigning you a new one making it seem as though you are in a country that allows Skype access.

Best VPN For Skype, Express VPN.


Why can’t I use Skype?

When we travel abroad, we’re usually spending all our time and energy on what we’re going to wear, where we’re going to eat, and the attractions we want to see.

Internet accessibility just isn’t really the first thing that crosses our minds.

However, when you travel to a foreign country it’s important to remember that every country has its own laws governing the usage of this massive networking and information tool.

That access can be, and often is, restricted on some services and sites. Sadly, one of these that is particularly targeted is the communication service we all know and love: Skype.

Government censorship laws often target the blocking of this service.

Also, some countries that are monopolized by communication companies see Skype as a major threat to their profits and actually block the service on the basis of protecting their profits alone.

Though we may have a healthy respect for other cultures, for many of us, we still want to easily stay in touch with the ones we love while traveling.  Thankfully, there is a solution: VPNs.


A VPN Will Let You Access Skype Anywhere

For the non-Internet savvy, a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Basically, VPN companies put you on their private network, which is completely encrypted and invisible to prying eyes. This makes your connection anonymous and protected.

Not only is your privacy guaranteed, but your location is protected as well.

Every device is assigned an IP Address, which basically tells anyone who wants to know what your location is, and is used to censor and limit content in many countries.

However, with a VPN, your IP address is blocked and hidden, leaving you free to access whatever you want, with total security and anonymity.

By utilizing a VPN, you’re guaranteed that:

  • your privacy is protected   no one can see who you are, what you’re doing, or where you’re doing it from
  • you have access to whatever content you want   local limitations on content need not apply to you now-you can access streaming content, communication services-whatever your device can handle
  • your identity is much safer   even hackers can pose a threat, but with a VPN, everything you do is encrypted, protecting your personal information and passwords from nefarious eyes


Top 3 VPNs for Skype

Now that you’ve got your bags packed for your craft beer-filled German vacation (where, you guessed it, Skype is blocked, courtesy of T-Mobile), it’s time to settle on a VPN service provider.

Here are 3 top contenders and what you can expect for connection speed and security, customer service, and ease of use.


#1: Express VPN: 9.5/10 – Best for Using Skype

Known for its outstanding connection speed, Express VPN also boasts a stellar customer service reputation.

If you’re overseas and have questions about getting Skype to work, their round-the-clock customer service team is there to help, and e-mail support responds in under half an hour.

Express VPN also has a massive network of servers utilizing 256-bit encryption, covering 97 cities in 78 countries, including that European destination, Germany.

No matter where you end up though, Express VPN will allow you to satisfy your Skype cravings.

And don’t worry if you’re new to VPNs or run into problems, their customer service is top-of-the-line. They’ll respond to your service request in mere minutes with helpful, friendly service.

They even have a referral program that will earn you 30 days of free service when you get a friend to sign up.  That’s a pretty sweet deal!

In addition to all this, they are a very affordable service and Express VPN even offers a 30-day money back guarantee, in case you change your mind.


#2:  IPVANISH – 

If you can’t seem to connect to an Express VPN server, I would try IPVanish next.

While their service isn’t quite as well rounded as Express VPN’s, their connection is just about as fast, so streaming, downloading, and surfing should be just as smooth.

Plus, with unlimited bandwidth, you never have to worry about hitting a monthly cap.

IPVanish, like Express VPN, allows up to two simultaneous connections, so you and your significant other (or Facebook addicted teenager for that matter) can stay connected.

However, IPVanish’s software has pretty limited compatibility.

While you can use it on most devices, including ones that run Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux systems, it’s not compatible with iOS.

If you need a VPN to protect your iPad or iPhone’s connection, keep shopping, or use Express VPN.

While IPVanish’s support is 24/7, they don’t have any live ways of getting in touch with them, like live chat or phone support.

If you need assistance, you’ll likely be waiting at least a few hours to hear back on an e-mail support ticket. Also to keep in mind – their money back guarantee is only one week long.

IPVanish’s limited software compatibility and customer support options may not make them the VPN for some customers.


#3: HideMyAss – 

Even though their software is compatible with all major operating systems, I still advise only using HideMyAss if you absolutely can’t acces Express VPN.

This VPN may look like a good one at first glance, but there are some major hang ups with their service that have many customers cashing in on their 30 day money back guarantee.

For starters, their connection is horribly slow, no matter which server you choose, making them a poor choice for devices that otherwise would run smooth and efficiently.

If you plan to stream, download, Tweet, anything, HideMyAss is just going to bog down your device and irritate you. Express VPN is the fastest VPN I’ve come across.

Their connection is also incredibly unreliable, raising some security concerns. If and when the server suddenly just drops your connection, your data is left wide open and exposed.

Despite their large network of servers, this seems to happen quite often with HideMyAss.

With equally slow support, HideMyAss is just generally not worth the trouble, and usually not capable of keeping your connection secure anyway.

Conclusion:  Best VPN for Skype

It’s pretty easy to see the benefits of Express VPN provider:

  • connection speed/reliability
  • customer service
  • accessibility
  • security

Additionally, you’ll be able to access blocked content all over the world. This is especially true if you want to use Skype the next time you are traveling or on vacation.

Protecting your identity is just as important as protecting your wallet.

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