3 Best VPNs for Australia

Updated October 2015: As of 14 October 2015 all phone calls, email and text messages sent as well as internet activity must be recorded and stored for 2 years by law. For information see here.

Summary: Australian has recently become one of the most high restricted and recorded western country in the world with new data news that came into affect in October 2014.

It is now more than ever that you would want to buy a VPN to protect your online security as well as your ability to access blocked content overseas.

For a reliable and fast connection to watch Netflix in Australia, get Express VPN now. 



A VPN Provides Many Benefits

Every time a new show such as Orange Is The New Black or House of Cards is made available on Netflix, I feel really sad.  I really want to watch these shows that everyone is talking about.

However, because I am based in Canberra I can’t simply binge on the whole series online. Thankfully, I then discovered the benefits of a VPN.

Using a VPN service means that you can appear to be somewhere else in the world.

You connect to the internet through a VPN, choose a new IP address located in another country, and then the content that you are trying to access – Netflix in this case – thinks that you are there.

So even though Netflix is not currently available in Australia, I just connect to a server in the USA or Europe and I can access all the geo-restricted content.

Using a VPN means that:

  • I have complete access to online streaming services
  • My personal data is protected
  • I can bypass restricted content in a few easy steps

If you find that some content is not available in your country in the same way that Netflix is currently not accessible in mine, then a VPN fixes this for you.

For many people the VPN market can be overwhelming and this is why I want to share my expertise with you and show you the best VPN’s to use if you are in Australia.


A Reliable VPN Is Important

I never go online now without first connecting through a VPN.

Beyond letting me access Netflix, the VPN adds an extra layer of security when I am on the net to ensure I don’t get hacked or lose any personal information.

This is especially important for someone like me that uses public WiFi a lot.  Public hotspots are a favorite target of hackers and criminals hoping to gain access to your personal and sensitive data.

A VPN protects you from these criminals by encrypting your presence.  This means the bad guys won’t be able to get into your device, keeping you and your information safe and secure!


My 3 Best VPN’s For Australia

Like I said above, I had to go through a lot of trial and error to find an effective VPN.

This is great news for you guys because not only have I found 3 VPN’s that work great in Australia but I have personal experience with all of them and I can pass this knowledge onto you.

I have listed my top 3 VPN’s for Australia here.


#1 – Express VPN – 9/10 – Works Brilliantly

If I was only able to suggest one VPN to use it would be Express VPN every time.

What I really love about Express VPN is the connection is so fast.  Some VPN services grind your internet speed to a halt because they don’t have enough servers available.

However, Express VPN is just like using normal internet.  I had no issues with buffering or slow speeds when using this service, and my personal data is protected with a 256-bit encryption system.

Furthermore, their customer support team was simply fantastic!  I emailed them with a few questions before I signed up just to clarify some issues I had with using a VPN.

They responded in less than an hour giving me some great information and advice.  I rarely contact them because Express VPN is so easy to use and reliable.

When I do though, they get back to me right away.

Finally, for anyone who isn’t that great with technology Express VPN is super easy to use.

It takes just a couple of simple steps to connect to a new IP address and literally anyone can use this VPN within a few minutes.

If you want to access Netflix in Australia and also ensure your information and personal details are encrypted online, then Express VPN is the best service to use.


#2 IPVanish – 7/10 – Not ideal for fast speeds in Australia

Australia doesn’t always benefit from the fastest internet speeds and with IPVanish you will see your download rate drop even further.

They do provide encryption but not fast speeds like Express VPN.

IPVanish can’t provide as much bandwidth or a reliable connection like Express VPN.

So if you are in Australia and want to stream content or download files quickly then it can be hard with these guys.

If you have never used a VPN before and simply want an easy to use program then it is better to use Express VPN instead.

The software that IPVanish offers is not as straightforward as Express VPNs program.

For people living in Australia who aren’t great with new technology it can be difficult to use IPVanish. Express VPN provides an easier to use program for first time VPN customers.

A faster encrypted connection that will let you download or stream content quicker with better and easier to use software can be found with Express VPN.

IPVanish can be accessed using this link.

#3 HideMyAss – 5/10 – Not really recommended

You can also use HideMyAss to protect your privacy in Australia.

They provide servers that will help you shield your identity and get around restrictions for accessing non-Australian content but it has many drawbacks including slow speeds and confusing software.

Unlike Express VPN the software that HideMyAss use takes longer to work out.

Many Aussies simply want a program they can install, load up and be connected to an encrypted server in minutes and HideMyAss doesn’t provide this.

You need to spend time trying to figure out how to work the software.

Express VPN ensures that your internet speed stays consistent regardless of if you are in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney or a small town on the north coast.

HideMyAss on the other hand can’t cope with high bandwidth activities very well therefore your internet speed will be limited.

If you regularly download files, visit content heavy websites or stream video then it is not recommended to use HideMyAss.

For a better VPN and one that you can use throughout Australia while keeping your fast speeds and masking your identity then get Express VPN.

The link for HideMyAss is here.



Conclusion: Use Express VPN When You’re Down Under

Now that I use Express VPN I can access restricted content in Australia without any problems.  I no longer get messages saying that I cannot access content due to my location.

This is great because I can watch all the shows that my friends around the world do and I don’t feel like I am missing out on some great television and fantastic movies.

Benefits of using Express VPN:

For the best protection and streaming of Netflix in Australia, get Express VPN today. 

Bryan is a proud, career U.S. Air Force officer with over 20 years experience in IT, cyber security, and acquisitions.

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  1. Reply ales.ro@yahoo.com'
    March 4, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    the listed vpns are not bad but they are extemely expensive
    Express VPN costs $10. It’s confusing!

    Previously, used PIA and HideMyAss, they are not bad but I don’t like that all VPNs are under the US or EU jurisdiction. So, they reveal your date if they get court order….

    I recommend VPNs under offshore juristictions, logless, trackless – Seychelles, Cyprus, Virgin Islands and etc

    I have tried several and finally started using Trust.Zone VPN – extremely cheap for me $2.99, Seychelles jurisdiction, no logs, no tracking.

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