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Popcorn Time has emerged as one of the leading ways to stream video content online. Doing so, however, can leave you vulnerable to privacy issues and also put your personal details at risk. By first connecting to a VPN before you use Popcorn Time, you can protect yourself when streaming the latest TV shows and movies online. You will encrypt your internet usage, meaning that you can’t be traced and can use Popcorn Time without fear of anyone tracking your activity.

After testing, we recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN for Popcorn Time.

Why is My Privacy at Risk when Using Popcortime?

Many of the mainstream methods to access US Netflix and Hulu streaming don’t offer as much choice as Popcorn Time. They market old movies as new and take a long time to offer new TV shows for streaming.

Popcorn Time gives you access to all the latest shows and movies, and isn’t geo-restricted either; meaning that you can access it from all over the world. To use it without fear of legal problems, you need to boost your privacy. Because Popcorn Time shows programs and TV shows through unofficial means, then you want to make sure that your activity is not tracked.

As Popcorn Time uses torrents to share files between users, the legality of using it depends on your country of origin.

In countries such as the US and the UK, companies are employed to police the use of torrents via trackers and various other methods.

It could lead to a cease and desist letter from your ISP, while Australia have the ability to impose heavy fines on those they catch downloading illegal files.

A VPN can be used to mask your connection or change your location, so it should get you past any blocks or safeguards you’ll find online. They’ll also keep no logs of your data, so there won’t be any records of your torrent use in the first place.

How to Use Popcorn Time Safely with a VPN

Using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, means that you are encrypting the data that you send and receive when streaming content from Popcorn Time.

In some countries it is against the law to stream content through unofficial sources, but with a VPN you are safe.

When you connect to a VPN your activity can’t be traced. Whatever show or movie you are streaming will only be tracked to the server you’re connected to, and this server is hosted in another country.

Watching Popcorn Time without a VPN is not recommended.

If you want to get access to the latest films and TV shows then you need to use a VPN to encrypt your internet connection, and make sure that your activity can’t be traced by anyone.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process. (You’ll need to sign up with a VPN provider first, so we’ve listed four of the best for Popcorn Time below.)

*The guide is for using Popcorn Time with a computer.

  1. Once you’ve signed up with a VPN service, download and open their client application.
  2. Sign in with the details you were given when you first signed up.
  3. You’ll now have to choose a server location for your VPN. If you’re located in a country that blocks Popcorn Time, (such as the UK), pick a server in a different region to gain access.
  4. Download Popcorn Time directly from their website:

Open the application, and you’ll be ready to begin watching content safely.

Popcorn Time VPN – Tested Services in 2018

Below, we reviewed and added to our list the VPN providers we recommend for Popcorn Time use after testing them for the streaming service. You will find the pros and cons for each one.

#1 ExpressVPN for Popcorn Time Streaming

If you want to watch streams on Popcorn Time effectively then you need two things from a VPN: a fast connection and a high level of encryption.

ExpressVPN provides both of these and is the best VPN to use for watching content through Popcorn Time.

Some VPNs limit the speed that you can achieve when connected through one of their servers. This means that you will often find your internet speed drop when you start using the VPN.

ExpressVPN is built for p2p connections so it ensures that you will continue to receive your broadband speed to stream high-definition content.

ExpressVPN also uses a 256-bit secured connection and has servers located all over the world.

If you live in a country that prohibits using services like Popcorn Time then all you need to do is choose a server in another country through ExpressVPN.

This ensures that you can’t be traced when accessing content through the VPN. Another great thing about ExpressVPN is that they don’t log your activity.

They provide a high level of encryption and ensure that your privacy remains protected by establishing a buffer between you and the content you are streaming on Popcorn Time.

Finally, ExpressVPN has the best customer service on the market. They have a very knowledgeable staff that will resolve any problems you have in minutes.

Some VPNs take hours or even days to respond to and fix a problem, but ExpressVPN does this very quickly.

Don’t use Popcorn Time without first connecting through a VPN.

If you want to watch the latest shows and movies safely, and without fear of being traced, then you need to act and get ExpressVPN now.

Read what our expert has say at our ExpressVPN review.

#2: NordVPN

Maintaining security and anonymity are generally the key concerns for Popcorn Time users, and NordVPN’s features make it a good VPN for this use case.

Nord keeps no logs of user data, and you can opt to use double-encrypted servers if you’re worried about getting caught. There’s also a kill switch, which can be set to cut your internet connection immediately if the VPN’s server connection drops.

The connection speed is usable, with specific servers dedicated to torrenting, so you’re unlikely to find any issues with buffering.

Nord offers extensive customer support. You can chat with an advisor or create a service ticket day or night. There are three pricing packages you can choose from: $11.95 for month-to-month; $7.00 per month for a six-month contract; and $5.75 per month for an annual contract. You’ll save money by committing to a longer deal, like their 2Y special offer at $3.29/month, and still can feel safe with their 30-day money back guarantee.

Sign up with NordVPN here.

More information can be found on our NordVPN review.

#3 HideMyAss

HideMyAss VPN is a popular option for fast video streaming.

It offers strong VPN encryption and no IP leaks, but it does keep identifiable user information in logs. Based in the UK, it will cooperate with police requests to give up user information about illegal torrenting and makes it clear that it only supports legal torrenting.

The VPN is fast and doesn’t slow down your streaming or viewing time, and its servers can unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer so you won’t have buffering while using HideMyAss.

On the whole, it’s great for keeping your details safe while enjoying fast movies and TV content.

Sign up with HideMyAss here.

Get more information on HideMyAss review.

#4 SaferVPN

SaferVPN is another decent option for streaming video content via Popcorn Time.

It offers 700+ servers in over 36 locations around the world, and it has unlimited bandwidth with decent speeds. It uses a strong 256-bit encryption which ensures your network is fully secure.

The VPN works great with streaming services as it can easily bypass firewalls and geo-blocks. Is has a kill switch for added security and it’s compatible with all devices. You can stream all your favorite TV shows to your heart’s content.

SaferVPN costs $9.99 for a single month subscription, and $3.49/mo on their current 2-year promotion deal. All plans come with their 30 day money-back guarantee.

SaferVPN is available here.

Get more information on SaferVPN review.

#5 PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a solid option for streaming video content.

It offers the standard level of encryption and security, but its true strength lies in the many servers they have on offer.

Their VPN is custom-built for streaming Netflix, so they know how to handle high quality video with little to no buffering. Although not every server will be ideal for Popcorn Time torrent use, streaming videos in good quality is easy enough while using PrivateVPN.

On the whole, it’s a great alternative to ExpressVPN.

Sign up with PrivateVPN here.

More information can be found on our PrivateVPN review.

#6 IPVanish

*Despite problems with earlier builds in the past, we’ve tested this VPN and we’re glad to say that IPVanish has vastly improved their overall service.

So, is Popcorn Time safe to use with IPVanish?

You’ll find that it does a good job of boosting your privacy and ensuring that you can’t be tracked online, although it isn’t always the best for P2P networks.

However, IPVanish offers unlimited speeds and no bandwidth caps, so there should be no issues in terms of streaming content on Popcorn Time.

IPVanish works with all operating systems, including native iOS support thanks to their new app. Overall, it’s a decent service for Popcorn Time. Although they can’t match the speeds provided by ExpressVPN, the tests reveal you will still get an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Sign up at IPVanish here.

Get more deatils on IPVanish on our IPVanish VPN review.

For the Safest Experience Using Popcorn Time, Use a VPN

Popcorn Time is fantastic for getting the latest shows and movies that aren’t available on other streaming and on-demand services.

You do need to be careful about your activity being tracked and your privacy being exposed.

This is why you use a VPN to watch Popcorn Time. It encrypts your data and ensures that no one can track what you are doing online.

When choosing the best VPN for watching Popcorn Time you shoudl get:

  • A VPN that provides a high level of encryption to shield your identity
  • Fast servers that ensure a consistent and reliable connection speed for good quality streaming
  • Great customer service that will fix a problem within minutes
  • No logging your activity with completely anonymous servers

To watch Popcorn Time safely from your computer, laptop or mobile device, while keeping your fast connection speed, we recommend ExpressVPN.

Article comments

Thames John says:

Even though ExpressVPN is an expensive VPN, it supports P2P activity. Thus, users are able to access Popcorn Time to watch their favorite movies and TV shows without any hassle. The provider offers ‘Internet Kill Switch’ feature that allows the user to remain safe when the VPN suddenly stops working. Through 145+ server locations in 94 countries worldwide, users can stream the video content on Popcorn Time from anywhere. Also, the streaming speed provided by ExpressVPN is paralleled to none.

Martins Baker says:

Thanks! Your articles are informative as always. I don’t think I’d willingly use PopCorn Time without a VPN. I’d like to refer to a friend, so I’d like to know which VPN you would recommend to someone who lives in Nothern-Asia and has a never ending love for popcorn time?

ST Editor says:

Hi! You’re smart to cover your tracks online with a VPN, and it’s good that your friend is also considering this useful strategy! There are several great options you can choose from when trying to access Popcorn Time and other streaming services from Asia. We recommend ExpressVPN as our top option thanks to the company’s combination of great speed and extensive server options. However, there are also great services such as IPVanish and HideMyAss which are known for their efficiency in connecting to streaming services with no major drop off, though they may lack some of ExpressVPN’s security-oriented features. However, no matter which option you choose, make sure to tell your friend to follow your advice and only connect through a VPN!

Adam says:

good source of information about various vpn present in the market but Express vpn is good in my opinion but it is slightly costly.

Jane says:

I am a single mother of 3 on a very limited income and watching Popcorn Time has been the best way my children and I can spend family time at home on a minimal budget. Thanks

Megan says:

Doesn’t anyone know how the new law regarding net neutrality is going to affect accessing popcorn time? I know that the big companies might slow access, but does that have anything to do with VPN use? Really don’t want to get one of these just to find out Comcast is going to block my connection….

ST Editor says:

Thanks for asking such a relevant question! The information regarding the repeal of net neutrality is just coming out, and it’s still a bit too early to tell what the real impact will be once laws come into effect. Your only cause for concern would be if your internet connection is throttled significantly when visiting certain places. Your VPN may cause some lag, but it will be more noticeable from your general speed than the program itself. It’s still recommendable to use a VPN, however, as they offer several key benefits including security and access to content around the globe. We’ll keep an eye out on news to help keep you informed! 

Luna says:

This is so awesome! Popcorn Time is a new way to watch TV and movie but like me have many users didn’t aware how to use Popcorn Time service safely with a VPN. This post is a great help. I highly appreciated that and I am looking forward to the more useful post like this one. Well done Felicity!

Frank says:


How does HideMyAss handle Popcorn time? You rated it as one of the best for torrenting, but it doesn’t even make the list to me. Thanks for the great reviews though.

ST Editor says:

Hi, and thanks for the comment! We rated HideMyAss well for torrenting thanks to its faster speeds and reliable download times. However, the company has been known to keep track of some user logs, and may be compelled to share your data with government officials. The service is still very useful for some activities, but if you’re looking for downloading and streaming, services like ExpressVPN may be better suited to your needs.

Fakir Nice says:

It’s working fine but I am concerned that speed of my video streaming may go down. Can you please suggest me any special tip to use Express VPN? Or any other suggestion if you have other than using this VPN service? (I am already using Express VPN).

ST Editor says:

Hi! You have the same concern many other VPN users face, and it’s not uncommon for some VPNs to affect the quality of your streams. However, we’ve found that ExpressVPN has reliable speeds and shows very little signs of drop-off when streaming TV and movies. There are some ways you can stabilize your connection such as making your Wi-Fi private, connecting to a wired network, and disconnecting other services that take up your bandwidth such as downloads. Let us know if you experience any other issues!

LIZZY says:

ExpressVPN has a high level of encryption to shield your identity and it is very reliable with responsive customer support. It is indeed the best VPN!

Dan Drinkwater says:

Yes, I use PureVPN and it has never failed. I even access blocked websites and I stay absolutely anonymous.

Larry says:

So far I have been using Express vpn and it’s fast When streaming. I have not received any messages about my account being closed. Express is very secure.

Albert says:

ExpressVPN is the most secure way to watch your favorite content on Popcorn Time. It provides you with complete privacy and freedom so that you are not left alone and enjoy streaming to its fullest.

Janice says:

Hello, my name is Janice and I’m a single mom of three. Popcorn Time is a life-saver because it means the kids can watch tv and movies without busting my budget. I have just received a letter from Comcast saying there had been copyright infringement. I can’t afford to pay for a streaming service but I also can’t afford to deal with fines. My friend told me about a VPN but I don’t know what it is. Can you help?

Felicity says:

Hi Janice. VPNs can definitely seem complex on the surface, but you don’t have to be tech-expert to benefit from using them. All you have to do is sign-up and follow the onscreen instructions to install the app. If you’re short on cash, the two-year price plan with NordVPN is just $3.29 a month. There are also completely free VPNs available but they won’t guarantee consistent protection if you’re worried about Comcast.

Brian Jackson says:

I’have tried many vpn but finally i’m using ExpressVPN and its working well for me . they have fastest multiple servers in multiple cities.

bilboquet91 says:

…about HMA, users were sent messages asking to stop files sharing otherwise their accounts would be closed. Then HMA is definitely not worth using it with popcorn time. I don’t know if the other VPN have the same issue ?

Lyndon Seitz says:


So from our knowledge we have not experienced or have heard of this happening with other VPN services.

Hope this helps!