3 Best VPN's for Vietnam in 2017

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Vietnam is a great country.  However, many online services that we access freely at home are blocked or restricted, and you need to take steps to protect yourself while connected to WiFi there.A VPN is the best way to accomplish both.  The best VPN for Vietnam, Express VPN, allows you to bypass geographical restrictions to access the same content as you can at home and provides one of the highest level encryption when using it.

Best VPN For Vietnam is Express VPN


Hello fellow travelers, locals and expats.

I love travelling and I’ve been to so many countries in the last 5 years.  One problem I face is trying to access restricted content when I am abroad.  Some places I go to have tight internet security and you can only access certain websites.

This can be a nightmare if I want to keep up with news back home, talk to friends on social media or even stream shows on Netflix while I chill out. Luckily, I found a solution to bypass these restrictions. It is called a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, and I am going to show you how this can fix all your issues when trying to access content abroad.

A VPN Solves Geo-Restricted Vietnam Content Problems

Vietnam is a hectic country. A very beautiful and interesting one, but sometimes I just want to relax in my hotel room and wind down away from the mayhem.  This means catching up with friends back home on Facebook and keeping up to date with my favorite shows on Netflix.

The problem is that these websites are often blocked in Vietnam. My solution is a great way to get around these restrictions. It is called a VPN and it works by providing you with a new IP address that is located somewhere else in the world.

Basically you connect to the VPN service, choose an IP address in your home country and you can then access the same content without any problems. It really is that easy. A VPN is recommended if:

  • You have trouble visiting certain websites due to your location
  • You can’t use streaming services like Netflix or Hulu because they aren’t available in your country
  • You are worried about your personal details and information being compromised when online

If any of these problems apply to you, and they if you are in Vietnam, then my VPN solution is the best way to solve them.

Only Use A Trusted VPN

The issue for many people is that there are so many VPN services out there.  Getting one that works well in Vietnam and is also reliable is not easy.  This is why I have decided to help you by writing this article.

I have listed the 3 best VPN’s for Vietnam that I have tried and used, so I know they work in that country. I never go online now without a VPN regardless of where I am in the world because not only does it allow me to access restricted content, but it also protects my personal information too by encrypting the data I send and receive.

My 3 Best VPN’s For Vietnam

Below I have chosen my top 3 VPN services to use in Vietnam. I have a clear favorite, which is my number 1 choice.  However, all three will allow you to bypass the internet restrictions.

#1 – Express VPN – 9/10 – The best choice for accessing restricted content in Vietnam

To put it simply, Express VPN is the best method of bypassing content restrictions in Vietnam. I really can’t recommend these guys enough for every aspect of their service.

I found that some VPN’s I used when in Vietnam were quite slow. My internet speed was no faster than old fashioned dial up with some services.  However, Express VPN ensured that my connection stayed quick and I noticed no difference between using a normal connection and going through a VPN.

Also, I have to comment on their customer service. I was a bit wary of using a VPN at first because I didn’t properly understand how it worked. I emailed a few questions to the Express VPN staff and they responded less than an hour and answered all of my queries.

This really was the best customer service I have come across from a VPN provider. Not only did they put my mind at ease but they showed me just what I would be getting from their VPN and it was perfect for accessing unrestricted internet in Vietnam.

Before I move on I must mention how easy it is to use Express VPN. Some VPN services can be complicated and technical.  However, Express VPN can be set up in a few minutes and it only takes a few clicks to connect and start using their 256-bit encrypted internet.

If you want to check out Express VPN, which in my opinion is the best VPN for Vietnam, you can find their website here.

#2 IPVanish – 7/10 – Not as efficient as Express VPN

If you want to avoid all the trouble that everyday internet users experience in Vietnam then you can use IPVanish to do this.

Be warned however because it is not as efficient a service as Express VPN the number one recommendation.

For starters IPVanish have a slow customer service team. Express VPN respond to you right away whereas IPVanish take hours to reply to a support ticket.

This can be a long time if you need a problem fixed quickly.

Another problem with IPVanish is that they don’t provide quick internet speeds like Express VPN.

Vietnam doesn’t always benefit from the fastest internet due to infrastructure problems but IPVanish will decrease it even more.

Express VPN is the better choice if you download files or want to stream content online.

If you are in Vietnam and want a secure connection that also offers you fast internet as well as great customer service then choose Express VPN.

IPVanish can be found at this link.

#3 HideMyAss – 5/10 – Poor performance overall

The last VPN that can be used in Vietnam is HideMyAss although they are not the best service overall especially when compared to Express VPN.

HideMyAss provides servers across the world so it is easy to get around Vietnam’s content restrictions and they don’t log activity either.

The Vietnamese government has a habit of tracking users’ internet activity.

Where HideMyAss falls down is with their customer service and the fact that they can’t handle a lot of bandwidth at once.

Express VPN responds to support tickets and fix problems with the service in minutes. This is not the case with HideMyAss and you often have to wait around for them to get back to you.

If there are many people using the VPN at once then you will find your internet speed decrease like IPVanish.

Only Express VPN is able to handle high bandwidth activities such as downloading and streaming as well as many people accessing their servers at once.

Get Express VPN though if you want an encrypted connection along with responsive customer service staff that is eager to help and a quick internet speed for downloading content or streaming videos.

HideMyAss is available at this link.

Conclusion: The Best VPN for Vietnam

If you are visiting Vietnam for a short period, or even if you live there, I suggest using a VPN.  It means you can access things such as Netflix and social media platforms that are often blocked in the country.

If this is your situation, I highly recommend you use Express VPN.  Not only does this service work really well in Vietnam, but it also has great customer support and it is very easy to use as well.

Benefits of using Express VPN:

  • Reliable customer support, faster than the rest
  • Optimal streaming speeds
  • Hundreds of servers to choose from
  • Best to use when traveling and vacationing in Vietnam
  • High level of encryption and protection

Vietnam is a fantastic country but it can be difficult to access the same websites that you do back home and this is why a VPN like Express VPN is so important.

Hopefully this has helped you make an informed choice.

Article comments

Maggie says:

Do VPNs charge per month? If we are certain we are going to get one, would we set it up before leaving the states? Is it possible to set it up once we arrive? We will be in Vietnam for a few months. Thanks!

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hey Maggie,

VPNs almost always charge per month but you can also get a better deal with a longer commitment. That’s up to you. I would recommending getting one set up on your device in the states first for the sake of ease, but you should still be able to acquire one in Vietnam.

Hope this info helps and have a good trip!


Alan Li says:

Hi there,

May I know if Express VPN also work perfectly well for China? Besides Facebook, other social medias such as Twitter, Instagram as well as video streaming sites such as YouTube will also be available. In case if you don’t know, anything that is related to Google are blocked in the mainland so I hope to hear on your advice on that.

I am currently using Hotspot Shield VPN and it worked really well for me in Singapore. However I am not sure if it will be the same in China and Vietnam if I turn on my virtual locations there. Thanks for your time..

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hey Alan,

As to the best of our knowledge ExpressVPN works great in China and Singapore. You shouldn’t have any difficulties accessing social media platforms with it.

Hope this helps!


Tyler says:

Bryan, I really appreciate this article about VPN’s in Vietnam. I will be traveling there soon, and I have a question about cell service. I am hoping to use my google voice number as my primary phone number in Vietnam and just purchase a data SIM while there for when I am away from wifi (I’ve heard Google Voice/Hangouts doesn’t work in Vietnam). So my question: is cell service fast enough to support VOIP service through a VPN? Thanks for your help.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hi Tyler,

First, thanks for your question, based off our information and experience this is very much possible. You might get a few hiccups and slower speeds but should be perfectly sufficient to make calls while in Vietnam. Just don’t expect the call quality to be perfect.